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A Review of the AOC Computer Monitor

AOC Computer Monitor
AOC 24-Inch Computer Monitor

Well, there I was working on my computer when suddenly, with no warning, my computer monitor dimmed and the picture slowly faded away.  Knowing very little about the inner workings of computers, I had no idea what just happened.

I tried rebooting the computer, but to no avail. I then called my local computer repair shop and described the problem. Their advice was to bring in the tower to my desktop computer for them to run a diagnostics.  Since this service is FREE, I was happy to do so.  Turned out the computer is just fine (thank goodness), so the problem was the monitor. 

Blog post author's old computer monitor
Old Computer Monitor (c) Wednesday Elf

My old monitor was part of a desktop computer setup I purchased about eight years ago, so it isn't all that surprising that it finally wore out.  The solution ~ buy a new monitor.

Since most computer monitors are interchangeable with any computer setup, it didn't really matter which brand of monitor I bought. Therefore,  I went searching for the best buy.  I didn't need anything really fancy. I'm not a gamer, so didn't need a special gaming monitor.  So it really came down to getting the most for the money.  

AOC 24-Inch Computer Monitor


Image of my new computer monitor
My NEW Computer Monitor (c) Wednesday Elf
The monitor I purchased is the AOC 24-inch slim design LED flat screen.  My old monitor was also a flat screen, but was just 19 inches. I'm still getting used to the bigger screen! 


On the subject of the 'bigger screen', I noticed quite a difference in the appearance of icons and fonts on this 24-inch monitor. With a larger 'space', everything appeared smaller. After awhile, I discovered there was a way to get back to viewing things on my new monitor the way I was used to. My cousin stopped by for a visit and was telling me a story about how he changed the DISPLAY on his 92-year-old dad's computer monitor to a larger font so he could 'see' the words with his Macular Degeneration limiting his eyesight.   So, following my cousin's instructions, I did a similar change to the size of my fonts.  


Changing the Monitor Display


In case you are wondering, simply go to the Start Menu, click on Control Panel, then Appearance, then Display.  


Computer image of how to change the monitor display

Under the Display tab you will see something that says something similar to "change the size of text and other items on your screen". There are some preset options (small, medium, large) and one option that states 'set custom text'. The 'medium' choice is preset at 125% larger than normal and that works well for my Uncle, but is too much larger than I need.  So I chose my own percentage and found that about 108% larger makes everything on my screen look the way it did when I had just a 19-inch monitor.  Nice to know that you can have something new that is 'bigger and better', and still have it display the way you want.


Key Features of the AOC Monitor

  •  eSaver software to set low-power configuration
  •  23.6" viewable image with 16:9 aspect ratio
  •  Narrow bezel and slim design
  •  Multimedia connectivity with VGA and DVI ports
  •  VESA 100mm wall-mount compliant

This AOC monitor can be found in a variety of places, including Walmart, but I decided to buy mine at Staples because it was on sale this week. 

AOC began as Admiral in Chicago in 1934.  In 1967 the company became the Admiral Overseas Corporation (AOC).  Established in Taiwan, it became the first manufacturer of color televisions for export. Today AOC is known as the Worldwide Leader in Display Manufacturing.

Back Online!


Illustration of a computer monitor with a happy smile
Image courtesy of Pixabay

I picked up my computer tower from the repair shop after they checked it out and found it in fine shape.  On the same  trip, I brought home my new monitor.  I unpacked and set up the monitor,  plugged all the cords back into the tower, and turned it on.  My new monitor immediately lit up nice and bright and I was once again 'back in business'. I was without a computer for less than 24 hours, but missed it terribly! It's amazing how dependent we have become on our computers!

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  1. Oh Pat I can feel your pain. I cleaned my monitor, you know dusted it and all of a sudden I touched the screen with the cloth and it literally did this funny turn black and end up with a dot on the screen. I thought oh no! I was lucky, somehow I just jarred the connection at the back of the monitor and the cable let go.....When I need a new screen I will be looking, thanks for this review.

    1. Always scary when something ODD happens to one of our computer parts or other electronics to those of use who didn't grow up with them from childhood. Thanks for visiting, Grammie O.

  2. Wow that is quite a monitor. It will be great for displaying your photos :) Enjoy!

    1. Yes, I agree Mary Beth. Photos will look great on this monitor!

  3. Very glad you were able to get back in business so quickly, Elf. Panic sets in around here when something goes wrong with my computer. Right now, here I am, hunched over my laptop with its compact screen, and that 24-inch screen picture looks amazing! The laptop is convenient, but my tired eyes would appreciate a big screen with larger print. Maybe next time I have to replace mine I'll go with a tower and your beautiful big screen monitor. Appreciate your review!

  4. For those of us who work on the computer, it can be extremely upsetting to have something stop working like that. Panic sets in when the problems isn't obvious. I am glad it wasn't anything worse than needing a new monitor and I definitely like the larger screens myself. I work from my laptop, but I have often thought that the next time I purchase a computer, I may well go back to a desktop. Thank you for reviewing a great monitor in advance for me.

  5. Susan and Sylvestermouse, glad you like this big screen monitor. My desktop tower is 8 years old (as was my old monitor) and that will most likely be the NEXT part of the computer needing replacement. I may go with a laptop at that time, as it is more versatile than a desktop (being able to take it with you away from the computer room or your house), but if I do I will most definitely get one I can both plug a large screen monitor into AND a regular size keyboard. I've shied away from laptops for years because every one I used (while visiting family, etc.) frustrates me because I can't type well on the laptop keyboard. Being a very fast touch typist, I need a normal size keyboard to keep from hitting the wrong keys! LOL.

  6. I would love a 24 inch monitor! How cool for you! The AOC one sounds perfect!

  7. That's a good sized monitor, and couldn't agree more about the inconvenience and panic when the computer goes down for any reason!

    1. It's amazing how dependent we have all become on our computers, Barbara. Even 24 hours without a computer is 'panic' time. :)

  8. Wow!! 24 inches, looks like you made a great choice. I recently upgraded my laptop and went with a 17 inch monitor and love it. I think I would really like the 24 inch. So glad you like it!!

    1. It does seem to make a difference having a bigger monitor. Thanks for stopping by, Sam.

  9. I had to replace my monitor in the past few months, as well. I had a bit of trouble assembling it, but I took it back to the shop where I bought it and they helped.

  10. I had to replace my monitor in the past few months, as well. I had a bit of trouble assembling it, but I took it back to the shop where I bought it and they helped.

    1. Interesting, Barbara. I also had trouble assembling the stand onto the monitor and took it back to Staples and they put it together for me.

  11. A 24 inch monitor sounds like something I'll have to get when it's time to upgrade, which probably won't be far away as my system is about 7 years old. I do prefer having a desktop than a laptop, especially when I'm doing photo editing or creating images for posts

    1. I prefer the desktop too, Louanne. I need to 'see' what I'm creating, whether it's an article or an image, in a size I can relate to. Also for just browsing the internet. :)


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