Sunday, November 20, 2022

Don't Buy This Fudge - It's Too Good!


Best fudge ever

Warning! If you're a fudge-a-holic, this fudge will be completely impossible to resist!

My Mom's Homemade Fudge Was the Best! Store Bought Fudge Couldn't Come Close to Her Fudge

Until now.

I rarely enjoy bakery fudge, or any store-bought fudge for that matter, because it doesn't taste right to me. 

After having my mother's homemade fudge for a lifetime, store fudge just lacks something.

The other day, my hubby showed up with a box of fudge. My first thought was, nope, it's going to suck. 

Well, I ate those words and the whole box of fudge too! So much for my low-carb life last week!

It was so good that I told my husband to NEVER buy it again because I could not resist it.

He Purchased This Fudge at Costco, But It's Also Available via Amazon Canada (I Can't Locate it on Amazon USA, Though)

Laura Secord butter & cream fudge
You Can Find it Via Amazon Canada Here

This fudge is the closest to my mother's homemade fudge I've ever tasted. Being French Canadian, she called her fudge as per the box above; Sucre a la Creme; we just called it fudge. 

My mom's fudge was so good that my friends would request her to make it or ship them a box! So to my friends who loved her fudge, try this one.

This Laura Secord Fudge has a buttery, brown-sugar flavor. 

Mom would make her fudge two ways, either hard or soft. I preferred the hard fudge. 

The creamy fudge above is more on the soft side (medium texture). Each piece is individually wrapped, so you'll absolutely eat six at once (lol) ... it's that good!

If you're looking for a nice treat to bring to someone's home, I recommend this incredible Laura Secord Fudge.

On second thought, don't buy it! Resist it!

Happy Holidays :)

P.S. I haven't enclosed my mom's fudge recipe because fudge is all about boiling, stirring, timing and cooling - it's more of a technique. After making her fudge a few times, I managed to get the technique down. Not sure I could even explain it!

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  1. Like you, this fudge would be my downfall! But I have this other half who can eat anything and not gain a pound and he loves fudge. So, I will have to get some to put in his stocking this year. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Fudge is my downfall when it comes to candy. I can resist other kinds of candy, but not a really good fudge. I just may have to try this Laura Secord Fudge out. Thanks (I think - LOL) for telling me about it Barbara. :)

  3. I do love a delicious homemade fudge! Like you, I doubt anything would match my mother's homemade fudge (special ingredient: love) but, I am willing to test the product, lol. I have found over the years that you and I most often you and I like the same food. I look forward to experiencing Lauras Second Fudge and think of you as I pack on the pounds.

  4. Nothing ever comes close to your mother or grandmothers cooking or baking. I'm glad you found the fudge to come close to what your mom made. I'll certainly be looking for this fudge, as I can't resist a good old fashioned piece of fudge.


  5. I love fudge! However, I only eat it very occasionally so when I do I like it to be a really beautiful fudge. Your Mums fudge sounds like it was truly gorgeous and it is always difficult for store bought to match up to a beautiful home made one. From your review, this Lauras Second Fudge sounds really delicious and it says a lot that you enjoyed it so much!!

  6. There are certain homemade foods from my childhood, too, that remain the standard for me, and nothing commercially made close. My mom’s sage stuffing/dressing that we always had at Thanksgiving is still the one I make today (albeit with low carb bread). Fudge is one of those foods that are hard to get right. As you said, it’s all about technique (and the best ingredients) when it comes to a great fudge. How wonderful to have found a commercial fudge that comes close to the taste of your mom’s!

  7. Sounds very good! I will watch for it next time I go to Costco.


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