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A Review of Creepypasta - What Is It?


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What is Creepypasta?

The first thing that comes to mind is some type of scary noodles!  Maybe a Halloween dish?  Nope, Creepypasta has nothing to do with food, creepy or otherwise.   The meaning of Creepypasta has changed over time.  In the beginning it meant a short horror story, whose author was unknown, that was shared on forums, storyboards and other internet sites.  Now what, you may ask, does pasta have to do with stories?  I thought the same thing.  It seems that Creepypasta is kind of a rip off of the term Copypasta which has been around since 2006 and means a block of text that is shared in many places around the internet.  

Anyway, Creepypasta now refers to most any type of horror story that one can find to read or listen to on the internet.  Creepypasta stories are basically fiction, but are usually written in a manner that makes the reader think that it really happened, or at least that it COULD happen.  This is what makes them so creepy!  Authors are now fully credited and some have become quite well known, going on to become published writers and even writing screenplays for movies.

What are Creepypasta Stories About?  

Creepypasta stories are usually centered around some type of scary being, such as:

Cryptid - Any creature that may or may not exist. Sightings  have been reported, but their reality is unproven.  Includes: bigfoot, dogman, werewolves, mothman, sea monsters, etc.

Alien - Any creature that is not from our planet or dimension.

Undead - Physical creatures that were once alive but have died and then came back in a physical body.  Includes:  vampires, zombies, ghouls, mummies, etc.

Ghosts- An entity that was once alive, but has died and come back to the world of the living without a physical body.

Demons - A malevolent supernatural entity, mostly considered to be fallen angels that serve the Devil.

There are stories about other things that are also considered to be Creepypasta, but these are the top five that I have seen the most.  

How I Found Out About Creepypasta

I was looking through YouTube one day, searching for something interesting when I ran across a video called "I Am A Monster Created By The Government."


I had to laugh, but I was also intrigued.  What kind of video could this be?  I hit play and was immediately immersed in an interesting creepy story.  This was a compilation of a group of stories about the same characters, which is good because it saved me the trouble of looking for all of them in YouTube.  There was nothing on the video screen to watch, it was more like an audio book that you listen to.  This was even better for me, as it gave me something interesting to listen to while I was crafting or cleaning.  After I finished with that video, I went in search of other stories to listen to and that is when I was introduced to the world of Creepypasta. I've  been listening ever since!  There are literally dozens of authors that write these stories and 
I have listened to many narrators (that is what they call the people reading the stories in the videos) but there are three that I like the best:

Donovan Dread - https://www.youtube.com/@DonovanDread/  

Mr. Creeps - https://www.youtube.com/c/MrCreeps/

Magnetar - https://www.youtube.com/@MagnetarYT

If you don't like to listen to stories, and you prefer to read them yourself, there are also websites with archives of Creepypasta stories.  My two favorites are:

Don't Turn Around - https://www.dontturnaround.com/

Creepypasta - http://www.creepypasta.com

If you are not into monsters, there are other types of video stories that you can listen to on YouTube like True Crime Stories, Mysteries, Bedtime Stories, Time Travel Stories and many others.  Just type "narrated stories"  in the search bar of YouTube.  There is something there for everyone!  I love listening to stories and I am so glad that I found a new place to find them.

If you prefer your reading material in physical book form, you can buy Creepypasta books on Amazon. Not only do they have regular books, but also Creepypasta coloring books and even Creepypasta role playing games.  There are so many ways to have scary Creepypasta fun!

Click Here to Search for Creepypasta on Amazon

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  1. I learned several new things here today! Thank you Tracey!!! First, I had never heard of creepypasta and yes, I expected it to be pasta decorated with spiders or something frightening. Second, I had never considered listening to narrated stories on YouTube. Like you, I know I will enjoy that while doing other mundane work on or offline. Thanks for introducing me to the world of Creepypasta. I enjoy the occasional scary story. Lovecraft or Poe come immediately to mind when I consider the style of scary stories I enjoy.

    1. It really makes the time fly when you are doing mundane tasks and one of the great things about it is you can pick any length of story, depending the the time you have! Anywhere from 15 minutes to hours and hours!

  2. I sure learned something new today. Thanks for the lesson on Creepypasta!

  3. As my fellow writers above, I, too, have just learned something new. I will definitely have to ask my daughter about 'Creepypasta' as not only would both she and her hubby like this type of story, she especially loves listening to narrated tales. Thanks, Tracey.

  4. Tracey, isn't it amazing at what you can search for on the internet? This is so totally new to me and I thank you for giving me my "new" thing for today. I never knew something like this existed and I will check it out for sure. I love learning something new every day and I love books, stories and new places to enjoy these things.

    1. I am with you, Olivia, I love to come across new things that I know will add to my life!

  5. This is surely a term (and a concept) I would likely never have encountered on my own. While it’s not a genre that appeals to me, I do love learning new words, and this one’s a doozy, lol! I love audiobooks, so I also appreciated learning that narrated stories in a variety of genres are available on YouTube. Thanks for an enlightening review!

  6. Well I'm glad you provided a heads up on exactly what Creepypasta means lol - I don't watch horror films of any kind, so now I know what it means I can avoid them haha - such an interesting term - would make a good food dish too though :)

  7. Well I had never heard of Creepypasta and yes I initially thought it was a spooky kind of pasta lol!! Thankyou so much for teaching me something new today. Although I never watch horror films now I know what it is all about ! Thank you for your review.


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