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Reviewing the Popular Fisher-Price Corn Popper Toy

Corn Popper Classic Toy

Fisher-Price Corn Popper Toy

As the grandmother of a toddler, naturally I'm interested in appropriate and appealing toys for tots.  Knowing what draws the attention of a little one in the 18-month to 3-year-old range assures me that the toy(s) I choose for my grandson in the next couple of birthdays and Christmases will be something he enjoys.

With all the toys constantly being introduced to the market in a wide-variety of selections, it is often difficult to choose the best age-appropriate ones.  Therefore, I did a search online for trending toys for toddlers.  In the list my search returned I found Amazon Best Sellers: Best Baby & Toddler Toys.  

A Classic Toy


A classic toy - the Fisher-Price corn popper
Available on Amazon
To my surprise and delight, I discovered in that list a toy popular when my children were toddlers and is STILL today among the top toys for tots – the Corn Popper by Fisher-Price. With all the 'techie' toys out there today, it's nice to know the basic toys of today's parents' childhood are still favorites.

The corn popper was invented by Arthur Holt in 1957 and sold to Fisher-Price for $50.  It was designed to help young children learn to walk.  As the child pushes the toy, it sends tiny, colorful gumball-size balls flying and hitting the plastic dome, creating loud popping noises like a popcorn machine.  The corn popper has become one of the most popular toys in history!

In 2011, Time reporter Allie Townsend compiled a list of the 100 most influential toys from 1923 to the present.  Number 33 on the list was this 1950s Corn Popper!

This 'noisemaker' on a stick can sometimes be an irritating sound to parents, but it definitely will keep your baby and toddler entertained and 'moving'.   Parents tend to agree that a little noise is fine (mostly) when it keeps your toddler happy.

A Popular Classic Toy

On Amazon, the Fisher-Price 'Brilliant Basics' Corn Popper is listed in toys and games as #2 in pre-school and toddler toys and #3 in baby and toddler toys, with over 1,400 reviews, 74% of them 5-star reviews!

What fun to find that the basic toys enjoyed by our children are now just as popular with their children. The Corn Popper by Fisher-Price has definitely become a Classic toy.


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*Fisher-Price Corn Popper Toy Review is written by Wednesday Elf

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  1. I think all children love these things and I also think Arthur Holt was ripped off! These are one of the few noise making toys that didn't bother me. I loved hearing my children play and this one helped me know exactly where they were in the house. Great reminder and review of a great toy!

  2. Yes, if Arthur Holt could have known the toy would still be popular 50 years later, he may have asked more from Fisher-Price for his invention. Hindsight... as they say. But the corn popper is such a cute toy. MY babies loved it and my grown-up children's babies love it. And it's priced so reasonably that most all tots can have one. :)

  3. Wonderful review! Brought back great memories. My cousin and I made it a point to buy noisy toys for the other's child. The corn popper was noisy but so popular with the kids when they were that age. I slipped up. I didn't buy one for my grandbaby when he was that age. I should have!

    1. Some toys just never lose their popularity for sure, Dawn Rae. Maybe you can buy one for the NEXT grandbaby. :)

  4. I just love the Fisher Price Popcorn Popper toy and was so excited, over 30 years ago, to buy one for my own kiddos. I associate the loud pops with big smiles and toddlers learning to run, which always makes my heart feel very happy. No wonder this toy is a perennial bestseller!

  5. I just love the Fisher Price Popcorn Popper toy and was so excited, over 30 years ago, to buy one for my own kiddos. I associate the loud pops with big smiles and toddlers learning to run, which always makes my heart feel very happy. No wonder this toy is a perennial bestseller!

    1. The corn popper is definitely a classic toy for tots, Susan. It's popularity the past 50 years is astounding.

  6. This toy sure has stood the test of time, it will be one that lives forever. Can just see 100 years from now, kids playing with this

  7. Great toys never go out of style! The Corn Popper is a fun one for sure.

    1. Love the original 'classic' toys, Heather. Glad they continue to be popular.

  8. ONe of my favorite toys when I was still little. I think this is a classic - I would happily give it as a present.

    1. It definitely is a classic. Thanks for your visit.


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