Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday & The Bunny

Happy Easter! Whether it's the Easter Bunny or the Traditional Christian Holiday You're Celebrating, Enjoy and Have a Wonderful Easter Sunday
We know many children will be enjoying a feast of chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, and baskets filled with other treats, gifts and goodies.

As Christians attend mass today, many will be dressed up with seasonal Easter Bonnets and kids in their Sunday best. It's a day as important as Christmas to Christians, and some feel even more so, in that it represents the rise of Jesus into heaven and eternal life.

What's Your Easter Sunday Tradition?

Our kids are mostly grown now, but the memories of our Easter Sundays are forever etched in my heart. While the kids slept I would fill a very large basket with toys, clothes and candies and place the basket on their dressers. Of course, they'de wake up excited to see what the Bunny brought! But the best part was always watching their happy faces.

Of course, what's a bunny day without an egg hunt! We'd leave a trail of chocolate eggs all over the house and they'd run around full speed collecting as many as they could in their smaller basket.

Til this day, I still picture them in their PJ's sitting in the family room sorting through their goodies and stuffing their precious little faces with chocolate.

I can't believe how fast they grow up - sure do miss those days .... Great memories that I'm hoping they'll be making with their own families some day. Our family moments are forever etched in my mind, and I'm grateful we took the time to carve them out.

My kids inspired me to write this poem - a funny take on a child's perspective about the Easter Bunny!

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Happy Easter, and whether it's a religious day for you or a Bunny day for you, I hope you're making lots of precious memories ... no matter your age.

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  1. Love the poem, Barbara! While we do have Easter memories from when our sons were little, my husband still likes to make holidays special just for me. This morning when I opened the pantry to get our dog's morning treat, waiting for me at eye level (mine, not Daisy's) was a five-pack of Cadbury Cream Eggs, my favorite. Now, that's a thoughtful husband! A blessed Easter today to you and yours!

    1. That is so sweet Susan, what a thoughtful and loving thing for him to do. So nice that he tries to make holidays special, yep, you're still making memories :)

  2. Adorable poem, Barbara. And thanks for sharing your family Easter memories with us. Happy 'Bunny' Day to you.

    1. Happy Bunny Day right back atchya Pat, hope you had a wonderful day

  3. The poem is great! I can just imagine the little fellow being perplexed. How that bunny can give us chocolate eggs AND hide plastic eggs in every home and yard, yet not be seen, is truly quite amazing. When our children were little, our Easter consisted of it all. We went to church first and came home to discover the filled Easter baskets. Then proceeded to the backyard for our egg hunt. Like you and your family, those memories are truly treasured gems. Happy Easter Barbara!

    1. Cynthia, happy easter to you and your family as well, sounds like you carved out many memorable Easter Sundays with your family <3

  4. How precious is this? That was wonderful Barbara, and thanks for making me relive some precious memories too! Love the poem!

    1. Thank you so much. We're lucky to have good memories to reflect on. Had another happen today, all 4 boys for dinner, and my 15 year old in the room with me watching TV while I"m on my laptop. I'll take that memory for this Easter Sunday for sure. Hope you had a wonderful day as well.

  5. I so enjoyed reading this. Easter is sure different now that we have no little people around. Jason so enjoyed finding hidden candy eggs that he wanted us to hide his presents on Christmas, too, just so he could look for them. Shared this everywhere.


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