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The Office Lego Set #21336 Reviewed

The Office Lego Set is very detailed with really cool pieces

Our son loves the television sitcom series, The Office.  When he requested The Office Lego set for Christmas this year, we were more than happy to grant his wish.  

During the recent ice storm, he used that indoor time to build the set.  I was so surprised by how many cool episode pieces were included in this Lego set!  The attention to detail when creating this set was absolutely fabulous.  So many fun "things" to discover in the office as you search through the drawers and cabinets.  

It has been a while since I watched the show myself, but I instantly recognized my favorite characters, as well as some of the specific episode props which include an engagement ring, a bat, a pot of chili, a check to Science, and so many more pieces that immediately evoked laughter.  They truly made me wish to start watching the sitcom from the beginning again.

The Office Lego Set #21336

It is so much fun to rediscover Micheal Scott, Dwight, Jim, Pam, Kelly, and the rest of the office crew through this awesome Lego set. It even includes Garbage the cat.


Welcome to The Office Lego Set

Office Lego Set Reviewed

Office Fans Will Have No Trouble Finding Their Favorite First Season Characters

Office Lego Set
Photos of My Son's Completed Lego Set - Click Image to Enlarge

Lego Ideas: The Office Set Specifications

  •  Lego Ideas The Office 21336Check Price1164 Pieces
  • Recommended Age: 18+
  • Finished Measurements:  12" wide, 3" tall, 10" deep
  • 15 Minifigures (12 with 2 facial expressions): Michael Scott, Dwight, Jim, Pam, Ryan, Kevin, Meredith, Stanley, Angela, Oscar, Kelly, Phyllis, Toby, Creed, and Darryl
  • Garbage (the cat)
  • Lots of scene inspired accessories
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Removable Section: Micheal Scott's office 
Office Lego Set

The Office Lego Set
More Photos of My Son's Completed Lego Set - Click Image to Enlarge

The Office Lego
Note Details - You can even see that Jan was the last call on phone

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 Lego Ideas The Office 21336Check Price

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  1. I think it is so cool that Lego makes sets that depict favorite TV show sets. What fun to create scenes and relive favorite moments with the set of the show. I can tell you all are enjoying The Office Lego Set. Love the photos of the finished creation. :)

  2. Ms. Mouse, this is one of the coolest LEGO sets I’ve ever seen! Your photos make me want it (and I’ve never even owned a LEGO set). Thanks so much for sharing this awesome gift to your son. The details are wonderful!

  3. It's amazing how many types of lego sets there are - mind boggling. They're such a great collectors item as well. This one about the sitcom the Office is very cool - fantastic gift idea for the avid Lego lover.


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