Monday, December 27, 2021

Favorite Gadgets Of 2021

What a year! 2021 has been quite the year. I always love a good gadget and the end of the year is a great time to look for sales on gadgets you have been eyeballing and bookmarking, but haven't purchased. Also a wonderful way to spend holiday gift cards!

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This little gadget to make bone shaped cakes was a winner! Easy to make, easy to microwave and the furballs loved this little cake. The bone mold is reusable all year long to make your furball its' own personalized birthday cake.

Solar Lights by Aootek

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This solar light has been a trooper all year long in a state which struggles with alot of sun. That is the true test of solar lights. I've purchased a few in the past which did not hold up well to the test - no sun = no light. Not this solar light as it is a powerhouse and comes through with or without sun to power it.

Red Flyer Wagon by Sam Monaco

Who doesn't love a cute little red wagon! Practical, purposeful and just darn fun! Cherish old memories and make new ones with the classic Radio Red Wagon.

Mini Blender Chopper by Barbara Trembly Cipak

This handy gadget is a must have! I wholeheartedly agree that counter top space is at a premium and only gadgets that deserve a spot must be on the gadget winner list. This Black and Decker gadget has been going strong for 15 years - nuff said!

Garden Gnomes by Wednesday Elf

Do you have a soft spot for garden gnomes? I do. Quirky, fun and symbols of good luck. Find out where to find gnomes of all types with a guide by the Elf.

DIY Cat Bed by Renaissance Woman

What a great idea! Upcycle a drawer into a cat bed (fit for a queen!) Renaissance Woman can upcycle anything into a stylish addition to your household all while utilizing what was old is new again!

The 3$ Hack To Save Charging Cords by Margaret Schindel

Yes, this DIY Hack featuring Sugru, a moldable rubber glue, can preserve your charging cords. Learn how in Margaret's detailed tutorial!

Camera Lens Cap Holder by SylvesterMouse

This is a must have gadget for those using DSLR cameras! A handy gadget to keep track of your lens cap. I cannot tell you the amount of time (it adds up!) I spend searching for the lens cap I was sure I put in a safe place - or did I? Search no more with this practical and necessary gadget.

Electric Kettle Review by Dawn Rae

This review definitely put the electric kettle on my post Christmas search list. This easy to use and practically sized kettle is prefect for the office! 

Aging Gracefully Tools by Olivia Morris

A very practical guide to assist all in our lives who may need a little extra help navigating the home. Olivia guides you through a few of the most useful gadgets to make life just a little easier!

Power XL Air Fryer by Mary Beth Granger

If you've been thinking of buying an air fryer (me!), Mary Beth gives a thorough review of her new air fryer along with photos of new recipes that already look like winners. With so many different types of air fryers on the market it is so difficult to choose; the Power XL is a combo air fryer and slow cooker which sounds like a winning combo.

Fun & Fab Book Accessories by Treasures by Brenda

Fun & Fab is right! Enjoy a variety of book accessories perfect for all the readers in your life. Fun gifts and unique bookends will delight the book lovers of all ages. 

Lemon Pod Keeper by Lou 16

Fresh lemon fans take note of this Lemon Pod review to keep your fresh lemons fresh! The lemon pod adjusts to the size of lemon to increase its' flexibility.

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  1. What a great compilation of recommended gadgets and gadget-related reviews, Tracey! Thanks so much for including one of mine, as well. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2022!

  2. Wow!! Something for everyone. What a great collection for anyone looking for something special. Thanks so much Tracey for including one of mine.

  3. Love your collection of needed and necessary gadgets. So helpful to have this group of writers reviewing such helpful products. Thanks for including my garden gnomes review.

  4. Thanks for compiling all of these gadget reviews from the past year! Thanks for including my air fryer review.

  5. I love my gadgets too! I often think "why didn't I think of that" when I discover a new must-have gadget. The reviews here have certainly been very helpful and fun ways to discover something new (at least new to me). This is truly a great resource for considerations when redeeming those gift cards. Thank you for including my review of the lens cap keepers. Amazing what a difference such a small thing can make in our lives.

  6. Thank you |Tracey for putting all those gadgets in one easy to find place. I have bought some of them and still want others. So this is a great place to start my search again. I love a good gadget and there are some real winners in this list!

  7. Thanks for the feature here :) - I have several people in my family who are gadget lovers - in fact, that's a thing in our home - one of my sons especially!

  8. What a great collection of gadgets! This a is great article to visit when using those gift cards and when thinking of gift ideas for presents.


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