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Women's Petite Flannel Pajamas Review

petite pajamas
I tend to stay cold, year round.  Therefore, I wear flannel pajamas year round.  I only have one problem with pajamas in general.  Often, the legs are simply too long and I trip over them, especially going up or down the stairs in our home.  I know from experience that it hurts to trip over pajama pant legs on the brick steps at our back door.  Both my body and the pajama pants sustain damage when that happens.

My mother has the same problem with flannel pajamas.  The pants are too long on standard sizes.  For her birthday a few months ago, I found the perfect solution:  Petite Flannel Pajamas!

Mom loves her new petite size flannel pajamas.  She liked them so much that I added them to my own Christmas wish list. 

My daughter pulled them off the wish list and gave them to me for Christmas this year.  Plus, my son gave my mother another set for Christmas.  He gave her the Christmas lama pajamas, which she thinks are "so cute".

These petite flannel pajamas are now our "go to" pajamas whenever they are clean.  Not only are the legs shorter than the standard size, but the flannel is soft and warm, yet lightweight to wear.  The perfect combination for pajamas.

Petite Flannel Pajamas

 AmeriMark Womens Flannel Pajama
Two Piece Set PJ Sleepwear with Button Front Top
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Not all flannel pajamas are available in the petite size and they are not easy to find in stores.  However, they are available on Amazon in a variety of fabric patterns. 

I chose the paisley for my mother's original gift and that pattern is also the one my daughter gave me. I love the blue background color. As I said earlier, our son chose the Christmas lama fabric to give to his grandmother.

There are several other designs that I like too and hope to get as gifts sometime in the future.  Several of the patterns, like the blue paisley, can be worn for a few hours after you wake up without looking like you have not dressed for the day.  They are clearly pajamas, but with the fabric pattern, the weight of the shirt, the shirt pocket, and the rolled edge piping detail, the shirt could pass for a pretty casual wear top.

One important thing before you order, I recommend going up a size in these flannel pajamas. If you are normally a medium size, go up to large.  You will find them more comfortable to wear, especially while sleeping.  They are 100% cotton and cotton tends to shrink when washed.  I have not noticed mine shrinking, but they could have shrunk a bit and I simply haven't noticed it because I did select a size larger than I normally wear.

I will also note that while this article is written for those of us who need petite sizes, these pajamas are available in standard sizes too.

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  1. Like you, I have to be warm, especially when sleeping. So I always wear warm PJs. And, being the short little Elf that I am, I also have the same problem of tripping over my pajama bottoms. So these petite flannel pajamas are the perfect solution. Thanks SO much for telling me about them. I get my jeans and sweat pants in petite, but never knew pajamas came in petite!

  2. Well, I'm with you, I'm always cold. So glad you found the perfect pajama to keep you safe. I'll certainly have to look for men's size, I don't think the petites will fit me LOL!!!

  3. My internal thermostat “doesn’t work too hot@ (see what I did there, lol?), and even in the warm weather I tend to get cold at night, when I’m tired. So, I wear flannel pajamas or long flannel nightgowns during all but the hottest summer months. I’m fussy about not only the quality of both the fabric and printing but also the attractiveness of the patterns on my flannel PJs and long nightgowns, so I appreciate your recommendation of these AmeriMark brand styles that also come in standard Misses sizes. Thanks for this very helpful review, Ms. Mouse!

  4. Glad that you found some petite sizes to suit your needs Miss Mouse. My problem is the exact opposite, I have two very tall, slender young ladies who don't fit into anything very well. I just might have to check out if they have tall sizes too! Thanks! I was going to tell you about my broken thermostat, but it sounded rude, so let's just leave that alone!

  5. I really like the look of these - I could have used these warm jammies last night - great tip to advise us to a size up - that's the biggest thing about ordering online, trying to get the right size. I have a "tiny" friend - these would make a lovely gift.

  6. I am really happy that you found the right type of PJ's for you! I have the opposite problem being tall and these days I am always too hot at night! However I do love the style and designs on these PJ's and while I cannot cope wearing flannel while sleeping I would wear them in the standard size during the evenings/for breakfast. They would also make a really beautiful gift.


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