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Reviewing My Favorite Hand Held Labelling Machine

My Favorite Hand Held Labelling Machine - The Dymo Letratag
Get Your Own Dymo!
I own a pink (yes I said pink!) Dymo Letratag label printer and it really is my favorite hand held labelling machine and not just because the color brightens up my day! I brought my Dymo Letratag when my daughter started pre-school which means it's about a decade old and it's still doing it's job really well so this is an investment that will last.

Now I'll be honest when I went to the shops to purchase a label printer I wasn't planning on getting this one, I didn't think I needed a hand held one, I was looking at one that would sit on my desk.

The reason that I got the Letratag was because it was marked down and the couple of pink ones that were available were marked down further (apparently no one likes brighter colors, they want a subdued label printer!). I'm so glad of my decision because a hand held one is awesome and the only sort I now recommend.

Not only is it a wireless, hand held label printer (it runs off batteries) which means it's portable it also fits comfortably in my hand. The way Dymo have shaped their Letratag allows it to nestle nicely in one hand as you type the label with your other hand. It is also a nice weight, altogether the most comfortable label printer I've ever held.

Dymo certainly know their business as they've been producing label makers for years - can anyone else remember the vintage Dymo label maker that had a dial on it and you had to click on each letter (or number)? My mum had a red one from memory. As kids we thought it was great fun!

Features of the Dymo Letratag label printer

The Dymo Letratag printer is super easy to use with no messy ink to worry about or hard to thread tape for labels, let's have a look at the components....

Dymo hand held label maker
The batteries are located in the back, you simply push down on the bottom of the machine (where there's an indent) to release and the back comes off.

As you can see it takes 6 AA batteries which I thought seemed a lot at first, but I've only changed them twice in about 10 years so in my mind that is pretty good!

I do use my label maker quite a bit so I'm glad that it's economical to run.

If you can change the batteries in your television remote then you can change these!

Now what are the labels printed on?  Well unlike some other machines you don't need to add ink and tape as Dymo have combined the two in a little cartridge.

Dymo Letratag Labels
At the top of the machine there's a flap that you simply flip up to reveal the cartridge.  When one is finished you simply pull it out and put another one in.

There's no threading or anything it just pops in - not quite as easy as popping a pop tart into the toaster, but not much harder!

Now I've always used the plastic labels as I use them to label containers that are going into the freezer and I'm not sure that paper labels would work that well for this job.

There are a range of different types of labels available from plastic to paper and metallic to polyester.   There are also different colors that you can choose from.  I've only ever used the plastic black print on white labels.

I have read that people use different types of labels for different jobs - I'm too lazy for that I pop my cartridge in and leave it until it runs out!

If you're looking to get organized and need a tool like this the Dymo Letratag is hands down my favorite hand held labelling machine and I can't recommend it enough.

Now I can't find a pink Dymo Letratag available anywhere at the moment, but I have found a few in other colors which I'm sure will work equally well for you.   These other colors just may not cause you to smile as you pick them up!

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  1. If it's just about as easy as popping a pop tart in to the toaster, I can probably handle this! I am thinking of someone who would love this as a gift. Thank you for the helpful review.

  2. Sounds like a clever idea! Thanks for the review and oh I love the pink too!

  3. What an awesome gadget! I haven't used a labeler in years, but have thought several times how I needed one. As I recall, they are very convenient and for those of us who can't read our own handwriting, a wonderful way to quickly type a label. A decade is a long time for anything to last. Great recommendation and wonderful review! Thanks Louanne!

  4. How interesting. I'd never thought of using a labeling machine to label packages for the freezer. Just one of dozens of uses. Thanks for your excellent review, Louanne. And enjoy your 'pink' label-maker. I can see how it makes you smile. :-)

  5. As I was reading this review, I was wondering how in the world I've gotten through nearly 35 years of being a mom without having a label maker. Then I remembered the old (I think my husband had it before we were married) orange plastic labelmaker with the dial that you turn. We had that one (it burned in our house fire) and I did use it some over the years. My next thought was, why did I struggle with squeezing labels out of that orange device for so many years when I could have had one of these handheld DYMO Letratag label printers that prints labels on plastic, paper, and more? It just never occurred to me that a 21st century-style, handheld label maker would be so useful for labeling so many things around the house including freezer packages! So much better than a piece of masking tape and a sharpie! Thanks for sharing this review, Louanne.

  6. Organization and I are at odds....Now that I'm in a new home, maybe it's time for me to tackle that issue. This sounds like a great place to start and easy as child's play. So Louanne seems to think. hummmmmmmm it's going on my wishlist.

  7. A very helpful helpful review. I've never owned a labeler. I've been using a marker on my boxes and files. It's really harder to change those kind of labels after you've made them. Maybe I should invest in one of these.

  8. You're making me want one! We used to use a label maker all the time. In fact the running joke we had about my gadget loving hubby was that he had nothing left to label so he labelled the label maker, label maker. Love the LED screen on this one.


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