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Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Review of Sports-Related Soft Toys for Tiny Tots

Plush Sports Throw Pillows

Is dad or big brother or sister a sports fan, or does your family participate in sports?  The littlest family members love to imitate and these sports-related soft toys are just the thing for little brother/baby sister to feel a part of the sports world the rest of the family enjoys.

When a new baby is born, how many times have you heard the new dad say "I'm going to get him a bat and ball and teach him baseball" (or football or basketball).   Or the big brother who plays soccer has a little brother or sister who wants to play too.  

The regular sized sports equipment is too big for little ones to use.  And babies & toddlers need toys that are soft for safety. The sports toy suggestions presented here are just the thing for the smallest family members.

First Sports Bag


My First Sports Bag
This 5-piece playset is recommended for ages 6 months to 5 years

It's never too early to start practicing to be an all-star! Perfect for one of baby's first toys and other younger siblings who want to imitate the big brother or sister who is into ball sports! 

This soft-sided bag includes a soft baseball that crinkles, a basketball that rattles, a soccer ball that boings, and a football that squeaks.   The balls all fit inside a colorful bag complete with touch and close fasteners for secure storage.

Baby Gund My First Sports Bag is a fun stuffed sports-related toy for babies and toddlers.

My First Golf Bag


My First Golf Bag Playset

A Sporty Plush Playset for ages one month to 5 years

The next pro golfer in your family can start to practice at an early age with this four-piece playset that has a soft 6" golf bag with touch and close fastener, a plush golf club, a tee and a ball that rattles.

Made by Gund, My First Golf Bag Playset is just what your junior duffer needs to score a (mini) hole-in-one.

First Tackle Box

My First Tackle Box Toy

This plush tackle box toy is recommended for children from 6 months to 5 years

Is grandpa or dad a fisherman?  Kids want to watch when grandpa is tying flies for his fly fishing trip or dad is checking out his tacklebox for a fishing day at the lake.  Give your toddler his very own tackle box that is soft and safe for him to play with while you are working with yours. 

This plush toy tackle box is just the right size for the youngest anglers, measuring about 7" long and 4" high. It also has a handle for carrying around.

Three soft play pieces come with the tackle box and fit inside.  There is a cute plush worm that crinkles, a little blue fish that squeaks, and, of course, a fishing pole.  The fishing pole has a red bobber that has a touch & grab white ring which makes it easy for baby to 'catch' the fish! 

First Tackle Box is a GUND plush playset for the smallest 'anglers'.

Soft Toys by GUND and Melissa & Doug

All three of the soft playsets with a sports theme shown here are made by Gund, a company that has been known as the 'World's Most Huggable' since 1898. For more than a century, GUND has been creating unique teddy bears and other soft toys recognized the world over for their quality and innovation.

The plush basketball, baseball, soccer ball and football shown in the opening photo are sports throw pillows by Melissa & Doug, a well-known company of quality products since their beginning in 1988. Decorate a child's bedroom with these sports pillows, or toss them around as soft ball toys.

It's Holiday Shopping Time!

For more toy suggestions for the children on your shopping list, check out the items in the 'Holiday Gift Guide: Online Shopping Directory' from our Review This! contributors. 

(c) Wednesday Elf 11/26/2016

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reviewing the Popular Fisher-Price Corn Popper Toy

Corn Popper Classic Toy

Fisher-Price Corn Popper Toy

As the grandmother of a toddler, naturally I'm interested in appropriate and appealing toys for tots.  Knowing what draws the attention of a little one in the 18-month to 3-year-old range assures me that the toy(s) I choose for my grandson in the next couple of birthdays and Christmases will be something he enjoys.

With all the toys constantly being introduced to the market in a wide-variety of selections, it is often difficult to choose the best age-appropriate ones.  Therefore, I did a search online for trending toys for toddlers.  In the list my search returned I found Amazon Best Sellers: Best Baby & Toddler Toys.  

A Classic Toy


Available on Amazon
To my surprise and delight, I discovered in that list a toy popular when my children were toddlers and is STILL today among the top toys for tots – the Corn Popper by Fisher-Price. With all the 'techie' toys out there today, it's nice to know the basic toys of today's parents' childhood are still favorites.

The corn popper was invented by Arthur Holt in 1957 and sold to Fisher-Price for $50.  It was designed to help young children learn to walk.  As the child pushes the toy, it sends tiny, colorful gumball-size balls flying and hitting the plastic dome, creating loud popping noises like a popcorn machine.  The corn popper has become one of the most popular toys in history!

In 2011, Time reporter Allie Townsend compiled a list of the 100 most influential toys from 1923 to the present.  Number 33 on the list was this 1950s Corn Popper!

This 'noisemaker' on a stick can sometimes be an irritating sound to parents, but it definitely will keep your baby and toddler entertained and 'moving'.   Parents tend to agree that a little noise is fine (mostly) when it keeps your toddler happy.

A Popular Classic Toy

New look for this classic, baby-favorite push toy!

On Amazon, the Fisher-Price 'Brilliant Basics' Corn Popper is listed in toys and games as #2 in pre-school and toddler toys and #3 in baby and toddler toys, with over 1,400 reviews, 74% of them 5-star reviews!

What fun to find that the basic toys enjoyed by our children are now just as popular with their children. The Corn Popper by Fisher-Price has definitely become a Classic toy.


Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review of the VTech Turn and Learn Driver Toy

Little Boys and Car-Related Toys

Grandson Tyler with Driver Toy

I have five grandsons who all live over 1,000 miles from me.  Therefore, it is often difficult to know just what toys the boys already have and what they are wishing for.  At birthday and Christmas times I have to rely on the parents (my 'kids') for gift suggestions.

