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A Review of Summertime Beach Décor

Relaxing at the beach with a book

The Summer Soltice ~ the longest day of the year ~ occurs when the Sun reaches its northernmost point from the celestial equator. So it won't always occur on the same calendar day. This 'first day of summer' happens somewhere between June 20, 21 and 22.  The next one occurs on June 21, 2023. 

As Summer begins, it brings thoughts of Summertime décor. Time to think of bright, summery items that radiate positive energy & warmth. Summer décor can bring a splash of sunshine, a bit of beach or the suggestion of a favorite water spot into your home. 

Beach Decor

Beach chairs on the beach
Source: Pixabay

Summertime often brings back memories of beach trips or plans to visit a favorite one.  Putting touches of favorite beach items into your home décor will remind you of fun beach days all summer long.

Since seashells are a natural part of a beach, and a favorite for any beach décor, it's appropriate that the start of Summer is also National Seashell Day (observed every year on the date of the Summer Solstice). If you want to collect your own seashells for your beach décor, remember that the best time to search for sea shells is from an hour before to an hour after low tide.  Most seashells can be found along the high tide mark. 

If you don't have access to a beach to search for seashells, numerous places are available to purchase your favorites, be it a conch, a clam, a sand dollar or a seahorse. A couple ideas are listed below:

Mixed beach shells
Mixed Beach Seashells

A mixture of beach seashells by Famoby can be used as a beach theme decor in many ways. 

beach shells in a vase
Fill a vase with shells and place on a table, a bookcase or wall shelf. 

Use as table scatter for a beach party. Use in a fish tank as a tropical theme. The ideas are endless.

Shell Letters
Shell Letters by BriThornDecor

Personalize a wall with a shell letter as your Monogram or get a collection of letters for your name in shells.  Adds whimsy and color to your beach and shell themed decor. Created by BriThornDecor on Etsy. 

Handmade beach-themed beverage coasters
Beach Theme Coasters on Etsy

Beach designs for your home décor can also be useful, such as this set of Beach Beverage Coasters available at Coastal Crochet Crafts on Etsy.

Sunshine Yellow Decor

Yellow is such a summery color. It reminds us of bright warm days spent sunbathing on the beach or at a pool or lake.  Long, hot days filled with time to relax and enjoy the best that Summer has to offer.

Lemon kitchen decor sign
Lemon Summer Décor

This fun lemon kitchen decor sign is the perfect way to welcome Summer into your home. Display the lemon sign with your tiered tray decor, on your counter or shelves. You will love this in addition to your Summer decor.

Nautical Decor

Anything that reminds us of time spent at the seashore or lakeside is a welcome part of summer.  Nautical items bring the joy of the seaside to our homes. 

Check out these ship anchor coasters for your summery drinks on the patio or deck while enjoying the warm summer breezes and waiting for the barbecue grill to be ready to cook.

Nautical themed anchor drink coasters
Ship Anchor Beverage Coasters

When we lived near the beach on Tybee Island, Georgia, hubby bought me a Tide clock so we would know when high tide was for our daily walks on the beach. We walked the beach other times, as well, but high tide was our favorite.  Our tide clock made a very attractive décor item in our island home. 

Bamboo Tide Clock
Bamboo Tide Clock

Handmade by Northcore for their Etsy Shop. This is just one of a variety of surf and outdoor accessories featured in their shop.


There are endless ideas for summertime décor, depending upon your favorite themes.  Be it beach, nautical, summer colors such as yellow, or anything that is summer-related, summertime décor will bring the season into any room in your home. 

Happy Summer!

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  1. Pat, your post is perfect timing, as we are heading to Folly Beach SC next week. I never knew the best time to collect shells until now. I love all of your beach décor ideas. Thanks.

    1. Happy to help, Sam. Enjoy Folly Beach. I've been there in the past. Fun place to visit.

  2. I love your beach themed decor ideas! The beach themed coasters are very pretty and cheerful. I like your ideas for seashells and the shell letters are great. Yellow is a lovely summery colour and I like to to mix it with white or blue. Happy Summertime!

    1. Thanks, Jasmine. Over the past 50 years, I have lived near the beach on both the West Coast and the East Coast, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. So I naturally lean toward 'beach decor', even when it isn't summertime.

  3. I am fond of beach decor, especially the seashell art. We have one bathroom in our home that is decorated with beach themed decor because our daughter loved Florida so much. Even though she is grown and has moved away, I haven't changed that beloved decor. All of the items you have featured are awesome and I'm sure I would want the tide clock too if I lived near the ocean.

    1. Oops! I forgot to mention how much I love the beach themed coaster with the sailboat & fish!

    2. Mouse, my love of beach decor began when I lived in Florida in the early 1960s in a town on the Gulf of Mexico, and continued through stays on both East and West Coasts. Glad to hear you love it too.

      BTW, my daughter & son-in-law got married at the beach on Tybee Island (at the lighthouse) and they collect lighthouse decor - plus their bathroom is all Sea-related. :)

  4. Very nice summer review! I too love the beach and in particular I love lighthouses. I have lots of lighthouses and lighthouse themed decor in my house in the summer. Well not just summer, my Christmas tree is full of lighthouse ornaments too!

    1. I know you do, Mary Beth. The beach and lighthouses are certainly decorating theme that suit you.

  5. The summery decor pieces you have chosen to feature, especially those with a seashell theme, remind me of beach vacations. That association makes me relaxed just looking at those images! On a part work, part vacation trip to Jamaica with my husband, we found a gorgeous conch shell that we brought home and now graces our living room, reminding us of summer and that wonderful beach vacation all year long.

    1. We've also collected shells many times on trips to beaches, Margaret. Thanks for your visit.

  6. Oh what lovely ideas to bring that sunshine right into the home. I love the bright and light feeling that you have managed to garner with your choices. Thanks Pat, I think they are all great ideas.


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