Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Best Water Bottle to Carry Around

If you need to drink water consistently throughout the day, you'll love this water bottle.

Without exaggeration, this is the ONLY water bottle I use! There are multiple reasons I call it the best, but before I list them, let me stress the number one feature that makes the Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle my fave: It's easy to carry around without the worry of spilling.

Since I work from home, I drag this water bottle around the house all day long. Here are the reasons it's tops in my book:

1. The handy carry handle lets you grab it with a couple of fingers so you can easily haul it around when you're carrying other stuff. For example, I have multiple places I work from in my home; the family room, at my desk, the living room, and in my bedroom. I'm constantly hauling my laptop from place to place and like to have my water bottle with me all day. The convenient carry handle makes it easy to carry the water bottle and laptop at the same time.

2. The autoseal on the water bottle lets you tip it any which way without the worry of spilling. Simply press to sip from it. Once you let go of the button the autoseal kicks back in and you have a non-spill container.

3. Another convenient aspect is being able to keep a water bottle beside my laptop without the worry of water accidentally spilling onto it. I'm extra careful about cups of liquid near my computer and the Contigo Water bottle eliminates that concern; if I happen to knock it over, it doesn't spill.

4. When I go to bed at night, I'm able to have this water bottle on the end-table without the worry of accidentally bumping it and having it spill. Also, during the night when I need a sip, I can reach over, grab it, and drink from a lying down position! Actually, I prop my head up just enough and take a sip without the worry of spilling - if I happen to drop it, no problem - won't spill.

5. Travelling in the car with this water bottle is easy-peasy. I simply fill it up, put it in the cup holder and off I go. Since you can drink from it using one hand, it makes it very convenient to use while driving.

6. Other perks: It's made out of FDA-approved, BPA-free Triton, which provides high impact resistance and won't stain or retain odors, is dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty.

So yes, yes, yes, I recommend this water bottle.

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  1. What a great recommendation! Sounds so convenient. Thanks.

    1. Mary, thanks for the quick visit! lol - I have the water bottle beside right now while typing this :)

  2. Having a bottle that won't spill would be truly fabulous, especially around the computer. I guess it won't hold hot liquid. However, I only drink coffee in the mornings before I switch over to bottled water. Sounds like the perfect adult sippy cup, which my laptop will happily tell you I need.

    1. Cynthia, lol at the adult sippy cup label, cause that's what it really is!

  3. Sounds like winner. I'm about due for a new water bottle. Looks like it also might attach to a belt. I also like the spill-proof feature.

    1. The spill proof aspect is the winner for sure! It probably could clip on a belt, mine does because the handle has a little clip opening. I've never really used it that way, but yeah it can be

  4. Sounds like the ideal type of water bottle for any and all situations. I've been trying to add in more water to my daily routine, but it's often a distraction to have to leave the computer, go out in the kitchen and get a drink of water. The Contigo water bottle would definitely solve that problem. Thanks for your review, Barbara.

    1. Pat, you're exactly right, that's why I carry this around with me, plus I end up actually drinking water during the day which were suppose to do everyday. I've even refilled it and drank a couple of bottles. I've also cut a lemon into it for a little flavour as well

  5. Great review Barbara!! I need one these for for my desk at work. I'm always running to the water fountain.

  6. Wow, what a lot of great features! I like the 24-ounce quantity, just right! Count me among those who need adult sippy cups. Great review!

  7. One of the best inventions ever. Especially for those of us who are working at a computer all day long. One spill can be disasterous, no worries with one of these great bottles at your side. Thanks for this recommendation Barbara.


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