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Craig Morgan's Incredible Song, The Father, My Son and The Holy Ghost

A gorgeous and moving song about losing someone you love
It's been about three years since singer-songwriter Craig Morgan released new music. Unfortunately, this incredibly emotional song was written to help others who have also experienced gut-wrenching loss. It honors the passing of his 19-year-old son.

These Truthful Lyrics are Extremely Personal, They'll Grab Your Soul - Tissues Needed

I'm listening to "The Father, My Son, and The Holy Ghost" as I'm typing this review, and my eyes are pouring tears. Like any mother, trying to fathom this kind of loss is more than I can wrap my head around.

The lyrics are excruciatingly painful, truthful, and still - filled with healing hope.

"I cried, and cried, and cried until I passed out on the floor
Then I prayed, and prayed, and prayed til I thought I couldn't pray anymore,
And minute by minute, day by day, my God, he gave me hope,
I know my boy ain't here but he ain't gone"

The lyrics tell a personal story of heartache that not one of us wants to feel, yet many have. Man, it breaks me in half even trying to understand how parents can survive the loss of a child.

I've been tested in multiple ways in this life, and I often mention to the good Lord that he no longer needs to keep testing, because I'll pass every exam. However, please dear Lord, this is a test that I'm sure I couldn't pass. 

As Craig Morgan sings this song, I want to reach through the computer screen and give him a compassionate hug, and honestly wish I could erase this horrendous pain. I'm blessed with four sons and beautiful stepchildren and I can't, I just can't imagine this kind of pain. 

"I Won't Completely Heal Til I Go Home"

This part of the song describes the absolute truth about this kind of loss; We won't completely heal until we go home. We learn to live with our new version of life after a soul-crushing loss and know the previous way we lived will never, or never can be experienced again.

I'm almost feeling guilty even thinking about the pain of losing my father because Craig Morgan's loss of his son is pain beyond my comprehension.

Text, Call or Email the Ones You Love Right Now

That's what this song did for me. I just sent a quick "I love you" text to each of my children. I did it for me, for them, and to honor Craig Morgan's beautiful son.

I imagine by now you're wanting to listen to this song? Get out the tissues, because yes, you're going to need them.

Blessings to you, Craig Morgan, and to your family. Thank you for writing this moving song and helping others through their own pain.

You can listen to Craig Morgan speak directly about his loss here on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

This live performance by Craig Morgan at the Opry is spectacular. Listen with high-quality headphones if you're able.

I've been a Craig Morgan fan for a while now and reviewed a few of his other songs that feature story-telling lyrics and inspirational messages. You can find them here.

Virtual hugs.

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  1. How beautiful! How this resonates with me. I lost both my children.

    1. Barb, you were actually on my mind when I was writing this. My heart breaks into a thousand pieces for you. I truly send you all the love and hope that can be transferred from a keyboard. Am so sorry for what you went through, and the brutal pain of it all.

  2. Music is the balm that heals many a broken heart. I truly believe this and losing a child has to be the worst kind of pain ever. It doesn't matter how old the child is. I lost my brother and saw the effect it had on my own mother. He wasn't a child in age, but he was still her child. Thank you for this lovely reminder that we need to let our loved ones know every day that we care.

  3. I can't fathom the depth of grief when someone loses a child. It has to be the worst pain a parent can ever know. I doubt anyone ever gets over it or completely heals that hole in their heart and soul. I started out as a music therapy major in college because I find music profoundly moving and healing. It has such power to touch those places deep within us that are raw and hurting. Thanks for sharing such a touching story and song. It makes me want to pray for that family and all who are mourning losses.

  4. Parents do not expect to outlive their child/ren, so the pain of this kind of loss is worse than most. My mother lost two of her children and I saw her grief. One expects to lose a grandparent and eventually parents, but not a child before them. The pain must be horrendous.

  5. One of the things I love most about country music is that the songs often tell a real life story, or touch on honest pain. 19 is so young, yet I know age doesn't matter when we are talking about the death of a child. "pain beyond comprehension" that lasts the rest of a parents life here on earth. Like you, my heart breaks for Craig Morgan, our own contributor BarbRad, and any parent who has to endure this hell on earth.

  6. My mother's worst fear was that she would outlive one of her children. My husband lost his older brother to cancer some years ago his parents will never really recover from that devastating loss, one that has left an unfillable hole in my husband's heart as well. My heart, too, breaks for our dear BarbRad, who lost both her children. I can't imagine how much grief and anguish she must have suffered, and it's a pain that never goes away. This song sounds like a much-needed balm for any parent who has lost a child and, indeed, for anyone who has lost a special loved one. Thank you for sharing this.


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