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Crossword Puzzle Day – Holiday Review

Image of a crossword in a newspaper

Crossword Puzzle Day is held each year on December 21.  A journalist (Arthur Wynne) invented this fun word game we all enjoy today. His first crossword puzzle was published in the New York World newspaper on December 21, 1913. Today this challenging word game is enjoyed by millions around the world.

Crossword Puzzle Facts

Working a crossword puzzle

The crossword puzzle is the most popular of all the word games. 

The objective of the game is to fill the white spaces of a grid with the words for the given clues. Black spaces separate individual words.

The levels of these puzzles range from simple puzzles for kids to challenging puzzles for adults.

Reasons to do Crossword Puzzles 

In addition to being fun, crossword puzzles also provide additional benefits:

  • They sharpen the brain for problem-solving. 
  • They may help delay the effects of dementia, so exercise your brain with a crossword puzzle.
  • They can increase vocabulary. 
  • If you are bi-lingual or learning a new language, consider completing a crossword puzzle in your second language.
  • They can even relieve the mind from the day's stresses.

Challenge yourself to complete a puzzle a day for fun, entertainment and for any of the reasons above.

My brother always begins his day with a coffee in one hand and a newspaper with a crossword puzzle to solve! Where others have given up the daily newspaper delivered to their door (in favor of quick news online and on TV), Ken loves his newspaper for the daily crossword puzzle.  Many turn first to the 'funnies' for their morning entertainment via a newspaper; Ken goes straight to the crossword puzzle. He often does the daily puzzle with his wife. A fun couple activity.

Crossword Puzzle Day Summary

So, if you have not been in the habit of doing crossword puzzles, consider making it a daily habit for any of the number of reasons I have stated in this article, or simply for the fun of it! 

If you do not subscribe to a daily newspaper, which always has a crossword puzzle, a daily crossword calendar can give you one for every day.

Crossword Puzzles Boxed Calendar

Crossword Puzzles 2023 Day-to-Day Box Calendar

A  Daily Desktop calendar which features daily crossword puzzles designed to challenge and entertain. The pages include answers on the reverse side and are mounted on a recyclable stand for easy display.

Numerous crossword puzzle books are published regularly and available in many stores. Crossword puzzles can also be found online and on apps for your Smartphone.

National Crossword Puzzle Day

December 21

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National Crossword Puzzle Day Holiday Review was written by

Wednesday Elf on 12/21/2022

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  1. I grew up doing the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle with my parents during its heyday, when Margaret Farrar and then Will Weng were the editors. My parents instilled in all three of their children a deep-seated live of language, and crosswords hold a special place in my heart. I agree with your brother Ken: There’s something about doing them on paper (vs. digitally) that feels more satisfying and, somehow, more “right.” I love the idea of a crossword calendar!

    1. Me too, Margaret. I'm a 'word' person and have always enjoyed crossword puzzles (and word games like Scrabble).

  2. Pat You are great at finding all of these special days. Thanks for such interesting information for Crossword Puzzle Day.

    1. Glad you enjoy my special days, Mary Beth. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I did not know it was Crossword Puzzle Day! Solving a crossword and enjoying a great cup of coffee sounds a lovely way to start the day well. Thank you for sharing the interesting history and benefits of doing crossword puzzles.

    1. Nice that something so much fun can be beneficial to one's health, for sure. Glad you enjoyed reading about Crossword Puzzle Day, Jasmine.

  4. My husband love crossword puzzles! Like Ken, he prefers the crossword puzzles in the newspaper. We stopped subscribing to the daily paper at home a long time ago, but my husband could still pick them up during his work day. He loves the challenge! The calendar would be the perfect Christmas gift for him. Thank you for this very timely suggestion.

    1. I liked that calendar too, Mouse. That way you'd have at least one puzzle to do every day of the year. :)

  5. We love crossword puzzles too. Hubby and I often try to figure out the word first with the clue given. |Sometimes we are really stumped, but the bottom line is that this is a fun activity and yes it helps to keep your mind sharp! Thanks for posting all about crossword puzzles and giving us one special day to celebrate!

    1. I've always enjoyed crossword puzzles too, Olivia.

  6. Pat, my number one reason for tackling a crossword puzzle is for distraction and to destress. I do love getting lost in a 'brain' activity. Crosswords are a wonderful, mindful, activity. I need to stock up on a few of these. My friends husband is an avid crossword puzzle doer - in fact, that was one of the gifts I sent him this year.

    1. Crossword puzzles are one of the most fun brain activities, Barbara. Destressing is a good reason to do them too.

  7. I love puzzles of all kinds - except crosswords. My BFF loves them and the crossword puzzle calendar you highlighted would be perfect for him.

    1. I think having a daily crossword puzzle to do would be a fun activity for sure. Thanks for your visit, Dawn Rae.


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