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There are Big Celebrations Coming our Way - Show Your National Pride!

Whether you live in Canada or the USA, July is a month for Celebrating! 

Celebration Products Reviewed!


July 1st is Canada Day followed very closely by July 4th Independence Day in the USA!

Those are two big holidays that just happen to fall in a great place this year.  Thursday July 1st and Sunday July 4th make it quite possible if you live close to the border, to enjoy each other and our holidays together.

After all the close downs, it will be nice to be able to travel even if its just down the road a ways.   I'm looking forward to that as a possibility!

Now whether or not that happens, don't let the holiday pass without getting some enjoyment from it all.

I love putting out my flag a week to two weeks before our holiday and then I leave it in place for the whole month.  Many Americans have their flags waving all year round, so it's a great time to make sure your flag is in tip top condition!  There is nothing sadder to me than seeing a tattered and tired flag.  There is no excuse!  Take a good look at it now and if it needs replacing then do the right thing and replace it!  Everyone will appreciate seeing a new flag flying. 

What I love even more than seeing a flag flying in the breeze during these holidays, is people getting their community spirit up by the wearing of "flag" inspired clothing!  Yes I love seeing the tee shirts and shorts, bathing suits and fitness gear all decked out in colors that represent your favorite place on earth!  After all this is the place you call home.

Cents of Style does a great job with T-shirts that reflect that patriotic notion.  And they do it in a great size range too!  

4th of july celebration clothing

 T-shirts are a summer standard and everyone knows you can never have too many!  Are you getting the whole family together?  Can you just imagine the photo opportunities with everyone decked out in their finest deeply patriotic T's?

My bet is that everyone will be taking a picture of the whole bunch of you enjoying yourselves to the fullest.  Isn't that what these holidays are all about?

Now I'm sure that there will be food involved in all this celebration with family and friends, but did you know it's real easy to make something spectacular for everyone without breaking the proverbial bank?

Food and Family go together like a hand in a glove.  So be prepared ahead of time by getting some ice cream sandwiches (you know the ones with the chocolate cookies on the outside and vanilla ice cream in between).  Dip the outside edges of the ice cream with red and blue sprinkles to give them that holiday feeling.  Or dip pretzels sticks or ties into white chocolate and sprinkle them with red and blue to give them that Holiday feel!  Easy to do and can be done days ahead of time too.
4th of July Pretzels by
                                                                       Linked Photo & Directions on

Can you tell that I'm looking forward to this special time?  I enjoy the holidays, especially after the last couple of years when many festivities needed to be curtailed.  It's time to stretch out our wings and fly with the flags that are waving their hellos to the world.  Won't you come and join in the fun?

To all my friends Canadian and American who are celebrating these wonderful holidays,  May I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart and my hopes that our tomorrows will always be brighter!

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  1. Happy Canada Day to you, Olivia, and to Brenda on our team. Happy 4th of July to those in the U.S.A. Interesting that the two countries that share a border celebrate their country in the same week. I guess I knew that, but never actually thought about it before you mentioned it here. Happy July birthday to both of our countries!

    I used to live on Lake Ontario in New York State, directly across from Toronto in Canada, so sharing our country's national holidays would have been quite easy for me as we often made day trips to Canada back then. Niagara Falls (which both our countries share) was an easy drive from my home western NY.

    1. Thank you Pat for your wishes, Happy 4th to you too! I am hoping that I can make that drive to the Falls this year! It will be a real treat to do that again, as it's been years since I did that last. Holidays are so much fun if you take the time to enjoy them!

  2. Happy Canada Day and happy Independence Day to us! I love your enthusiasm and zest for life, as well as your obvious love for your wonderful country. I have often thought that I would love to have dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship. Having a joint celebration of our countries with my many Canadian close friends sounds like a blast! Thanks for the festive suggestions.

    1. You are welcome Margaret! Come on up to see us sometime soon! Canada loves it's neighbors to the south! You'd be welcomed here anytime! Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

  3. We celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks and food here for sure! I has become a family celebration, as well as a community celebration. Our town put on a magnificent fireworks show every year that we can see from our backyard. It is always a lot of fun! Happy Canada Day to you and everyone in Canada too!

  4. Thank you Miss Mouse, glad you get to enjoy the fireworks without having to travel too far to enjoy them. Take lots of pictures for the family history pages, they will be wonderful memories in just a few years.

  5. Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day to you all!! Have a wonderful time and celebration :)

  6. Whichever day you celebrate, I think a relevant t-shirt is a brilliant item to have in your collection! Love the selection you have shared.


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