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I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years - Love is Endless

Angels on Duty
Angels on Duty - Fridge Magnet

Most of us have heard 'I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years' by Christina Perri. If the song sounds familiar, it's the final song in the Twilight Series.

Today's Review isn't about Music; it's about love

What do I know about love? Well, I know what you know and what we've all heard; it's what makes the world go round, all there is, and of course, all we need.
In an increasingly cynical world where people gather in their corners defending positions, ideas, beliefs, what's right and what's not, love patiently waits for us to call it 'one step closer'.
You and I know that this life is fleeting, and whether we believe it's our one and only existence or that our consciousness/soul returns to master its lessons is irrelevant to this particular life we're living as us - In the end, our end, one question requires an answer, 'did we love.'

It's the love we give that travels with us and nourishes the earth. That love imprints itself on those left behind, and they pass it along. Like the tiniest seed buried deep in the earth, love grows.

Questions we might ask about our own love
After the storm, did we find our way back to love? 
When hope slipped through our fingers, did we find our way back to love? 
When the ones we love died, and a piece of us was taken with them, did we find our way back to love? 
When we suffered an illness that scared us to our core and thought, why me, did we find our way back to love? 
When our TV told us why to hate, and who to hate, did we find our way back to love? 
When people took positions that opposed everything we stood for, did we find our way back to love? 
When dark thoughts tried to infect us, did we find our way back to love? 
When we hated ourselves for our own mistakes and choices, did we find our way back to love? 
When we were hurt, did we find our way back to love? 
When someone we love was hurt, did we find our way back to love?
Most of all, when we caused someone pain, did we find our way back to love? 
Did we do this all unconditionally? Did we find our way back to love without expecting anything in return? Did we just decide to love our neighbor?

Here we are, the size of a piece of sand, all together, living on a giant ball that hangs in the middle of the universe, questioning ourselves and perhaps even questioning what it means to have faith. Our mere existence on this spinning ball is a testament to faith.

Yet, we are born with the greatest gift, the capacity to love ... and after centuries, we still have yet to harness its power.

This unseen power can't physically be measured; it only exists if we declare it, and the more of it we give, the more of it we have. It's the most extraordinary energy yet to be weaponized for good.

How Do We Get There

Our love for each other is the road home. That's it. There is only one road that takes us there.

We can spin our wheels until the cows come home; it won't make a spit of difference ... it's the gift of love, even when it's the toughest to give, that takes us there. Test yourself - Think of the most complex person there is to love, try to love them, pray for them, and genuinely wish them well.

Planting love in places that need planting is one of the best uses of love.

For my Dad, Happy Birthday - I have loved you for a thousand years and will love you for a thousand more.

Through it all, love remains.

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  1. Just love that song! Blessed to feel that way about my wonderful husband. Hoping to love him for another thousand years too, at least. Love this post, Barbara!

  2. Thank you Heather, sounds like a beautiful marriage

  3. Barbara, you have such a great gift for interpreting music, turning what otherwise would have been just a pretty song into lessons that make your readers think. You just did it again! <3

    1. Susan, thank you so much! when I hear music I hear life and messages all the time, thank you for noticing that!

  4. I love your 'Life Messages' interpreted through songs, Barbara. You have a knack for finding (and sharing) just the right words and songs for each moment in time.

  5. Beautifully expressed, Barbara. What a different world this would be if people could look beyond hurts and hate and come back to love.

    1. Barbara, it would truly be a world filled with endless power and possibility for good wouldn't it?

  6. "Hope lives on and love remains." What a beautiful message and reminder that love never dies. This is a lovely dedication and a tremendous tribute to your dad, for the man who loved, was loved and is still loved even though you can no longer hold his hand or see his face.

    Both songs share touching messages of love and it's eternal strength. As everyone has already expressed, beautifully written Barbara.

    1. Sylvestermouse, you said it well, "for the man who loved, was loved, and is still loved"... how many things live on like that, I'll chime in and say only one, love. The rest of it falls to the side and becomes part of our cosmic message and learning, love however, is remembered, felt, reminisced upon, talked about, felt, and survives even the most egregious act. Love is the strongest force in the universe. Thanks so much for such a beautiful comment.


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