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Reviewing Warm, Wearable Oversized Hooded Blankets.


Oversized Hooded Blankets

I absolutely love my warm Kudd.ly oversized hooded blanket!! I have never had one before but this year with energy bills rising fast and watching how much we put the heating on this autumn and winter we needed other ways to keep warm. 

We bought the Kudd.ly hoodie brand which I would recommend,  but there are many different companies selling them now. So it is best to see what is available to you and what is important to you. 

These hooded blankets are really great. They are generously oversized and have a hood and arms with plenty of room. The length for an adult, clearly depending on height, is generally mid thigh to around knee length or a bit longer. 

You simply pop it over your head and it is a massive cosy, warm cover-up. This means that it is easy to relax on the sofa with it on and also you can easily move around the house while wearing it and keep warm, unlike a blanket that slips off or trips you up.  

Wearable Oversized Hooded Blankets

Our Kudd.ly is made of plush soft polyester on the outside and sherpa lined and thus very warm and soft to wear. The hood goes right over my head so plenty big enough if you find you need that extra warmth.

We mainly wear them first thing in the morning when having our breakfast and coffee and in the evenings once we settle down to watch a film or read or go on the internet. I do wear it when I am working from home though probably not for a work Zoom Call although I have come close when I forgot I was wearing it!! 

Once it gets much colder in winter I can see us wearing them during the day when we are at home. 

Wearable Oversized Hooded Blanket

Sizing Of The Wearable Hooded Blanket

Ours is one size fits most people. Most of the hooded blankets I have seen are one size fits most. They are not designed to be form-fitting or even neat fit but rather a great big oversized cuddly wearable blanket. 

As an example, It fits both me at 5 foot 8 inches tall and my 6 foot 2 inches, tall husband, with room to spare and is plenty big enough in all measurements. 

If you are buying a different brand it is just best to check how big it is and how it fits.  

Many brands also do children's sizes so best to check what is the most suitable for your child. 

Wearable Hooded Blankets

Benefits Of Wearable Hooded Blankets

  • It really does keep you very warm. It can be worn over anything so day clothes, dresses and PJs or just over a vest top or T shirt.
  • It is long enough on most people to either wear with trousers, joggers or PJs or leggings or if you are warm enough on its own.  
  • It is not size specific so once you have one it doesn't matter if you gain or lose weight and is especially useful when buying for teenagers who can wear the adult versions and still wear it as they grow taller.
  • Clearly, it will depend on height but for many adults, an adult size will probably be around mid thigh to knee length or slightly longer. So for most adults you are not in danger of tripping up over it when walking around or going up and down stairs like you would if walking around with a blanket around your shoulders with the danger of it slipping off.

  •   On children it will depend on their height and probably best to buy a child size specific hooded blanket. I would probably aim for no longer than just below the knee or maybe mid calf length for a child to be safe walking around in it. Many older teenagers would be fine in an adult version. 
  • It looks good and covers you up, so you can certainly open the door to delivery drivers or neighbours without worrying you look like you are in your night clothes at 7pm!

Wearable Oversized Hooded Blanket

  • These hooded blankets come in many different colours and designs for both adults and children so it is matter of choosing your favourite. There are block colours, patterned designs, tie dye designs, children and teens designs in fun and funky designs or with animal features. The Sherpa fleece inside is very soft and usually white. 
  • The massive kangaroo-type pocket at the front is great for carrying around all those little bits and pieces! It's also great for keeping your hands very warm

  • I think they are suitable for everyone from men to women, older children to elderly people. 
  • On a cold day or night, you just feel so warm and cosy and cuddly which is a great feeling! 
  • If you don't need to wear them for example in the warmer weather, they come in a great bag that they can also be stored in. 
  • As you are so warm and they are much warmer than normal jumpers or sweaters, you won't need to have the expensive heating on so much so over time they will more than pay for themselves. 

