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Review of Lavender Farm

Entrance to Lavender Farms
Lavender at Entrance to Long Row Lavender Farm

 If you are looking for a pleasant way to spend a late spring day, I would suggest visiting a lavender farm.  In the St. Louis area we have a farm about an hour west of the city that my friend, Barb and I spend some time exploring on a beautiful June day.  

Long Row Lavender Farm

Lavender Farms photo by mbgphoto

Long Row Lavender Farms is located on 15 acres just south of Wright City Missouri.  It is a family owned farm that was started in 2007 by 6 family members as a way to bring the family closer together and work toward a common purpose.  They see the farm as a midwest destination and offer a variety of activites and services.


One of my favorite features of the farm is the Cafe.  The cafe offers a small but delicious menu that you may eat at a variety of small areas around the farm.  There is seating both inside the remodeled barn, outside on the porch or down by the pond.

dining tables beside the pond at Lavender Farms

I enjoyed a delicious  sandwich of grilled cheeses, tomatoe and bacon on sourdough bread.  I also had a refreshing glass of lavender lemonade from their menu you can see below.

menu at lavender farms

One of the walls in the cafe has live wall hangings, which I found fascinating.

live wall hangings at Lavender Farms photo by mbgphoto

 Gift Shop

Inside the barn you will find a gift shop full of lots of handmade products from the farm.  There is a variety of bath and body products, seasonal clothing, and home decorations.  You can also buy plants at the shop.

gift shop at Lavender Farms


Lavender farms offers weekly workshops at their facility where local artists teach of variety of different crafts.

Enjoy  the Grounds

The  grounds of the farm are beautiful and full of flowers  and lots of little nook and grannies to sit back and relax.  There are benches on the porch, a wonderful porch spring, a pond, and lots of flowers.  Here are a few of the photos I took around the grounds.

pink daisy photo by mbgphoto

basket of flowers photo by mbgphoto

steps at Lavender Farms

I like this place sign


Of course it wouldn't be a lavender farm without lots of lavender.  In looking up  lavender online, I found that the name is Lavandule and lavender is the common name for the genus.  There are 47 known species of these flowering plants and they are members of the mint family.

At Long Row Farms they have about 1200 lavender plants and 7 different varieties.  The varieties they  have are : Provence, Phenomenal, Hidcote Blue, Twickel Purple, Edelweis, Grosso, and Ellagence Pink.  Here are some photos I took of the different plants.

lavender with bee photo by mbgphoto

lavender flowers photo by mbgphoto

Lavender photo by mbgphoto

lavender photo by mbgphoto

lavender photo by mbgphoto

In the midwest the lavender blooms in early to mid June.  The blooms are then harvested a few weeks after  they bloom and then go through the drying process which takes about 3 weeks.  The drying takes place in the loft of the barn where they are hung up in bundles to dry.

The farm also grows peonies, zinnias and sunflowers so there are lots of blooms to see throughout the summer.

Zazzle Products

I always enjoy make products from my photographs.  Here are some from my visit to Long Row Lavender.

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  1. What a charming place to visit. Thanks so much for introducing me to Lavender Farm. It was delightful to take a virtual tour with you through your wonderful photographs.

  2. What an amazing place to visit and just relax. Now I need to go buy some sourdough bread and bacon to make one of those grilled cheese sandwiches! Thanks for the wonderful tour, and as always your photos are outstanding.

  3. What a beautiful place! It sounds like a delightfully relaxing place to visit and how awesome that they have a gift shop with lavender creations from their own farm. Very cool business idea, especially because they also have a cafe. What a great way to spend a day with friends.

  4. Oh I bet the walk around this farm smells fantastic. I love the smell of lavender and always plant one or two in my planters on the balcony. Even the leaves smell nice after the flowers are done. Tuck some into your pillowcase for a gentle easy night's sleep. It helps there too! Thanks Mary Beth for the lovely pictures and tour of this farm.

  5. I would absolutely love to visit this wonderful family-owned and -operated lavender farm! I can easily imagine being surrounded by the fragrant, relaxing scent of lavender while meandering through this scenic flower farm, browsing the gift shop, savoring a bite to eat by the pond, taking photos (although not as beautiful as yours!), and enjoying the gorgeous peonies. It sounds idyllic!

  6. This looks a really beautiful relaxing place to visit. I love Lavender so beautiful to look at and a wonderful scent. We have a Lavender Farm a little way from us which we like to visit. Such a relaxing day to wander around the Lavender fields then have a lovely coffee and lunch in the cafe and a browse around the gift shop. Makes for a lovely day :) Your photos of this Lavender Farm are gorgeous and I do like your Lavender Mug and Card!

  7. It looks a lovely place to visit. I visited a French lavender farm once and I remember the lovely smells.

  8. I would LOVE to visit this Lavender Farm - I've never been to one - I could use the relaxation and peace that visit would bring right now - looks beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

  9. I'd love to visit a lavender farm. I imagine it would be a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the sight and smell of all that lavender in the fields. We have one not too far away, but I still haven't made it there. Now that our city is opening up again, the Annual Lavender Festival will be returning to our city park next month. I'm hoping I can find time to stop in for a bit.


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