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Review of Cyber Acoustics USB Mono Headset (AC-840)

Cyber Acoustics USB Mono Headset
I decided to review the Cyber Acoustics USB Mono Headset (AC-840) because I thought there may be others trying to solve the problem I had. I've always loved making videos to which I add voice-overs. I used to have no problems making them on my iMac computer with built-in microphone and speakers. But that computer is out of commission right now and I wanted to make a video for one of my blogs.

I had the free Movie Maker software already installed on my HP Pavillion Windows 7 PC. I had been happily using a Cyber Acoustics CA2016 2-Piece USB Powered Computer Speaker System for over a year now, so I had no problem listening to videos and podcasts. All I lacked was a way to do the voice-overs I always add to my videos or to try making podcasts. 

I was desperate, since I wanted to post my blog in a couple of days, and I wanted the video as part of it. I went to my local Staples around the corner to look around. The clerk sold me a headset with a microphone, a Plantronics model, he said would work, but when I got it home I couldn't make it work with my computer by plugging it into the proper slots in either the front or back of the tower. I decided I'd better get a model that connected with USB. So I exchanged it for the Cyber Acoustics USB Mono Headset, although it would have been cheaper at Amazon. Since I needed it immediately, I bought it while I was in the store. 

I had it properly connected and recognized by my computer within minutes after I got home. I still had a learning curve with the Movie Maker software, since it was much different than using iMovie had been. I finally got it figured out and got my blog published. You can see the video results for Loading a Lumber Truck here. I suggest watching it in fullscreen mode. 

Keep in mind I was learning to use both the software and the headsets. I'm not used to headsets. I discovered that I needed to turn off my speakers while using the headsets, but that was easy to do. The headpiece is comfortable enough for the amount of time I want to use the microphone, which swivels so you can adjust it for optimal use. I appreciate the handy volume control and mute/on switch on the cord within easy reach.

You can see it below and click the photo for more details on Amazon, to read other reviews, or purchase. 

Cyber Acoustics USB Mono Headset

Will this microphone headset meet your needs? If you want a cheap, easy solution for making YouTube videos with voice-overs or podcasts on your PC this should do the trick. You can hear the sound quality in the video I posted. Only my voice was recorded with the microphone. Unfortunately, I don't have a great recording voice, and that is not the fault of the microphone. The background noises were in the video itself. I turned them down when I was recording, but it would have seemed unrealistic not to hear any engine noises while watching the forklift.

I recommend this headset with noise cancelling microphone to any user of a PC that does not have a built-in microphone who wants to record his or her voice onto a video or podcast or wants to use Skype. The sound quality is fine for those uses. I find it adjusts well to my head size, but it might not be comfortable for those with much larger than average head sizes.

If you've been frustrated because you can't make a podcast or video voice-over for lack of a microphone, get your Cyber Acoustics USB headset with noise cancelling microphone now

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  1. I have made a few videos, but have never really been serious enough about them to add voice-over. What a really cool idea, suggestion and recommendation! One never knows when I might well desire to add a voice over to a video and like you, I would definitely want the right equipment to start. Not knowing what to buy and use to do a job well can certainly be quite frustrating.

    1. It is frustrating. I normally do videos that need some explaining, and so I like to add narration when called for.

  2. I've never tried to make a video, but my son does. I will have to send this review to him.

    1. Most phones and cameras today can easily shoot the subject. It can then be uploaded to your computer and edited on your computer to get rid of parts you don't want to include and pieced back together. Most people add an available soundtrack, and since I don't' want to have to mess with copyright problems, I add narration with voice-overs. That allows me to explain what I'm seeing. Try it sometimes. I make more on YouTube most months than with Adsense from all sources.

  3. If I start doing videos again, I'll need a new headset. Mine plugs in with two plugs, one for microphone, one for speaker, and I don't have two plugs on this new laptop. I like the looks of your new headset and really appreciate the review. Your video was really well done and the audio was great!


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