This past Christmas, I asked my youngest son for gift ideas for 6-year-old David and 20 month old Tyler.  David was easy – a Star Wars Lego set.  For toddler boy Tyler, the suggestion was any toy with buttons to push, knobs to turn and NOISES. 

While doing an online search with this criteria in mind, I came across what I thought might be the 'perfect' toy for Tyler.  It's similar to one I bought for my oldest grandson (now 19) when HE was Tyler's age and remembered what a big hit it was, since little boys appear to be 'car crazy' from birth.  I think it's part of their DNA!  

The toy I bought for Tyler was the VTech Turn and Learn Driver Toy

Available on Amazon
The VTech Turn and Learn Driver Toy is a steering wheel toy with a cute little dog character that moves back and forth as the wheel is turned.  Across the top of the 'dashboard' are five colorful buttons which introduce different animals and vehicles when pushed.

This toy car has three play modes, so your little driver can learn in animal, driving or music mode. 

There is also a traffic light, a signal lever that makes fun sounds and music, and a gear shifter that pushes and pulls.  Oh, and of course a horn!  Lots of interactive play, making this a wonderful teaching toy.  This Turn and Learn Driver Toy, which also comes in several models and colors, has a fun car design that encourages imaginative play as part of early childhood education.

This toy is from Vtech Kids, a division of Vtech® considered a world leader in age-appropriate and developmental stage-based electronic learning products for children.  The company has been making quality educational toys for children for over 35 years.

Baby Tyler's opinion?  He thought having his own steering wheel was the greatest thing he'd seen.  I watched him open the box Christmas morning over Skype and he virtually ignored the rest of the gifts offered him to open.  All he wanted to do was turn the steering wheel back and forth and honk the horn and push all the buttons! He loved it.  And it was such fun for this grandma to watch his reaction to this toy and know I'd made the best gift choice possible.

The VTech Turn and Learn Driver Toy operates on 2 AA batteries and is recommended for babies and toddlers in the 6 months to 3 year old range.  Tyler, at 20 months, is the perfect age for this cute and colorful interactive toy. It also comes in a variety of colors. I chose the bright Yellow one with the red steering wheel.

Tyler, Age 20 months

 Hey Tyler!  Happy to see you like your new toy!

~Love, Grandma

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Reviewing Babies and Pushbutton Toys

Review of the Fisher-Price Boppin' Activity Bugs Toy

Tyler on his first birthday

I recently spent ten delightful days visiting my youngest grandson who was celebrating his first birthday. Since it has been over 40 years since my children were babies, I'd forgotten how appealing toys with buttons to push are for tiny tots.

Tyler, like most babies, loves to push and pull, wiggle and turn (and bang on) his toys. And toys with bright colors and fun sounds are especially appealing.

Fisher-Price Pop-Up Toy


One of the birthday gifts Tyler received is the Brilliant Basics Boppin' Activity Bugs pop-up toy by Fisher-Price. It has all the features babies like best ~ bright colors, sounds, and things that move ~ all baby-powered (no batteries required)!

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin' Activity Bugs

This pop-up toy has four colorful 'bugs' which wobble around when baby bats at them. Then they can be pushed down where they lock in place. Next there is a row of four actions to get the 'bugs' to pop back up – a slide, a pull switch, a toggle knob and a turn knob. A good learning activity that helps baby develop motor skills. A toy especially designed for babies and toddlers in the 6 months to 3 year range.

Happy Birthday, Tyler

Baby Tyler and Big Brother David

Tyler, and his big brother David, really enjoy playing with this Fisher-Price activity toy. And 'grandma' very much enjoyed being at their house for this special one-year-old birthday celebration!

Fisher-Price Pop-Up Bugs Toy available on Amazon

Other Fisher-Price Toy Reviews:

For more toy reviews, check out

ReviewThisReviews Toy Reviews

(c) Review written on 6/27/2015.  Updated 5/2/2018

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Reviewing Handmade Toys for Granddaughters

With 3 granddaughters, I'm always looking for something unique to give them. Standard toys are one thing, but handmade toys are special. And, of course, my granddaughters deserve those special toys. When I discovered a whole collection of charming handmade toys, I knew I wanted to review them here for you.

Charming Handmade Toy Collection

They come from a shop called Coastal Crochet Crafts on Etsy. It turns out the creator of these toys is our own Review This contributor Wednesday Elf. She's a grandmother like me, so she understands the need for those very special toys for the grandkids.

It was a tough time making my choices. There are so many adorable handmade animals, or Critters, as she calls them. But I did finally make my decision. And you'll notice that even though I have 3 granddaughters to give handmade toys to, I have 4 choices here. That's because this delightfulgiraffe is for me!

My choices for my granddaughters include this oh-so-darling honey bee. How could anyone, young or old, resist this little critter? I can just picture my granddaughter hugging this honey bee with a huge smile on her face.

Frankly, all of these handmade toy critters are fully hug-able. Wednesday Elf is an accomplished crocheter and it shows with the quality of her work. That's why the decision to get her creations wasn't hard. It was hard to decide which ones to get.

Making Choices with Handmade Toys

My next choice is ideal for my oldest granddaughter. She has an owl collection. This Grace the Grey and Pink Owl is perfect for her. It turns out Coastal Crochet Crafts has a number of owls in different color combinations. So every owl lover will be pleased with your choice.

That final choice turned out to be Cuddly the  Caterpillar. This was tough for me. Cuddly is another one that I wanted just for myself. But, being the good grandmother that I am, my little one deserves him.

I know my granddaughters will cherish their special new friends. Handmade toys hold such a special place in my own heart.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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