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Tuned Wind Chimes Review

The beautiful, melodic sound of tuned wind chimes can brighten a cloudy day.
The beautiful, melodic sound of tuned wind chimes
can brighten a cloudy day.
If you ask me, wind chimes are a necessity on any porch or in a favorite garden spot, adding beautiful melodies to the fragrant air on a lazy afternoon. Tuned wind chimes are a wonderful choice to provide the most pleasing music to the ear, and a set of tuned wind chimes is a thoughtful choice for a gift for any occasion, especially during the spring and summer. Everyone loves wind chimes!

Several years ago we lost our house to a wildfire. During the months that our new home was being constructed, I knew that one thing we must have for our new, roomy front porch was a set of wind chimes. I chose Woodstock Chimes for their quality and "Amazing Grace" chimes specifically. The tubular chimes are tuned to the opening notes of the hymn "Amazing Grace," a tune that almost everyone recognizes and a song with a message that spoke volumes to us as we recovered from our traumatic loss. The chimes really were a perfect choice. The tune, the tone, and the message won me over.

The wind chimes in the short video below aren't mine, but it's kind of fun for me to listen to this because mine sound exactly the same and I can hear them chiming outside my home office window as I type this. If you choose Amazing Grace tuned wind chimes, yours will sound the same, too, since they're all perfectly tuned exactly the same way.

Play the video to hear how the chimes sound. Can you pick out the tune?

Prefer a different tune or tone? Click here to see more Woodstock tuned wind chimes.

Another impressive tuned wind chimes company that I recently found is Amish Chimes. Their chimes, too, are high quality with absolutely beautiful tone. I'm looking forward to adding a set of Amish Chimes to our back porch. Click the link to see and hear their selection. 

Tuned wind chimes are a wonderful gift idea for just about anyone. They're a great addition to a porch, patio, or garden area and they're available in sizes ranging from very small and high-pitched to long tubes with a very deep pitch. No doubt you'll find just the right set for someone special in your life.

A Set of Tuned Wind Chimes, A Great Gift Idea for . . .

  • Easter
  • A Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Father's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • A Wedding Gift
  • A Hostess Gift
  • A Grieving Friend
  • A Housewarming Gift
  • Your Favorite Gardener
  • Yourself!

So tell me, who do you know that deserves their own set of tuned wind chimes?

~Susan Deppner
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Posted by Susan Deppner

Susan Deppner

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Susan Deppner is a baby boomer, a cancer survivor, and a Southerner who believes in the Golden Rule. She enjoys writing about food, faith, and fitness; health, home, and holidays; people, places, pets, and patriotism, and more. Follow Susan on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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  1. I love wind chimes, Susan. I've had several over the years, but this is the first time I've known about 'tuned' wind chimes. I will definitely have to check these out.

    1. Tuned chimes are extra-easy on the ears, Elf. I just love listening to them. Bet you will, too!

  2. Wind chimes seem like such a natural part of any garden or backyard. My own husband came home last fall with a new set of tuned wind chimes. They are playing outside my window this morning too. Now, I feel I need a second garden! Amazing Grace is my all time favorite song and I would love to have a set of chimes tuned with those notes.

    1. It's fun to pick out the notes of Amazing Grace as they randomly blow in the breeze. I'm sure you'd love this set. Awesome that your husband enjoys the chimes enough to bring home a set on his own!

  3. I have 5 sets of tuned wind chimes. Love them! I bet a bunch more people will get them now after your review.

    1. Five is a lot! I'm ready to invest in more, too. I love the range of tunes, from high notes to low notes. I'd love to hear all of yours, Heather!

  4. I had no idea you could get tuned would chimes, what a great idea and great gift - When I was a young girl I had a set of chimes hanging in my bedroom and I remember going in and giving them a push to hear them

    1. Sounds like you had a special gift with the wind chimes in your room, Barbara! Really, I think a set of wind chimes would make a very nice gift for just about anyone, even a child.

  5. I LOVE wind chimes and could easily own too many. I had no idea about the "tuned" wind chimes. That's great to know about. I want one!

    1. When they're tuned, wind chimes sound lovely together, like an orchestra tuning up. Hope you choose one you enjoy, Dawn Rae!

  6. I love my wind chimes and yes, I like the ones that are in tune better than just random tinkling in the wind....great review....

    1. Thanks, GrammieO. I'm with you on the random "tinkling." :)

  7. I gave my mom some cat wind chimes when she moved to Paso Robles because she had a black cat just like those on the chimes. now I live in her house and get to enjoy them on the few occasions when I'm i the back yard. I had never heard of tuned wind chimes.

    1. What a thoughtful gift, Barbara! Glad you're able to enjoy the cat wind chimes now.


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