Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pop Holders for Phones - Another Gadget that's Popping off the Shelves

Popsocket HERE - Available in Other Design Styles
How do I know another gadget is off and running? My gadget loving son who is very much up on all 'this stuff' has one.

I noticed this funny looking door knob thingy attached to the back of his mobile phone and asked, what the heck is that?

He couldn't wait to show me the purpose of yet another little gizmo.

Honestly, I was prepared to give it an eye-roll, but after his explanation and demonstration, I thought, hmmmm, I could use one.

It's a Way to Hold Your Cell Phone, Tablet or eReader Securely, or to Stand it Up

You can attach one or two of these gizmos on the back of your Mobile Device, Tablet or eReader as a way to secure it for standing or as a way to securely hold it between your fingers. You can also use it to wrap your earbuds around (simple storage).

It literally pops open when you want to use it and closes flush against your device when not needed.

It's also the kind of gizmo you can 'play with', popping your Popsocket open and closed open and closed open and closed .... I watched my son do this most of the night. It's one of those little habits that will keep your hands busy and also drive your mother crazy! But since it serves a useful purpose, I'll let the popping go. Actually, I couldn't hear it - I could see him fidgeting with the gadget, which prompted my original question 'what the heck is that' in the first place.

Securing Popsockets to Your Device

If your device or cases are made of silicone, leather or have a waterproof coating, Popsockets may have trouble securing to them. However, for most cases and devices they'll go on without a hitch.

If you're wondering how often a Popsocket can be opened and closed, it does have an estimated life span of approximately 12,000 pops, but hey, for the price that'll take you a long way.

Watch this helpful Animated Video on Popsockets

By the way, they come in a number of cool colors and designs as well.

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  1. This sounds pretty cool and I do like the design you've featured. Definitely a great gift idea for my teen.

    1. Thanks Louanne, another gadget that'll be swept up lol

  2. What an interesting gadget. My teenage grandson visited me this summer and was searching for a cell phone holder for the car before we drove him back home. This would have been the perfect solution. And I can definitely see why it would appeal to teens -- all that popping and bright and swirly colors.

    1. My son was telling me about the attachment that you can get to secure in your car as well

  3. That seems like a pretty cool gadget! I like the fact that it will fold up flat when you want to stick your phone in your pocket. Being able to use it in the car would be fabulous for sure. I can certainly see how it would be a very useful thing to have. The popping part is kinda funny. I can well imagine it is an anxiety reliever for the "popper" but annoying for moms.

    1. well put Cynthia, 'anxiety reliever' - yep I think that's it!

  4. This is one of those "I should have invented that!" gadgets. It looks awesome and serves a great purpose. I like that it helps to stabilize a device, making it easier to hold. Very cool find there, mom!

    1. Susan, exactly what I was thinking as well! 'I wish I'd of thought of that!'

  5. I swear that technology is just passing me by. I still have a flip phone, or as my kids call it a dumb phone. Nice review of this latest gadget. I'll be sure to pass this one along to my kids.

    1. Eugene, lol, you're a classic that will always be in style, that's how I look at it :)

  6. Amazing! What will they think up next? Like Eugene, I've never had a good reason to upgrade from my flip phone, dumb as it may be. I hardly use it. I'll keep this in mind if I upgrade. I already have a stand for my Kindle.

  7. Hmmm... I'm not much for new gadgets. I always get things last. But this one has me thinking..... this might be helpful. Especially since I've got a really bad case of the dropsies.

  8. Hmmm... I'm not much for new gadgets. I always get things last. But this one has me thinking..... this might be helpful. Especially since I've got a really bad case of the dropsies.


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