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Women's Warm Winter Sherpa Lined Pants Reviewed

Sherpa lining is a soft and fluffy faux fur that keeps you nice and warm!

Women's Warm Winter Sherpa Lined Pants
Early last spring, which is really a continuance of winter weather for my region, I needed warmer pants.  In the past, I have worn jogging pants, but I really wanted a pair of pants with pockets so I could easily carry my cell phone.  

So often, pants with pockets are not lined.  They are simply too thin for our winter weather.  Jeans are great for pockets, but they are not always warm enough.  

I also wanted warm pants that I could wear outside of my home for walking to my mailbox or even making a trip to the grocery store.  I don't mind wearing my fleece pants inside, but they are not really appropriate for outdoor activities.  

I was thrilled when I discovered these warm and cozy sherpa lined pants!  They are jogger style sweatpants with the ribbed ankles and elastic waistband with a cotton blend exterior material that gives them a "dressier" look than standard jogging pants. 

One word of fashion caution, they are not exactly figure flattering since the sherpa lining from waist to ankle gives a bulkier appearance.  For me, that doesn't matter.  I am grateful to be warm!

I would also recommend ordering a size larger than you normally wear to allow for the thick, warm lining.  After all, you want to be warm, not constricted.  

Warm Winter Sherpa Lined Pants

Sherpa Lined Pants
The PEHMEA Collection on Amazon

 PEHMEA Women's Warm Sherpa Lined PantsCheck PriceThese waist to ankle lined pants are exactly what I was seeking!  They keep me warm indoors and outside.  Plus, they have pockets, which are also lined.  Your cell phone might not require lined pockets, but your hands will certainly appreciate the warmth when needed.

The pants are available in several colors.  I opted for black simply because I can wear anything with that color.  However, I am quite tempted to purchase additional pairs in dark gray and navy.

You choose between the ribbed ankle or straight legged options.  Make sure you select the correct style by looking at the pictures before you order.

I will admit that I am considered "short".  With the ribbed ankles, the pants are not too long to wear with my preferred tennis shoes.  I read in the comments that some women who are 5' 7" thought the pants were too short for them.  However, I did notice that one woman who is 5' 7" purchased the larger XXL size and is now completely thrilled with her pants.

As I said in my opening comments, due to the lining, I do recommend buying a size larger than you normally would wear. Please don't get hung up on label size.  Go for the proper fit!

You might think with the sherpa lining that the pants are not washable.  However, they machine wash well on cold, gentle cycle and tumble dry on low settings.

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Women's Warm Winter Sherpa Lined Pants Reviewed by:
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  1. Having owned a pair of Sherpa-lined slipper socks, I can just imagine how nice and warm these Sherpa lined pants are. Definitely a desirable addition to any woman's winter wardrobe.

    I remember back in the 'olden' days as a child/teen in New York State winters I had flannel lined blue jeans (we called dungarees in those dinosaur days...LOL). The Sherpa fleece lining seems like a much warmer solution. Thanks for your recommendation, Sylvestermouse.

    1. Oh, I remember those kind of jeans Elf! Perhaps the faint memory of those jeans was what was "playing" in my mind when I went in search of warm, comfortable pants.

  2. Last year I bought a pair of fleece-lined leggings for our cold New England winters and love them. Since having an insulating pocket of (body-heated) air around my legs would likely be even warmer, I might need to get a pair of these cozy fleece-lined pants, too!

  3. Thanks for the review, always looking for warm pants in the north!!

  4. Sounds like something I should be putting on my Christmas wish list. I am out walking everyday and sometimes that wind just goes right through you! I did not know they made these kind of lined pants, I have been wearing a pair of leggings under my slacks, but they are not nearly warm enough. Thanks for a great alternative.

  5. The funny thing is I have been looking for a really warm cosy pair of joggers for a while and not really found one I am happy with. So it is fantastic to read this review from someone I trust. I want some for walking as we go walking a lot even on cold winter days and I do like having pockets. I love the sound of the soft warm Sherpa lining and it is great they are machine washable too. I think as you suggest I would size up as I am taller and do not like feeling restricted when out walking. Thank you for this review!


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