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Favorite Window Cleaner Review: Sprayway

Spring cleaning in the north usually includes the windows and it can be a chore! After having the long overdue windows professionally cleaned I asked they window cleaner which product they liked to clean glass and windows. The recommendation was Sprayway.

Sprayway glass cleaner

I was not familiar with Sprayway and was kidding the window washer about how I used to clean windows old school with a homemade liquid mix and newspapers. This method worked well until the ink was changed on newspapers...where the ink now ends upon your hands and the paper disintegrates. I then changed to the infamous blue bottle spray which I found was adequate enough, but left alotof streaks.

I searched out a bottle of Sprayway to try and am very pleased with the results. No streaks! Leaves the glass or window shiny and sparkly. Easy to use and the results are worth the labor.

Affordable Price

This is a product I suggest you comparison shop for if buying online. I found a huge price discrepancy between purchasing at the usual online and buying at brick and mortar stores in the area.  The online offerings also required a multi-pack purchase. Sprayway was easily found at the local Ace Hardware store, big box hardware stores and grocery stores. 

Curbside pickup is available for each store and while not as convenient as ordering online w mail delivery the savings were significant. 

Foam Or Spray

I have only used the spray version of the product. While intrigued with a foam option I decided to stay with the spray bottle for this round of glass cleaning.

Shout out to Ace Hardware

Once again the local Ace store comes through. Both the foam and spray versions were available.Ace offers online ordering with curbside pickup plus earning points on the Ace rewards card for monetary rewards. Always a fan of the local Ace store and much prefer to shop local if possible.

Sprayway glass cleaner

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  1. I also have a problem with the name brand window cleaners, I never seem to complete a window without streaks. Thanks for the recommendation I will give this one a try.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I will have to check out this product.

  3. Aha - ACE comes through again. You know I agree with you about Ace Hardware and their products, Tracey. Haven't heard of this one, but I am definitely going to check it out. Thanks so much for the recommendation. And thanks for mentioning my Ace Hardware Review. :)

  4. Oh my! The streaks that the popular blue window cleaner leaves makes me as crazy as a dirty mirror or window!!! I need this recommendation. For the last decade or so I have only used vinegar to clean my mirrors. It is exciting to know there is a good cleaner available for my windows! I can hardly wait to try it. Thank you!

  5. I’m thrilled to learn about Sprayawsy window cleaner since, as you and others have mentioned, the well-known blue spray cleaner that dominates the market leaves streaks. How clever of you to ask a professional for their recommendation! BTW, newsprint (the type of paper on which newspapers are/were printed, but without the ink) is terrific for cleaning windows and mirrors - and no ink on your hands! 🙂

  6. I hope this is available here in the great white north. I will try it if I find it! Here's hoping because I have lots of big windows and a few very large mirrors too! Streak free is a must! Thanks Tracey!

  7. One of the reasons window cleaning is my least fave task is the endless streaking you get with so many products! It makes it such hard, time consuming work. It is great that your window cleaner was able to give you this recommendation and it sounds like it does a great job :) Thank you!

  8. You've peaked my interest on this product - streaking windows after cleaning infuriates me - I'm eager to give this product a try - Plus our mirrored closet doors always seem to streak!


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