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LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop Reviewed

Lego Toy Shop
The Lego Creator Winter Toy Shop is part of our annual Christmas decor!

When Treasures By Brenda recently reviewed The Best Lego Gift Ideas, I realized that I had never reviewed the Lego Winter Toy Shop set and explained how we use it every year during the holidays.

The snowy scene is the perfect winter design and there is nothing better than a toy shop at Christmastime.  Our whole family loves this Lego set. 

Our son built the #10249 set in 2019 and that was the first year we used it as our dining room table centerpiece for the holidays. It was such a hit with everyone, that I continue to display it in the center of our table for the holidays.

Our children are adults, but when our daughter was recently in town, they were both "playing" with the Lego figures in the set, discussing the Lego toys around the tree, and laughing at the poor skier that just can't seem to keep his balance sitting on my green table runner.  

I personally love the carolers that are reminiscent of holiday Dickens Village Carolers. 

We also add the 2019 Winter Gingerbread House (#40337) to our centerpiece display. I have a wide family table that needs a wider centerpiece. Plus, I like having more of the gingerbread house motif included.  We selected the 2019 house to serve as a date "cornerstone" for the building year.

Lego Toy Shop
Our Dining Room Table Holiday Centerpiece


Lego Creator Winter Toy Shop Set #10199 or #10249

This toy shop Lego set is fabulous and makes an excellent holiday decoration.  As stated above, we use it as our dining room centerpiece, but it would be lovely on any table top in any room.

There are at least 2 Lego Winter Toy Shop kits to consider.  My son built the newer version (10249) for our dining room table.  The older version (10199) has less pieces, but different toys. Plus, the building details are slightly different, notably the wreaths.  

 LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop 10199Check Price

The Lego Set 10199 Includes:
  • The Winter Top Shop Building with light-up tower window
  • Christmas Tree
  • Bench & Lamp Post
  • Decorative Landscape Trees
  • Minifigures included:  2 Carolers & 5 more town people, snowman, cat, toy train, jack-in-the-box, stuffed animal, robot and toy car
  • 815 pieces 


The Lego Set 10249 below (the set my son built) has 898 pieces with similar pieces as above, but also includes:

  • Updated Designs 
  • Minifigures are similar 2 Carolers & 6 more town people, snowman, & the cat
  • Toys are teddy bear, jack-in-the-box, train, truck, race car, plane, helicopter, tug boat, robot & rocket.

 LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop 10249Check Price



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  1. Thanks for sharing how your family puts Lego's Winter Toy Shop sets to good use at Christmastime. We just may have to do the same here and what a great gift idea for my husband who really doesn't need anything and is hard to buy for. Thanks, too, for sharing the link to my page of Lego gift ideas.

    1. Your review was a very timely reminder, Brenda! I see that set every time I walk past my dining room table and haven't thought to review it or to explain how we do use our son's build Lego sets are part of our holiday decor. This would make a great set to give as a gift or buy for yourself to build & use during the holidays.

  2. This Lego Creator Winter Toy Shop set really does make a great centerpiece for your holiday table and delightful holiday dรฉcor. What fun Lego sets bring us.

    1. It is amazing how much fun (and beauty) a Lego design can bring to an entire family! They really are awesome and I love this set in my dining room. Thank you Elf!

  3. Ms. Mouse, you and your family always have the coolest handmade holiday decorations! Your LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop and Winter Gingerbread House look wonderful together and make such a fun and festive centerpiece! Wishing you and yours all the beauty and bright blessings of the Christmas holiday, my friend. ❤️๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป๐Ÿคถ๐Ÿญ

    1. Thank you Margaret! We wish you a very merry Christmas holiday too! I really do feel like the holiday treasures we make are the best part of any holiday, making & displaying them. A standard flower arrangement centerpiece is quite lovely, but could never evoke the memories, or the warm feeling of love, elicited by this Lego set.

  4. What a fun and festive table centre piece! I love the Lego Creator Winter Toy Shop and Winter Gingerbread House. It is lovely when something like this holds those precious memories for a family. Wishing you and yours a Very Happy Christmas !

  5. What a fantastic idea for a fun festive centerpiece, it looks great. Pulling this out year after year makes for a wonderful activity the whole family can do at any age. This is a wonderful tradition to incorporate.

  6. Beautiful Lego sets that are sure to become family treasures. I'm so glad that Lego has upped their sets to include so many more shapes and vignettes too! It's a great toy for all ages and forever new again!


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