White fleece inside wearable blanket

Care Of A Wearable Hooded Blanket

Our Kudd.ly hooded blanket is fully washable on a gentle cycle. To dry either hang to dry outside on a washing line or inside over an airer or a gentle tumble dry. It has washed and dried beautifully. 

Personally, I think you need at least two each, so one to wear and one in the wash. Once you have one you never want to be without it for a minute!


 The Oversized Hooded Blanket As A Gift

They make wonderfully thoughtful gifts and the only decision really is whether it's a child or adult size and which color to buy and will suit everyone from older children to elderly people in the family! 

Any gender can and do wear these hoodies, it is just a choice of which colour and design! 

You have no worries about what size the buy as this garment does fit most people. 

I do think especially for winter Birthdays and for Christmas gifts these wearable oversized hoodies are a very thoughtful and fun gift. As it is so huge it also really feels like a substantial gift and can be tried on straight away. 

Different brands do vary in price and quality so do check out before you buy. 

As for negatives I really cannot find any. I just wish I had bought them for us and for gifts years ago.

If you want to feel toasty warm from head to toe in the colder months, consider buying a Warm Wearable Oversized Hoodie Blanket and also Women's Warm Winter Sherpa Lined Pants reviewed by Sylvestermouse Cynthia.

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  1. This wearable hooded blanket looks perfect for cold winter days keeping warm without wasting money on running the furnace too much. I am a big fan of Sherpa. I have Sherpa socks that reach to my knees that keep my feet warm all throughout cold weather. Love them.

    1. I am really appreciating my Sherpa Hoodie now the days and evenings are getting colder and now when the wind is howling outside! I love the sound of your sherpa socks! It is lovely to feel warm and cosy in Autumn and Winter even with the heating on less.

  2. Ooooh, this is something I need! I’m always cold in the fall and winter, and our winter heating bills in frigid New England are painfully high. This hooded sherpa “wearable blanket”/jacket sounds perfect for me! Thanks so much for the recommendation.

    1. I think you would love this Sherpa wearable hooded blanket! It is so soft and cosy and warm and you may well find you do not need the heating on so much.

  3. Our daughter gave our son a hooded blanket last year for Christmas. He loves it! She and her husband actually gave them to several family members and everyone was very happy with their gift. They really are perfect for staying warm at home. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised to see people wearing them in the grocery store. It is hard to part with something so comfortable & warm.

    1. Hooded blankets make really wonderful thoughtful gifts. We love wearing ours at home. I have not yet ventured to the shops in mine but it does make popping outside to get things from the car or bring washing in a much more pleasant experience when its cold. We both love them and yes are reluctant to take them off!! You ideally need two each so that you can have one in the wash and one to wear :)

  4. This is an excellent article timely because of high energy costs.Thanks.

    1. Thank you! Yes we first considered getting our hooded blankets because of the very high cost of energy this year and hoping they would keep us warmer and thus be able to keep the heating off for longer. They certainly keep us much warmer and in addition are so soft and lovely to wear!

  5. One of my granddaughters would absolutely love this. She has skin sensitivities but loves anything with a plush feeling to it. I will put this on my list of things especially for her! I can see others that would enjoy this as well. Thanks for putting this on my radar Raintree Annie!

    1. Hooded blankets are really lovely and comforting, I have a very sensitive allergic skin as well and personally have been fine with mine. The inner sherpa fleece is so soft and I get no irritation. The polyester outer side is beautifully soft and smooth. It is always best to double check though if sensitive skin is involved. Your granddaughter or whoever is buying it for her would be best to check the fabric composition and buy one where she can get a money back guarantee if necessary. I hope she loves it as much as I do ! :)

  6. I could sure use one of these hooded blankets today! It is a cold, wet, snowy day here in the high country. What a great holiday gift (are you listening, Santa?). Hoping! Thanks for sharing this fabulous product review. The gift that is like a hug. Right?

  7. Yep, these are awesome - bought one, one Christmas for one of my sons, and when he's lounging he wears it all winter - he's a jokester too, so he always does comical things when wearing it! Great gift idea.


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