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The Best Baby Booties - A Personal Recommendation

The arrival of our Granddaughter has given me an education on what's popular and what's not with baby products. 

Having raised four sons, I know a thing or two about constantly losing baby socks. 

About a month ago, I noticed our super-cute Granddaughter had these very warm, comfy, and secure booties on her feet. I asked my daughter-in-law what kind they were, and she informed me they were called "Hudson Baby Booties."

Hudson Baby Booties Come in a Variety of Sizes, Designs, and Colors - They're Awesome!

Here's One Pair Our Granddaughter Wears

I've since purchased two additional pairs for our Granddaughter, and I highly recommend them for gifts. If I were a new mom starting out, I'd want many pairs of these to go with a wide variety of outfits.

What's So Great About These Booties?

  • They're soft and comfortable
  • They're cozy and warm
  • They're easy to put on and remove
  • They have never fallen off of our Granddaughter's feet!
  • They come in multiple designs, sizes, and colors
  • They make a lovely gift
  • No more losing sockies
  • They open up wide for baby's feet to go in
  • They velcro-wrap for closing
  • Great for cold winter nights or cooler days
  • A good choice when taking baby for a walk or in the car
Notice How Much They Open So You Can Easily Put Them On

The Tongue is Soft - Pulls Forward so Foot can Easily Go Inside

Here's a Look At the Velcro Close

The Two Velcro Sides wrap around Baby's Ankle - They Stay On!

I highly recommend these booties for the baby in your life. Several pairs of these, in multiple sizes, make an excellent gift. In fact, these are now my go-to baby gift. They're usable, cute, and practical. Our Granddaughter, especially now during the winter months, wears hers daily.

You can find Hudson Baby Booties here on Amazon

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  1. These look so cute. I can imagine that baby and mom would be so happy not to be searching for that missing bootie. Great gift idea indeed. I could see these in a nice mixed basket for a baby shower! Everyone would go "Aweeeee" Thanks Barbara for a great recommendation for all of us who are out of the "baby loop"!

    1. They're so comfy, and cover the baby's entire foot right up to the ankle :)

  2. The Hudson Baby Booties are absolutely adorable! They really would be the perfect baby gift and I love the little lambs you have featured above. Velcro is such a marvelous invention. So much easier than buttons or laces. Thanks for sharing this adorable, yet very useful, baby gift idea.

    1. I think these are officially my favorite baby booties now

  3. Awww. These baby booties by Hudson Bay are so precious. I always loved putting baby booties on my babies and always gave them as gifts to other new moms. The Velcro closing on these makes putting them on the constantly kicking baby much easier than trying to tie a ribbon.

    1. It's always the little things with baby supplies that we end up searching for, or need something to solve a practical problem isn't it? These are fabulous

  4. These Hudson baby booties look so sweet and gorgeous and very practical with the Velcro closing! I think they would make a really lovely gift for new parents.

    1. I think so too - I'm having to get a gift for a friend's family soon - and several of these in various sizes is what I'm planning

  5. These adorable bunny baby booties are soft, warm, comfortable and practical, with their wide opening and quick, easy and secure hook-and-loop tape closure! I wish I knew a baby to gift them to. Absolutely precious, just like your gorgeous granddaughter (who definitely wins the Best-Dressed Baby contest!!!).

    1. lol Margaret, thank you - it's been a ton of fun having the first girl in this family in decades

  6. What cute booties. I will definitely have to remember these when I know a baby to buy a gift.


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