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Extra Bed Space with an iDOO Self-Inflating Mattress - We Bought it, We Love it

self-inflating mattress review - 5 star recommendations

A self-inflating mattress is a practical, convenient item to have on hand for sleepover guests.

When all the bedrooms are filled, and you at least need a comfy place for someone to crash for the night, a self-inflating mattress solves the problem.

Here's the iDOO Mattress Available Via Amazon (This is the Latest Model - The Newer iDOO Model):

idoo air mattress

What Are the Benefits of a Self-Inflating Mattress:

  • If storage space is tight in your home, you can easily flatten this mattress out and slide it under a bed. That's exactly where we store ours.
  • It comes with a storage bag as well.
  • The self-inflating aspect is an absolute must! We used to have mattresses that we had to inflate with a manual pump; What! No thanks. We've long switched to a self-inflating version for our guests.
  • Simply plug the mattress in, and watch it quickly inflate within two minutes! Easy, peasy.
  • This mattress deflates as quickly as it inflates.
  • It's made of non-toxic material and has a non-slip base.
  • We purchased the original model (older model iDOO) twin size from Amazon Canada, which measures 75"x 39"x 15" -  there's a link to that one below. The newer model is slightly bigger at 76" x 39" x 18". Both accommodate a weight of up to 550lbs.
  • Although it's a twin size, my very tall son had no problems sleeping on it; there's plenty of room.
  • The raised edges make for a nice, flat bed.
  • It's designed to be puncture resistant and has a waterproof layer on top.
  • Initially, I stated that twin bed sheets fit this mattress - (and they may) - however, I remembered that I used full bed sheets. I haven't personally tried twin bed sheets. I figured full bed sheets would be better, given the depth of the mattress.
5-Star Rating Recommendation From Our Family - If You're Expecting Sleepover Guests for the Holidays, Be Sure to Check This Product Out

I highly recommend this self-inflating mattress; it's affordable, practical, and easy to store away when you don't need it.

What I like about having an inflatable mattress in our home is the ease at which I can pull it out for unexpected overnight stays.

The best part about an inflatable mattress is being able to use it in any room in the home!

Set it up in the family room, a bedroom, a rec room, an office ... essentially any place you prefer to have your temporary sleeping area. I love that flexibility.

We've used our inflatable mattress for overnight guests in our bedrooms and the family room.

We purchased the older model, which is a tad smaller, measuring 75" x 39" x 15" versus  76" x 39" by 18" for the newer model. 

You can read more about the newer version here on Amazon

The equivalent of what we purchased on Amazon USA seems to only offer the 18" high model. If I was buying from Amazon USA, I'd go with the new model.

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  1. I've heard of this inflatable mattress before, but never realized it was like having a portable bed-size bed. I like the fact that it is up off the floor like a real bed (not like using an inflatable mattress you have to sit down on the floor to use). And it inflates quickly and uses regular bed-size sheets. Very nice. The perfect 'extra' bed for guests.

    1. Oh I agree, I like what you like about this bed; raised higher off the floor, and the easy and quick self-inflate feature

  2. A self-inflatable mattress does seem like a great solution for those of us who have company a few days each year, but don't have a spare bed. After our children were grown, I converted our spare bedroom into a craft room, but that does make beds for guests a bit more challenging. Our daughter & son-in-law have an inflatable mattress they use for their guests too and they love it. I don't know what brand they have, but I am amazed by the stats above. Up to 550 lbs is awesome! The fact that standard twin sheets fit it is also a tremendous plus

    1. Hey Sylvestermouse, I made a correction regarding my statement on twin bed sheets above - I just remembered that I used Full Bed Sheets, so I haven't actually tried twin sheets - twin may fit, but I personally haven't tried it, so I don't want to make a declaration on something I don't know first hand. I figured full sheets would be better given the depth of the mattress.

  3. perfect timing for this review! Have been seeking a new one - thanks for the review!

  4. We do have one but not this brand. I'll certainly keep this one in mind because every one we've had seems to spring a leak. So, it's just a matter of time before that happens again. Thanks for the review.

    1. I anticipate most of them will spring a leak at one point or another - we had another brand as well, but I like the durability (so far) of this brand.

  5. I had an Aerobed for guests in my apartment in Manhattan about 35 or 40 years ago. It tended to leak and wasn’t that comfortable, so I eventually got rid of it and never replaced it. It sounds as though inflatable mattress technology has improved significantly since then! We currently have a sofa bed in one of our rooms that we occasionally use for overnight guests, but if we’re ever in a situation where we need an extra bed, I will definitely keep this one in mind. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    1. Margaret, if an actual bed (sofa bed, futton etc) is doable I would go that route as well - this mattress is for unanticipated company overflow lol

  6. Looks like this would be a great extra to have on hand, especially when holiday party evenings begin! I'd rather have an overnight guest (unexpected) than to let them drink and drive. Thanks for this Barbara! One more thing that makes a whole lot of sense to me!

  7. What a great idea and solution for when additional guests stay over. I do like that it appears to be higher up off the floor than many I have seen and is easily stored. The self inflating feature is great as well! Thank you for your review and recommendation.

  8. Looks like this self-inflating mattress would also be warmer than the old style that is typically only 4-5 inches high (and much more accessible to most adults). When I have guests, I usually end up giving them my bed. At least this would give me a much more comfortable night's rest. My back and joints thank you!


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