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The Best Book For Understanding Yourself and Finding Your Way

The best book for understanding yourself and finding your way

Let me start by saying that I don't think this review will do this book justice; it's that good.

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Singer is a number 1 New York Times bestseller, selling over a million copies.

Here is The Author, Michael Singer's Credentials:

"Michael Alan "Mickey" Singer (or Michael A. Singer; born 6 May 1947) is an American author, journalist, motivational speaker, and former software developer.Singer is best known for his writings on spitituality, meditation, and New Age philosophy, and two of his books on the subject, The Untethered Soul (2007) and The Surrender Experiment (2015), were New York Times bestsellers. Singer established the Temple of the Universe, a yoga and meditation center in AlachuaFlorida, in 1975." - SOURCE WIKIPEDIA-Directly Quoted.

When you read this book, you'll understand why people from many walks of life are talking about how it provided the insight and tools they needed to expand their self-knowledge.

When I first read the book about eight years ago, I couldn't believe how much more about the human condition I could grasp ... and I thought I was already pretty enlightened! Was I wrong!

How I Accidentally Found This Book in My Hour of Need

When my dad passed in 2013, I was beyond consolable. Of course, most people would never know how much I was struggling ... but I was.

Around that same time, while visiting mom, I decided to head to a bookstore to look for spiritual answers to loss. I had read, listened to, and watched numerous works on the topic, but after dad's passing, I needed all the answers to everything <---- lol, yah, I know, that bar was set a tad high.

While at the store, I asked my dad to "please direct me to the answers I need to understand that you're ok." 

It was a small bookstore, and I was checking book after book, then out of the blue, I found two books (the only two copies in the store) ... one was "Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton" and the other was "The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer." I won't talk about Journey of Souls in this article, but wowza, if you're open to life-between-lives, you'll find that book engrossing!

Of the two books, I read The Untethered Soul first.

I Was So Moved by the Book I Bought it as Gift For Many People

One person close to me, who struggles with mental health issues, said that this book helped them the most. In fact, they've re-read it many times.

I was confident they would get a lot from the book, but I never anticipated they'd place the book at the top with their other treatments. Of course, that was their personal experience; I'm not implying that would happen to others. 

You Can Watch and Follow the Author on His Podcasts on YouTube

Recently I've watched at least five of Michael Singer's videos on YouTube

Mr. Singer communicates and connects in a personal way through his books. Via video, his messages are profound, and his personality is light and comforting. However, to get the whole experience, you need to read the book.

He's in high demand to be interviewed, and I happened to trip on Danica Patrick's (yes, that Danika Patrick - the former race car driver) podcast, where she also interviewed Mr. Singer. I found it so interesting. Ms. Patrick is not just a race car driver, that's for sure! She's a deeply reflective thinker.

What I Remember Most From Michael Singer's Book

What helps me most - I'm paraphrasing in my own words:

"We are not our body, we are not our mind; we are a consciousness/soul, our own unique conciouness. When times get hard, and bad things come our way, we can learn to master the technique of becoming the observer of the body and the mind. Our wondering mind, and negative self talk and reactions to problem situations are formed from years of habit. Through practice and awareness we can learn to step back to observe our mind and allow pain and discomfort to come through us, feel it, acknowledge it, so we can set it free, and let it go." 

If you're in the mood for enlightenment, don't hesitate to read this life-changing book.

The book is spiritually neutral; it doesn't tout any particular religion; it's merely about a peaceful soul for believers and non-believers from every walk of life.

It's available on Amazon here.

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  1. Thank you Barbara for a book that I will definitely look into. With all the hardships that seem to be plaguing a lot of people lately, it would be nice to look for some inspiriation of a more spiritual and "other" nature than what we see before us on most days. Thank you again for this recommendation!

    1. I can't say enough about this book - Mr. Singer has recently released another book; I'm about to add that one to the list as well.

  2. Barbara, I am so glad you found this book to help you through your deepest despair when just waking to the next day is all you can really do for yourself. I think we all need a path to a peaceful soul.

    1. Thank you; I've learned we can be the boss of our wondering mind; practice practice practice lol - just another exercise to add to the health regime

  3. This sounds like an amazing book. In the online description it read "free yourself from limitations and soar beyond your boundaries". That is amazing in itself, and with your recommendation, I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Thanks, Barbara.

    1. I want to keep gushing about this book; I'm sounding repetitive in the comments here lol! It is an incredible book.

  4. Barbara, I am so grateful that you found Michael Singer’s profound and helpful insights to light your way in your darkest hours. I have witnessed firsthand how your spirituality has helped to lighten the seemingly unbearable load of your grief after the passing of both your beloved parents. It seems that many people owe a debt of gratitude to Singer.

    1. I've learned an incredible amount from Mickey Singer's book - Daily, as issues arise, I immediately go to the position of the "observer" of my mind prior to reacting - as many others have said, it's simple, but not easy - although I have to say, when you practice, it becomes more of habit, and becomes easier every time - I catch myself before my mouth wants to fly off (not always) to give my chance to review perspective and effectiveness, and mostly, I've learned that it's ok, to allow time to let things pass without trying to interject opinion, or in my case, the terrible habit of wanting to 'fix it.' I'm so much better at letting go, and when it comes to your family, especially your kids, that is a very difficult balancing act. My need to be strong, inside, is for my family, my friends .. and of course, in the end, it's my own road to peace. I actively work at all of this. Thank you my friend for being there, and being an amazing support. You know I love you.

  5. I love that this is about the path to a peaceful soul and becoming the observer of the body and the mind. . This sounds like an amazingly insightful book and I am so glad that it has helped you going through difficult times. Times are challenging in different ways for so many people now and we all need guidance to help us along the way. Thankyou for you r heartfelt review and recommendation.

    1. Raintree thanks so much; it's an incredible book, worth reading and re-reading many times


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