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Review of Suet Nuggets for Birds


nuthatch on a shepherds hook
Nuthatch waiting turn for Suet Nuggets 
One of my favorite wild bird foods to use in our backyard feeders are Suet Nuggets.  These little pellets contain a blend of suet and other high oil content ingredients.  I find them easy to use, less messy than other feed, and the birds love them.  I find them easier to use then the suet cakes and there is less waste with the nuggets.

In my yard they are particularly popular with the Downy woodpeckers, but I have also seen other woodpeckers, nuthatches and even sparrows feed on them.  I have seven different types of bird feeders in my yard, and the one that is most popular is the suet nugget feeder.
female downy woodpeckers

In this photo a female Downy is getting the last bits of the nuggets out of the feeder.  Below is a male Downy enjoying the nuggets in the wintertime.
male downy woodpecker on a suet feeder

The suet nuggets are designed to attract a wide variety of wild birds.  They are formed into soft nuggets so that they are easy for beaks to break apart.  They may be served alone (as you see I have done in the feeder above) or combined with other feed.  These nuggets are ideal for year-round feeding.  I always have a feeder full of these nuggets in my backyard.

The nuggets are available in a variety of flavors.  I have tried the sunflower, bluebird and woodpecker varieties but the one I use the most often is the peanut variety.
red-bellied woodpecker on a suet feeder
Red-bellied Woodpecker

sparrows on a suet feeder

As you can see in the photo above even the sparrows enjoy the nuggets.

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  1. Fun to see all these different types of birds enjoying the suet nuggets. Wow - seven bird feeders in your yard - all the birds in the neighborhood must love coming to visit you at feeding times. :) I've always enjoyed seeing your bird visitors through your wonderful photographs. Well done, Mary Beth. We should call you the 'Bird Whisperer'. :)

  2. I love all of your beautiful photos of the fabulous birds that visit your feeder. The nuthatch is especially lovely. I need to ask my parents if they have ever tried the suet nuggets instead of the cakes. They sound like they would be easier to work with. I don't have bird feeders in my own yard because Merlin thinks he should be allowed to eat whatever is on the ground, but my neighbors and parents have lots of feeders in their yards.

  3. We have only used bird seed in our feeders so far. I didn’t know that suet nuggets existed! I plan to share your review with my husband and ask whether he thinks the suet nuggets would work with our feeder. It seems as though fewer seeds or nuts would end up on the ground for other animals to scavenge, and the fat would be good for the birds. Thanks very much for introducing me to this form of bird food!

  4. As always Mary Beth your photos are outstanding. I don't have any bird feeders in our yard, but we sure do have plenty of birds to watch. I guess I should add some bird feeders and try these nuggets. Thanks

  5. I think I will give these suet nuggets a try based on your review. I'm guessing my Northern flickers and sapsuckers will be attracted to this feed. As always, love your bird photos. Thanks for being so good to the beautiful feathered friends we both love and appreciate.

  6. I have never heard of these suet nuggets before today Mary Beth, so I learned something new again today. These do look interesting for sure and if your birds love them I'm sure mine will too! Thanks for pointing these tasty birdy treats out for me!

  7. Good tip, thank you. My friend is an avid lover of birds, and always have food for the birdies - this would make a nice surprise gift for them (this a subject I know very little about)

  8. The birds in your garden are enjoying those suet nuggets and your photographs are really beautiful! I love watching the birds and its good to feed them something that they enjoy, is easy to eat and not wasteful or too messy around the feeder. Thank you so much for your review and recommendation of these suet nuggets.


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