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Two Tops Bought - One Kept One Returned


Two New Shirts - One Stayed, One Went

I've always been reluctant to order clothes from Amazon. 

The main reason for not ordering clothes from Amazon was thinking I'd have to go through the return process for clothes that didn't fit and figure out sizes.

In the last couple of months, I decided to take a gamble and order a few Tops from Amazon.

Why I Decided to Try Ordering Clothes from Amazon:

  1. Returning items is much easier than I suspected. Simply follow the instructions to print the label and mail it back or UPS it. It's a painless process. 
  2. Returns I've made have been successfully credited to my account every time.
  3. After reading numerous reviews on each item's size recommendations, I decided to take the chance, follow their advice, and place an order based on what I thought might fit.
I Kept This Top Recently Ordered from Amazon; However, I Ordered the Wrong Size - It's Big!

I really did order the wrong size! I ordered a 2X; what was I thinking?

Despite having read that I should order "true to size," I was under the impression that it would be a small fit. It's not a small fit! I even shrunk the thing, and it's still big.

Having extra room to be comfy is what I wanted, but sheesh, a 2X is way too big. I have a fairly small waist, and this top comes down like a sack. 

Why Did I Keep This Top if It's Too Big?

  • It's a good top when in the mood for a super baggy look
  • It's nice and long to cover my behind
  • Sometimes I use it as a pajama top
  • I like the two pockets
  • I like the big cowl neck with the decorative buttons
I'm 5 feet 6.5 inches tall and of average weight. Next time, I'll order a large when it says "true-to-size." I'm sure a medium would fit, but I like a little room with shirts like this.

Here's a close-up view. It's a pretty color, and the material is very light.

I purchased it from here; however, I'm not sure if has it listed right now.

I Returned This Other Top:

Why Did I Return The Top?
  • I ordered the wrong size again, and it was way too big! I ordered an X-Large - "Big mistake, huge"
  • It hung on me like a rag
  • When you have a larger bust, material that falls straight down from the bust can make you look pregnant
  • There was so much material I could have hidden a giant purse underneath
  • I decided not to keep it because it seemed that no matter the size, I'd look pregnant in it because of how it falls from the bust
I Ordered a Different Top Today, it Arrives Tomorrow

I'll let you know how it looks and if I finally ordered the right size and style! If you want to take a sneak peek at the latest order, it's here on Amazon Canada. **Update

**UPDATE: The above order arrived - tried it on, and nope. Returned it. Printed the label and mailed it back today. The top is low quality and shapeless compared to the Amazon description.

Here's another purchase I recently made from Amazon; it's a shirt extender you wear with leggings. Check it out.

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  1. I always worried about ordering clothes online as I prefer trying on clothes before purchasing. But since it is now so easy to do returns via Amazon, I will have to give it a try. BTW, love the 'different' top you ordered. Very pretty.

    1. Thanks Ms. Elf, waiting for that top to arrive, hopefully today - I never used to order clothes online, but amazon does have an efficient return system, so I decided to take the plunge

  2. I have bought clothes from Amazon many times and have been quite happy with the purchases and their return process, which I have had to use a few times. Like you, I tend to buy larger to avoid the return. My experience is exactly like yours. Sometimes it is a good thing to go larger and others it is simply too big. I am surprised about the top you had to return. It looks like it would have had a more fitted waist in the picture and that is the problem. As for the top with pockets, yes I love that too. I understand exactly why you kept it. It is adorable on you. Somehow, I think just about anything would look good on you though. We do love our comfy clothes!

    1. Thanks Ms. Mouse - yah, that top I returned looks much better in the photo than in real life - I think a really small size might make a big difference though, maybe a medium? I thought what you thought about it looking like it had a nice fitted waist, but nah it doesn't. However, maybe a much much smaller size would make the difference?

  3. Barbara, I have ordered clothes from Amazon several times (mostly casual and workout clothes, like the awesome IUGA yoga pants / leggings I reviewed here on Review This Reviews). I’ve always been delighted by how easy it was to return something off I needed to. I always read the reviews carefully to get a sense of whether a particular garment runs small, true to size or large, which has really helped minimize the need for returns. I hope top #3 turns out to be perfect!

    1. Thanks Margaret - I need to trust when it says "true-to-size" - I'll save more time if I just trust that, lol - I did follow the true-to-size suggestion for this next order - hoping it arrives tonight :) - yes and those IUGA yoga pants reviewed here on this site sound very good indeed - I think I see another order in my future :) - I have no time to go to stores, I do appreciate recommendations on this site that I KNOW people have tried

  4. Like you I am hesitant to order clothes. Especially now that I have lost so much weight. I was very comforatable with 2 X's, but now they are way too big and I'm really not sure what size to purchase. If the returns are as easy as you say, I might just have to give this another try! Thanks Barbara for pointing that out for me!

    1. It is easy to return - that top I ordered arrived, I tried it on and said nope - then packaged it up, printed the label and popped it in our mailbox down the street. It's already credited on my credit card as well.

  5. I have purchased some clothes from amazon, but have never had to make a return. I do like being able to try on my clothes. But I ordered some shirts and jeans and the were a perfect fit for me.

  6. I agree the return process has been very easy! The sizing has been mainly on point using the reader reviews as a guideline!

    1. You're right, I'm finding the sizing to be fairly accurate - I just have to learn to trust the reviews and charts

  7. Update: I noted above that the latest order I placed arrived - and yuk, I returned it.

  8. I do love how easy it is to return! And I'm finding that cloths are often running bigger than that saying something about us humans?

    1. That's a great system Amazon developed - easy returns - I have to agree - it makes ordering much more enticing! darn.

  9. I am so glad to hear how easy the return process is. Thank you for sharing that information. I have only bought a small handful of pieces of clothing over the years that I hadn't tried on first. I LOVE that blue top you showed (and you are a cutie!). I might get brave and order some tops online.

    1. awe, thank you lol - the blue top is nice in that super big size when in the mood for oversized - honestly a much smaller size would probably look better - but it's comfy - it's light - the color is nice too


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