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At Your Request Book Review

At Your Request is a delightfully charming novella that took me less than two hours to read. It serves as an introduction to a full length novel by Jen Turano, Behind the Scenes.
At Your Request is a delightfully charming novella that took me less than two hours to read.  It was the perfect short story to entertain me while our dinner was cooking.  

From the very beginning of the story, I found myself smiling.  Throughout the novella, I found myself laughing and thoroughly enjoying the author's wit.

The story takes place in New York during the Gilded Age with fabulous fashions and high society determined to remain aloft.  The loss of family fortune also meant the loss of friends and potential suitors.  Unfortunately for Wilhelmina, that is exactly where she found herself when her father lost his money on one bad investment.  

After years of literally being the bell of the ball, she was relegated to the position of social secretary for a wealthy matron.  Plus, she was required to continue to attend the balls to observe the guests to determine who was worthy of a future invitation.  Regardless of her discomfort with her current lack of social standing, her family now needed the money to survive.

At Your Request Novella Synopsis

As Wilhelmina is sitting with the wallflowers on the sidelines watching the beautifully dressed, wealthy daughters dance with their potential suitors, she spots the one man she has ever truly loved.  Not wanting him to see her, she sits in the floor and begs her new friends to help hide her.  However, Edgar does spot her and crosses the dance floor to talk to her.  Unfortunately, in her haste to get away, she finds herself, and her bustle, stuck under a chair, unable to move.  The next events truly had me laughing out loud as her friends and Edgar endeavor to free her from her extremely embarrassing situation.

 At Your Request (Apart From the Crowd): An Apart From the Crowd NovellaCheck Price After using a mouse story as a diversion, once Wilhelmina is free, Edgar whisks her outside into the snow and freezing temperatures.  This is where I was thinking, "leave it to a man to make things worse!"   

He quickly leads her to the warmth of the conservatory.  It is there where they were found alone together a few minutes later by three woman.  A scandalous situation to say the least!  Thinking fast, Edgar announces to the ladies that Wilhelmina has finally agreed to marry him.

That announcement places them both in uncomfortable places since Wilhelmina had turned Edgar's marriage proposal down years before. Not to mention, they are no longer in the same social sphere for a marriage to be socially acceptable. If you want to know what happens next, I'm afraid you will have to read the novella for yourself. I refuse to give away anymore of the plot.


This novella serves as an introduction to Jen Turano's full length novel, Behind the Scenes.  Needless to say, I will be starting the novel right after dinner!

I highly recommend this short story.  It was humorous, easy to read and of course, romantic.

I am most excited about this novella because I have found a new author who I know I will be able to trust to deliver entertaining fiction without explicit or offensive content.
A Few Books by Jen Turano including At Your Request

 At Your Request (Apart From the Crowd): An Apart From the Crowd NovellaCheck Price Behind the Scenes: ( Historical Romance set in the Gilded Age of New York City's High Society) (Apart From the Crowd)Check Price Gentleman of Her Dreams (Ladies of Distinction): A NovellaCheck Price A Match of Wits: (A Humorous Historical Romance set in the Gilded Age of New York City's High Society)Check Price


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  1. Isn't it delightful to discover a new author and fall in love with their writings? That has happened to me twice in the past few months and I'm happily reading my way through all their books. This novella sounds delightful. Thanks so much for telling me about it and about author Jen Turano.

    1. It truly is always exciting to discover a new author Elf! I can clearly read faster than my preferred authors can write and publish.

  2. I love the idea of a novella to get the "flavor" of an unfamiliar author. This sounds like a perfect example and a really good read, too!

    1. I hadn't thought of it in exactly that way Susan, but you are so right. It was smart of Jen Turano to write a novella and offer it for free. As soon as I finished the novella, I purchased "Behind the Scenes". Her marketing tactic certainly worked on me since I very much enjoyed "At Your Request".

  3. Oh I'm so happy you posted this review Miss Mouse. I'm always looking for something that I can read in a short period of time and this sounds like a winner for sure. Thank you for your recommendation!

    1. It is a great novella Olivia! Perfect for keeping your company while entertaining you for a few hours. I had forgotten how much I, myself, enjoy the shorter novellas. I hope you love it as much as I did.

  4. I've got to put this one on my reading list. Sounds like just the book I'm in the mood for now.

  5. I've got to put this one on my reading list. Sounds like just the book I'm in the mood for now.


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