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Dog Slicker Review

Rain rain go away! It's that time of year - oh wait! That is every time of year in this area of the United States where rain seems to be a year long event. The weather has been so rainy this year I decided the Fluff, aka as the dog, needed some rain attire to brave the elements.

dog slicker

I purchased the HDE Dog Rain Slicker and have not been disappointed! Easy to wear, functional, a breeze to put on and take off plus the slicker comes in a few fun colors and patterns. The slicker comes in four sizes and I chose a medium which fit true to the size chart.

Selection of Patterns and Colors

This rain slicker comes in a large selection of colors and patterns. I chose the humorous pattern for a change of pace. And --- chances are if it is raining hard enough for a dog rain coat in the northern United States a little whimsy is a good idea to brighten the mood for all. I will say dog walkers passing by do get a good chuckle out of this coat.


This dog coat is more like a slicker. The coat is very lightweight, yet has enough body so that the hood will stay on. The reflective stripes are a good safety feature and the velcro makes it easy to put the coat on and take it off. 

What Does The Fluff Think?

The fluff approves of the coat! The fluff tolerates the hood. As you can see by this slightly side eye look of OK I won't protest, I don't love the hood, but I will humor you.

dog raincoat

I like the hood because the fluff is not a wash and wear dog. The fluff has real hair verses fur which means that rain equals wet hair equals blow dryer equals now we have an issue.  As the fluff has curly hair as well the hair needs to be dried to avoid matting. I appreciate the fluff cooperates with the hood for heavy rain events. If the weather is just drippy I do not always use the hood.


I really like this rain coat for the price and function particularly in the warm weather months in the northern United States. I reviewed a heavier rain coat which I use for the colder heavier rains earlier this year. Both coats work well all year round and are a good addition to your pet tool belt of accessories to make your life and your pet's life just a little easier and more comfortable.

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  1. This rain slicker for dogs looks like just the thing to avoid the hassle of wet fur after a walk on a rainy day. I pet-sit my grand-dog Pepe the Poodle a couple times a month and I know what you mean by curly wet hair/fur. Fluff makes a darling model for this dog slicker. Thanks to you and Fluff for the review, Tracey, on behalf of dog owners everywhere.

  2. Awww, the Fluff is beautiful and I love his rain slicker! I certainly understand the need for a doggie rain slicker, especially for those long haired or curly haired pups. It would take forever for the hair to dry naturally, then it would be time to go out again. Love it!

  3. I have friends with long-haired dogs who swear by rain slickers for their pooches. The print you chose for The Fluff is adorable.

  4. First I have to say that Fluff is adorable!! I do like the rain slicker coat. Its been a while since we had a dog but I recall all too well wet dog after a walk in the rain! All our dogs have had no issue with walking in the rain so dog walks have always been all weather occasions for us. This dog rain slicker sounds like it is easy to put on and take off and avoid the hassle of trying to dry a very wet dog afterwards!

  5. These are very handy to have when you have a pet - I love the one you've featured here as well - when we had a small dog we had several winter type coats, but never a raincoat - wish we had had that now


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