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Review of a Quality Mini Blender-Chopper

Check Out This Brand of Mini-Chopper for a Quality Product

I recommend this mini-chopper because it's lasted us nearly fifteen years.

As most of us know, it's rare for any appliance to last that long. 

What makes this mini-chopper special isn't fancy features; in my opinion, it's the company that makes it. 

A Black & Decker Product - In Business Since 1910

We've always been a fan of this company and its products. They established their beginnings in 1910 in Baltimore, Maryland, as a small machine shop. Their products range from heavy equipment, hardware, home accessories, fastening systems, power tools, and home appliances. A Black & Decker drill was even used on the moon in the early 1970s for the Apollo 15 and 16 missions. In 2010 they merged with Stanley Works to become Stanley Black & Decker.

On a personal note, my mother worked for their company in the mid-1970s. Where I'm from, Black & Decker has been known for manufacturing solid products.

What's the Big Deal About a Mini-Chopper Anyway?

I'm not one for a lot of counter appliances. I find hauling out an appliance to be time-consuming. I prefer to cut, chop and mix as much as I can without a lot of extra equipment to store and wash. However, I've made an exception for this one product. 

Our Black & Decker Mini Chopper - It's over 15 years old and still going strong

I use the mini-chopper for anything that needs shredding, cutting, or chopping. I especially like it for chopping garlic and onions. I'll chop one, two, or three heads of garlic in one go. Tonight was a chicken broccoli casserole, and its main feature was lots of garlic. Thanks to this handy item, I can dice a lot of garlic at once.

In our house, we've had to replace numerous appliances over that same time period. However, not this mini-chopper - it has never broken or needed any type of repair.

Our 15-year-old+ Black & Decker Mini Chopper

Not repairing or replacing an appliance for over fifteen years automatically earns said appliance a five-star rating. This little gadget is well made!

If you're looking for an affordable hostess gift or a small gift for someone, don't hesitate to choose the Black & Decker Mini Chopper. It's something that will absolutely get used, and best of all, last.

You can find the mini-chopper here on Amazon. You'll notice that our mini-chopper has a completely different look. Of course, the reason being, it's fifteen years old!

Don't hesitate to choose this product. Five stars.

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  1. I have one of these choppers too and it is a Black and Decker as well. Not quite as old as yours, but every bit as reliable. Chopping onions and garlic is the one thing I really like about this product. No tears, easy clean up and lots and lots of onions in no time at all. Thanks Barbara for a truly wonderful product review! I could not agree with you more, everyone needs one of these!

  2. I agree that Black & Decker makes excellent products. Good to hear that their mini blender has stood the 'test of time' for you. Quality workmanship will win out every time. Excellent review and recommendation, Barbara.

  3. That is great longevity for a product. I too have a mini chopper that has lasted for many years.

  4. Wow! Fifteen years for a small appliance is impressive. Like you, I've trusted Black & Decker and have yet to be let down by one of their products. I can certainly see the benefit of a mini chopper. I have a hand cranked one for nuts, but I don't have an electric chopper. Seems like it would be quite handy and a real time saver.

  5. I’m also a fan of Black & Decker products. (I recently found out that the company has rebranded itself BLACK+DECKER.) We have a wonderful Breville food processor that has a smaller work bowl that fits inside the large work bowl, but I find that when we use it to grind/grate hard cheese, nuts or other foods to a powdered consistency, a tiny bit of the whirling powder ends up getting above the lip of the smaller bowl, so we have to wash both bowls afterward. A reliable, dedicated mini-chopper like this workhorse could be a worthwhile addition to our kitchen for chopping or grinding small amounts of food!

  6. Wow 15 years is fantastic for a household appliance! Most of the new ones just don't seem to last anywhere near as long. We do not have an electric chopper but I can certainly see the benefits and we do pretty much all our cooking from scratch so it would get a lot of use. An appliance that is on our list! Thank you for the review and brand recommendation.

  7. Mine is probably 20+ years old. Also black a black and decker. My blades a really dull. That’s the only problem I have. Any ideas on how to sharpen them?


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