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A Personal Review of the Cubii - Five Stars - A Great Product

What's the Cubii?

If you haven't seen the ads on TV for this product, it's an "award-winning compact seated elliptical." In plain English, it's a small compact bike pedal that fits under your desk or anywhere you want it to do some pedaling from a seated position.

My 80+ Year Young Mother Purchased One

My mother decided that, especially with covid and with her health issues, she was simply sitting too much.

She had been thinking about getting the Cubii for over a year, and finally, after lockdown number three, she went ahead and ordered it in around March 2021.

The Cubii - Easy Assembly - Comes with the Mat

1. Does Your Mom Use it Regularly?

Yes. She sure does. She generally uses it on average three times a day for about 15 or 20 minutes at a time. However, once on a Zoom call, she biked for the full hour. Gently, of course.

2. Does Your Mom Have Any Pain from It?

No. Nothing that's from the Cubii.

3. Is the Cubii Strengthening Your Mom's Leg Muscles?

I'm going to say yes, slowly, yes. I was concerned about her muscles atrophying, so this is a terrific, safe way to get exercise without leaving her home and risking falls.

4. Does Your Mom Like the Cubii?

Yes. Mom really likes it. She's consistent when it comes to using it. She uses it daily.

5. Is it a Quiet Machine?

Not just quiet, virtually silent! Not a sound. The ads say it's whisper-quiet, and yes, it's that and more.

6. Can You Adjust the Tension?

Yes. Mom and I keep the tension low. Easy to do, turn the dial to the number you want.

7. Does it Track Distance, Time, Calories, and Rotations

Yes. It sure does. 

8. Is it Easy to Assemble

It's effortless to assemble. It comes with a screwdriver and four screws to put the pedals on. Once the pedals are on, it's assembled and ready to use.

9. What Comes with the Cubii?

We purchased the basic model (which is still fantastic). It comes with the unit, a slip-free mat, caster stops if you have a chair on wheels to prevent your chair from moving (I didn't need them because my chair is on a rug), a screwdriver, and four screws.

10. Hows the Quality?

It's high quality and durable—great value for the money.

My Early (Very Early) Birthday Present From My Mom was the Cubii - My Birthday Isn't for Months, But My Health Won't Wait

I was able to try my mother's Cubii, and I loved it. Since I have arthritic health issues, she offered one to me as an early birthday gift.

I positioned my Cubii under my desk, and as I'm typing this article, I'm pedaling. 

Get ready because using the Cubii is kind of addictive!

I LOVE the movement and motion when I'm sitting hours on end at my desk.

Typing and pedaling isn't a problem. Nope. I actually thought it would be an issue, but it's not. Yeah!

What Can I Do While Pedaling the Cubii?

  1. Build Web Pages
  2. Write Articles
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Create Graphics
  5. Self Publish Books (Typing & Word Processing)
  6. Talking on the phone
  7. Texting
  8. Watch TV and Videos
  9. Most Accounting Paperwork
  10. Creating Ads and Marketing
  11. Update My Website

The only thing I cannot do while pedaling is create the riddles for my riddle books. Creating original riddles requires focused thought, so I find myself stopping and starting the pedals when I'm in 'creation mode.' Other than that, it's ideal for working at my desk.

What I Like Most About the Cubii

Since it's under my desk and I can exercise anytime while sitting, I don't feel guilty sitting for hours. Of course, I still get up and stretch, etc., but now it's for a change of scenery, not guilt from lack of exercise!

I find it relieves stress. When I'm feeling challenged, I pedal off my steam. 

I highly recommend this product. You can get the product directly on the Cubii website or Amazon. If it's not available on Amazon (out of stock), head over to their website. They offer both a Canada and USA site link.

There are various models with various features. We chose the basic model, the JR1. 

Five stars.

Here is another model up with a few more elaborate features - Bluetooth Compatible - Sync it to Your Fitbit

Here is the one we purchased - on Amazon:

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  1. Barbara, I have been looking at this little gizmo too! Thank you for your input and review. I think this is just what I'm looking for. While I do walk daily, there are times when it's too cold, damp or just not possible and this would certainly help during those times. Thanks!

    1. Olivia, this is a solid, quality piece of equipment too - you won't regret it - but get the brand name not a knock-off (there are many of those popping up)

  2. This sounds like a dandy product for getting some aerobic exercise at home for those who sit too much or are housebound.

    1. It should be at every desk in every office building in my opinion!

  3. What an awesome way to exercise! It would certainly be a wonderful complimentary exercise machine to my exercise bike. There are days when I don't feel like I can set aside an hour to exercise. The Cubii would be great for those days! Knowing that both you and your mother find it easy to use is definitely an excellent recommendation. It also sounds like a fabulous gift.

    1. I bike outdoors at times, I have an exercise bike in my room, and now, to complete the exercise routine there are pedals under my desk - Sylvestermouse, it's awesome - I use the desk pedals more than anything now

  4. Barbara, my body’s internal “thermostat” has always been broken, lol. Like cold-blooded creatures, when it’s hot out, I get uncomfortably hot, and when it’s cold out, I can’t stop shivering! Having something like the Cubii that not only is super compact and easily portable, but also would let me exercise indoors when it’s too hot or cold to walk outdoors comfortably, sounds like a fabulous solution. And what a wonderful birthday gift for you! Thanks so much for sharing this excellent review.

    1. Margaret, omg, I'm the same way - and I hate it when it's hot and sticky humid - I can't be outside exercising in that - this will permit me to exercise all day at my leisure while I work - I'm in the middle of a horrible knee flare right now (it's omg-horrible), so today I decided would be a day of rest - and it's taking everything I have not to pedal while I'm typing this - it's so fun to do, and I love the feeling of movement too - I know you'd love it if you do a lot of sitting for work

  5. Barbara, I truly thought this was a clunky, plastic, unadjustable gimmick when I saw ads for it. Now that I read your review, I think I want one. I spend many hours at a desk and can feel my legs getting pins and needles. This sounds like a good option for me also.

    1. Dawn, I highly recommend it, but I would get the brand name The Cubii - there are a lot of knock-offs - I love mine so much I can't tell you enough how it was one of the best decisions I made

  6. This sounds really interesting. Thanks for the Q&A format. It answered all my questions. Great review!!

  7. What an excellent way to get some exercise. This would be perfect for Fran on the days she can't get in her walk when the weather doesn't cooperate. Thanks Barbara for the recommendation.

  8. This sounds a great exercise machine. I love that you said how quiet it is because that makes it so useful for when working or watching TV and a lot of exercise equipment is not quiet. A fantastic way to get some exercise when busy with work or when its cold and rainy outside. It is so important for us to move at every age, so anything that facilitates that and is fun to do is worth looking into and this sounds brilliant! Thank you for your recommendation!


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