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Family Game Night - Reviewing Here to Slay

 Here to Slay is a strategy card game. I had never heard of the game prior to a recent visit with my youngest son and grandchildren. And when my son asked me to play, my initial reaction was "oh gross". But I gave it a try and I loved it. We had so much fun that we are planning on figuring out how to play long distance video chats.

Here to Slay

My first thought was one of dread. I fully expected this game to be a copy-cat version of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). I am not cut out for playing D&D. It just doesn't compute for me. Role-play and creating your characters is too much for me. I've had young people at work try to "teach" me. Or, when we don't have access to the actual game, these hopeful students would give me watered down role-play versions via asking me "what would you do" scenarios. My answers were always based on what I would really do - which is always very mundane. For this reason, I thought I'd try Here to Slay once then gently guide us back to the other board games we had been playing.

But once we got started, I found that I LOVED Here to Slay. As did my son. We had a great time. One of the many good things about the game is that it doesn't take a long time to get through it. So we played round after round and enjoyed each game more as we became accustomed to the rules.

How to Play

As we read through the brief How to Play we felt thoroughly confused. And I thought the one page (front and back) of instructions clearly was not sufficient. But it was! It is a strategy game with many different options and outcomes but really very simple.

"In this game, you'll assemble a full Party of Heroes to slay dangerous Monsters while working to avoid the sabotage of your [friends] enemies. You'll also equip items to your Heroes, harness powerful mage, and use roll modifiers to tip the adds in your favor."

We played with just the 2 of us. Which was fun. But the game can accommodate up to 6 players. The more players to battle, curse, and steal their heroes the more fun (and strategic) the game would be. 

Each play chooses a Party Leader card. Each Party Leader has a special skill/power. I chose the Leader that had a bit more strength against fighting the monsters. My son chose the Leader that had a bit more power during each roll. 

During each turn, the player has 3 "actions". During those actions, you could choose to draw cards, battle a Monster (which takes 2 of your 3 actions) or roll to have one of your Heroes do something against your opponent.  

To win the game you must either slay 3 Monsters or gather a party of Heroes that represents at least one each of the 6 classes (Fighter, Guardian, Ranger, Thief, Wizard, Bard). During each turn you have to try to build your Party of Heroes or do something to try to set back your opponent. 

There are challenge cards and modification cards. These cards can make your rolls of the dice stronger or your opponents rolls weaker. Or, you can challenge your opponent and if you win the challenge roll of the dice you can in effect take away their turn.

I am probably making it sound more difficult than it is. Perhaps some visuals will help. 

There was a handy and very helpful direction card to keep next to me. To remind me of what my turn (my 3 actions) could consist of. It also reminded me of the 6 different party classes - an easy reminder of the different Heroes I was trying to collect.

These were my favorite Party Leader and Hero cards so far. The Divine Arrow Party Leader added one point to each of my rolls against the Monsters. And Wiggles the Hero allowed me to steal my opponent's Hero card - if I was able to roll a 10 or higher.

If you have children (or grandchildren) who like strategy and/or role playing card games but you aren't as enthused about them this may be a wonderful compromise. If you are competitive and like to steal things from your opponent or block their play, you will love this game. I was a skeptic. But it turns out that the game was so much fun that I have been trying to figure out how to Face Time or Zoom with my camera pointed at my table. 


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  1. Well this is a timely review for me. My kids and grands love playing games of all sorts. They are headed to the cottage for Easter to open it up and will surely be looking for something to do in the evenings. I think this year, a new game along with Easter treats will be right up their alley. Thanks Dawn Rae for this interesting and informative review.

  2. What a cool sounding game! My son and grandsons enjoy D&D, but I'll have to ask them if they ever heard of 'Here to Slay'. Thanks for sharing my D&D review. Board games are so much fun and I'm so glad they are still popular despite the insurgence of video games in today's generation of kids.

  3. Here to Slay sounds like a card game my family would love to play. We have several family members who enjoy strategy games and a few who play D&D. The images on the cards remind me of Pokeman, which a adorable and much loved. I need this deck of cards on hand for our next family gathering. I hope you find a way to play the game virtually.

  4. My husband and I enjoy card games and board games, but rarely have time or energy to play them except when we are on vacation. I might pick up Here to Slay and stash it away as a surprise for our next vacation. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. Sounds like an interesting game. Glad you found one your family could all enjoy together.

  6. I'm with you on the Dungeons and Dragons game (I just can't get it) - this game sounds fun, easier, and interesting - this gives me a good idea for a gift for someone I know - thanks for the introduction


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