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What is Jolabokaflod? Christmas Eve Traditions to Try! Holiday Gift Ideas

 So you might be wondering what a Jolabokaflod is and why it's important!  Well in the interests of learning something new every day, this is one word and idea that really resonates with me and my family.

Jolabokaflod is an Icelandic Christmas Eve tradition.  Every one in the family gets a "book" gift on Christmas Eve and the rest of the evening is spent reading and drinking  hot chocolate and eating some of those wonderful Christmas cookies that seem to magically appear at this time of year.

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Our family is blessed in so many ways!   All our children are grown and have children of their own. Our children and grandchildren don't really need more "stuff".   Each family member has a roof over their heads and food on the table.  Clothes in the closets and shoes/boots for whatever weather conditions may be outside.  So what more do we need?

The simple answer is NOTHING!  

The most important things to us (my husband and myself) is BEING with each other and sharing time together.  Yet at Christmastime, we also like to do something special for our family.

So this year we have made the decision to do what they do in Iceland.  Instead of gifts for the adults we will focus on purchasing a book that we have loved and share it with another member of  the family.  

The grandchildren will still receive traditional Christmas gifts, but a book might find it's way into that idea too! We love reading and love promoting reading skills to our grandchildren as well. 

If you are looking for a great list of books to peruse, you don't have to go too far!  Review This Reviews has an amazing list of books that have been reviewed by the writers of this site!  There is everything from Puzzle Books and Riddles, to Murder/Mysteries, Biographies, Cozy Romances and so much more!  

Some books are from new authors and some are from well known authors who have been writing for years.

There is something for everyone at!  Click on the link and then follow the tabs across the top!  The first one you come to is BOOK REVIEWS.  How much easier can gift finding get?

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We (my other half and I) will be using this link to find the gifts for our own first of a kind, Jolabokaflod that we will celebrate this year!  

Now I have to add an addendum:  This idea is not for every one and if you are interested there are a host of "OTHER" reviews that might help you find that perfect gift if you are celebrating in a more traditional way.

May Your Christmas be everything that you hold dear to your hearts and may you enjoy each other's company making great memories as you go along!  Blessings to all!

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  1. What a lovely idea, Olivia ~ Jolabokaflod. A new word and a great tradition for anyone to try. Being a bookworm myself, I cannot conceive of a dearer gift than that of a new book. Happy Christmas Eve to you and your family. Quiet now.... I'm reading!

    1. Isn't it great! I'm a bookworm too and love getting and giving the gift of a great story. There are so many contributors that have reviewed so many great books that I could not single one out! But that list is a great way to start looking, that's for sure!

  2. I love this idea, Olivia! Sounds like the perfect Christmas Eve to me. I love the idea of giving the gift of a new book and allowing the recipient time to actually start reading it.

  3. I love it too and we are adopting this for our family this year. Plus the kids all get one gift before the craziness that is Christmas morning itself and some quiet time too!

  4. What a delightful and meaningful holiday tradition, Olivia! Instilling a love of readings in a child is one of those gifts that keep on giving, and this Icelandic Christmas tradition is a wonderful way to give two gifts in one (a book and a love of reading). I loved learning this new word as well as this beautiful tradition!

    1. Me too Margaret. I think giving the gift of reading is so special that it seems that every year our grands get a book somewhere in the pile of other things. This year, we are focusing more on the books as they already have so much other stuff and don't need or really want more! We will help charities instead, so that others may share the happiness of Christmas too!

  5. Olivia, that's a lovely tradition. This year I really wanted to get away from too many gifts, which we'll do, but it's also the time when we give the family gift cards too which helps them out - but that can be so expensive in a big family. I love the idea of books - in fact I was out the other day and picked one up as a gift. I'll be sure to check the fantastic book reviews that are here on reviewthisreviews - it's so handing!

    1. Yes indeed the number of books that have been reviewed is staggering and yet it's an easy to use way to find something good to read. There are so many good books out there and narrowing it down by previously reviewed books is a great way to do it!


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