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Platform Bird Feeder Reviewed

Flat Bird Feeder Works Well

I just had to replace my original platform bird feeder. I thought I might share with you what I replaced it with. The original was made of wood and eventually rotted off of it's pedestal. Bummer!

platform bird feeder
Some birds like a platform to feed from
image courtesy of pixabay.com

I do love to feed my little backyard friends and I have found over the years that using a platform bird feeder works well for attracting a variety of the winged creatures to my yard. For one thing they are much easier to fill with seeds and treats and so much easier to keep clean.

Wood vs Recycled Plastic

As I mentioned above, the first platform or tray feeder that I purchased was made from wood. It lasted for several years but finally succumbed to the years of being in the weather and literally fell off of the pole that it was attached to. So, for a replacement, I found one that is made of recycled plastic. That shouldn't rot, me thinks! 

I have seen that many people complain that the little screens rot out in their platform feeders. I hadn't experienced that but the nice thing is that my new one came with two new screens. So, now I can keep the old ones as spares. 

The size of this feeder is nice! The inside measures 20 inches by 15 inches which allows for several birds to feed at a time. My favorites are the cardinals who prefer to eat from feeders that are stationary. I get all sorts of birds to come to the platform. I stopped using the ones that I have to take a lid off of to add seed. They get dirty on the inside and can cause bacteria to grow and they are so difficult to clean. The platform works best in our yard. 

I only have one complaint and it isn't the manufacturer's fault. Squirrels can easily come up and rob the feeder of food. I gave up a long time ago on trying to keep the critters away...it is a battle I can't seem to win. So, the squirrels eat at the feeder too. So, do raccoons but there is no getting away from it. 

It took longer for my new platform to arrive than I thought was necessary. Again, that isn't the manufacturer's fault. It was a shipping issue that caused the problem. Waiting longer was aggravating but once it came, I was extremely satisfied with my purchase. The birds are loving it, too.

If you find that you are in need of replacing your old feeder or would like to try one in your yard, I can highly recommend the platform feeder made from recycled plastic.

Platform Bird Feeder for pole mount

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  1. What a wonderful replacement for the old worn one. Like you, I enjoy seeing the birds come to the feeders. Right now I am fighting with the starlings, as they scare off the smaller birds that I really enjoy seeing. Nature is nature though, so where you have one that you like, you will get some that you don't want. Racoons and squirrels are not a problem for me anymore, they don't like coming up to the 18th floor to get their treats. I think you chose well, recycled plastics should last a long time.

  2. I like the looks of this platform feeder as opposed to the enclosed hanging ones. Doesn't the bird seed get wet in rain/snow though? Glad you found a good replacement for your old feeder.

  3. As much as I love wood, you make an excellent point about longevity! I have never had an open bird feeder, mostly because of the other critters that will come to feast. However, being easier to clean would be awesome. Perhaps, I should try your bird feeder recommendation when I purchase my next feeder.

  4. While wood is beautiful and ecologically sustainable, wood left out in the elements inevitably will rot. I love that you were able to find a replacement platform feeder made from recycled plastic! There's nothing quite like watching the local birds twittering and filling their little bellies with the food we provide for them. (My husband finally found a pole-type bird feeder years ago that the squirrels and raccoons can't eat from - although they are quick to pick up any seed the birds knock down in their haste to eat, lol! - but I have no idea where he got it or whether it's still made, and it's not a platform-style feeder.0

  5. I would love to have a platform feeder once again. I did have the wooden variety. I've given up for a few years because the jays are flying pigs that bully the birds for whom the feeder is intended. They clean out all of the food in seconds. I should perhaps give it another try. Glad you found the right feeder for your situation.

  6. I actually like the look of that. I have good friends who are avid bird lovers, what a great gift idea for them! I'm always struggling to choose something for them. I'm going to remember this.

  7. Love watching birds on a feeder (though the squirrels usually rule!) Love watching them too!


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