Sunday, March 20, 2022

Which Personal Product Review Still Gets 5 Stars After a Year?

After giving it some thought, I picked my favorite personally used and reviewed product over the past year.

While pondering and pedaling, I realized my favorite purchase (actually, it was a gift) out of all the reviews I've written and recommended is ... drumroll .....  "The Cubii."

This Personally Reviewed Product Still Rates 5 Stars After Nearly One Year of Use

I'd give The Cubii ten stars if I could. My mother purchased it last year for me as an early birthday gift, and it's been sitting under my desk since then. 

I use it every day. In fact, I'm using it right now as I'm typing this article.

What's So Great About This Product?

Here's the list, based on my personal experience:
  • It's top quality
  • It's not cheap feeling or cheap looking
  • It's completely quiet! It doesn't make a sound! No squeaks whatsoever!
  • It fits nicely under my desk
  • It's always there, so the possibility of exercise is always there
  • It has a grip mat, so it doesn't slide around
  • As soon as I sit at my desk, I can pedal
  • When stressed or frustrated, I pedal faster
  • If you're desk-bound for the entire day, you can pedal all-day
  • Stop and start pedaling whenever you want
  • It's addictive in a good way!
  • Your glutes and thighs get a workout
  • I feel less guilty sitting for an extended period when I'm pedaling!
  • It helps me to think of new ideas when I'm creatively stuck
  • It feels good to pedal
  • You can adjust the tension, track calories burned, etc
  • It's not too big
  • It hides nicely under my desk, making it unassuming
You can read more about the Cubii from my original review featured here.

Which Personally Reviewed Products Over the Past Couple of Years Rank 2 and 3 as a Fave?
2. Something for the yard or garden - I still love this one.

3. Something for the bedroom -  Yep,this does the job. 


If you've seen the commercials for the Cubii and wondered whether it does what it says, I say, wonder-no-more; it's a solid, useful product. After one year, it still gets 5 stars from me.

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  1. That is probably the best recommendation of all ~ that after a year a product holds up well to continuous use and still pleases the consumer. Thanks for the 5-Star reminder, Barbara.

    1. Ms. Elf, thank you - pedaling right now while on my computer :)

  2. Very interesting. I have seen the photos on TV and always wondered about this product. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. If I had a desk, I know I would want a cubii. I'm no crazy about taking time to just exercise and it would be a great way to exercise without concentrating on "exercise". If I ever do have a desk again, my second purchase will be a Cubii.

    1. You put that exactly right, it's a way to exercise without thinking about it - I just sat down in front of my laptop for a bit, and the first thing I did was start to pedal, I'm pedaling again right now <3

  4. When I have a desk again, I, too, will seriously consider buying a Cubii. Building exercise into one’s routine automatically is the key to consistency - something I lack and really need!

    1. you said it, "automatically" - it's just there so you do it :)

  5. Barbara, I would have guessed that you still love the Cubii! I have an under desk exercise unit as well. Not a Cubii, but similar and I agree they are wonderful to have and great for keeping your body in motion. Good exercise while doing other tasks is a bonus for sure. Glad you are still in love with it!

    1. awesome that you do under desk exercises too - they're such a terrific way to fit in movement when you're working


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