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Reviewing Monopoly Deal - A Playing Card Game

Monopoly Deal  is the Playing Card Version of the Classic Monopoly Board Game.

Package image of the Monopoly Deal card game

We are all familiar with the board game, Monopoly, which has been around in its current version since 1935.  Over the years, the classic version has grown to include nearly 1300 variations, many of them theme-based. For a list of these, check this link

Monopoly has become one of the most popular games of all time. I remember spending hours playing it as a child, then with my own children, and now my grandsons enjoy it just as much. And now it is available in a quick version card game form called Monopoly Deal

A Favorite Version of the Monopoly Board Game

monopoly game star
While visiting my 14-year-old grandson, Ryan, in Iowa in June, we played his Star Wars Monopoly game in board game form, which he absolutely loves to play. 

At the end of my visit, it was decided that Ryan would come back home with me for a visit to Coastal Georgia and the beach. He wanted to bring his Star Wars Monopoly Board Game, but there wasn't room in the car.  Instead, he discovered that there is a card game version of Monopoly, which he purchased before we left. 

Grandson Ryan playing Monopoly Deal with his G-Ma 
Grandson Ryan (c) Wednesday Elf
 Let me tell you, Ryan and I have become very expert at this Monopoly card game, playing 3 and 4 games per day most days! This Monopoly Deal card game takes only about 15 minutes to play, as opposed to 3 and 4 hours to play the board game version of Monopoly.  And since it doesn't take up any more room to pack in your suitcase than a deck of cards, it is the perfect game to take on a vacation or trip.  

Monopoly Deal Card Game


An image of Monopoly Deal game in play
(c) Wednesday Elf

Monopoly Deal comes with 110 cards consisting of the familiar Property Cards (like Boardwalk and Park Place), plus hotel and motel cards, money cards, and action cards which include rent cards and cards that let you steal property from the other players.  

Monopoly Deal Money
Monopoly Deal Money

  • The Money Cards are a tad different than what you are used to in the Monopoly board game.  The denominations begin at One Million and go up to 10 Million dollars. At first it seems strange dealing with what appears to be such a large amount of money, but one quickly adapts to playing a Rent Action Card and saying things such as "Pay me $7 Million Dollars for my property"

Monopoly Deal Pass Go card

    • Instead of 'Passing Go" and collecting $200, as in the board game, there are Pass Go cards which allow you to draw two more cards.

      Just Say No card in Monopoly Deal deck 

      • The "Just Say No" cards have become a favorite, as they prevent another player from stealing your property or having to pay a large amount of 'rent' on a property set with a house and a hotel! 

      Monopoly Deal Rules

      Each turn you draw two cards and can play up to 3 cards. Fortunes can change in a minute, depending upon what cards you draw and play.  To win you need three complete sets of Property Cards. 

      The game can be played with 2-5 players, which made it perfect for Ryan and Grandma to play a quick game or two between trips to the beach or my apartment pool those hot summer days here in southern Georgia.  It's also a quick game to play between dinner and bedtime. The more we played it, the more we enjoyed it. It's truly an addictive card game. If your looking for a fun family/friend game, Monopoly Deal is it.

      November 19


      National Play Monopoly Day

      *Monopoly Deal Card Game Review written by Wednesday Elf

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      1. Oh, how fun! Sometimes it's hard to commit to a lengthy game of Monopoly, so this would be a great alternative for just about anybody. What a perfect way for grandparent and grandson to bond, too. Bet Ryan remembers his summer vacation with Grandma for years to come!

        1. I hope he does have a fun memory of his summer with Grandma, Susan. It sure was fun to have him all to myself for some fun times. :)

      2. This sounds like a great card game Elf! I haven't seen it before. Our family enjoys playing card games during holidays and on vacations. The Monopoly card game is definitely a game I need to add to our stash of games. I also have to agree with Susan. It is a great way for a grandparent and grandson to share time together and create that lasting bond. Simply fabulous!

        1. It's a really fun game, Mouse. I have always liked the board game Monopoly and wasn't sure a card game version would appeal to me -- until I played it with my grandson! Really such a lot of fun. We had hours of enjoyment with it and I know he will continue to have fun with it with his parents and his friends. Now I have to get one for MY house.

      3. I will be getting this one for my son....he's a Monopoly Nut who can and has played for days on end....this is much more do-able. Thanks for putting us onto this new version.

        1. Glad you liked the review of this Monopoly game, Olivia. I can tell your son really likes Monopoly!

      4. Oh! I might like this version of monopoly!

        1. It's a quick and fun version, Dawn Rae, compared to the hours and hours the board game version takes to play!

      5. My oldest granddaughter loves to play Monopoly with her Grandma. I think this card version would be a fun stocking stuffer for her at Christmas time. Thanks for letting us know about it!

        1. This card game version of Monopoly would make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas, Beverly. Great idea!

      6. this sounds like a lot of fun - I may have to pick this up and give it a try with my gang - love the idea that it's shorter - thanks or reviewing this; would have never known how good this card game is otherwise

      7. Played Monopoly all the time growing up and had my own game because the family one was getting too well used. I am sure I would love this Monopoly Deal card game.

      8. This sounds like a great game. I definitely plan to consider it for Christmas as my grandkids all love Monopoly, too. Thank you for the review and for sharing the picture of your handsome grandson.

      9. I've seen this card game of Monopoly around, but I haven't paid it a lot of attention. Your review makes me think I should get it for a stocking filler this Christmas as my daughter and I usually plan for a whole day to play the board game during the school holidays. The Monopoly deal playing card game sounds a lot more doable!

        1. Playing Monopoly in the card game version is much faster and can be done in a short period of time, Louanne. I agree that it is a great stocking stuffer at Christmastime.

      10. Sounds like a blast to play these versions of Monopoly. I was completely oblivious to the card versions. Guess I need grandchildren in my life. What fun!


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