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Review of National Kool-Aid Day

Image of cups of Kool-aid

National Kool-Aid Day is celebrated every year on the second Friday in August. The day was likely created by Kraft Foods, the owner and marketer of the Kool-Aid brand. 


Kool-Aid was invented by Edwin Perkins of Nebraska in 1927 in his mother's kitchen. He originally created it as a concentrate called “Fruit Smack”. To save on shipping costs, Perkins removed the water content and marketed it in powder form as “Kool-Aid”. There were six original flavors: cherry, grape, lemon, orange, root beer and raspberry. Over the years, many other flavors were added.

Fun Kool-Aid Facts

  • In the 1960s, a packet of Kool-Aid cost just 10 cents. 
  • Do you remember the 1960's cartoon Kool-Aid Kids"?
  • Monkees fans trivia: Davey Jones appeared in the Kool-Aid commercials during the 1960s.
  • Did You Know? Kool-Aid is the official soft drink of the state of Nebraska.

More Things to do with Kool-Aid

Packets of Kool-Aid

Color Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid as described by Dawn Rae in her Sharpies - a Great Way to Personalize Easter Eggs review.

Make a Brew-Ha-Ha Punch for your Halloween Party with the Kool-Aid recipe in Sylvestermouse's Wicked Brews and Beverages Halloween recipes review.

Make Kool-Aid Play Dough for a fun activity for the kids. Try this easy recipe from the Growing a Jeweled Rose Website

More Kool-Aid Activities to create in this Play Learn Grow blog by Growing a Jeweled Rose, such as Kool-Aid finger paints and sidewalk chalk paint. A fun group of Kool-Aid crafts for kids. 

And – best of all – make some Kool-Aid Popsicles. They are a favorite of kids everywhere for a cooling off treat on a hot summer day. Grape was always MY kids' favorite. Silicone Popsicle molds make this treat quick & easy to do.


Grape Kool-Aid package

Kool-Aid is the favorite sugary soft drink of kids. Always perfect on a hot summer day.

Come celebrate National Kool-Aid Day on the second Friday of August each year – or on any summer day you crave a cool glass of your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid.

National Kool-Aid Day Holiday Review written by

Wednesday Elf

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  1. Oh this is so much fun. Yes, I remember Kool Aid being only pennies a glass! Those days are long gone, but Kool Aid continues on for the next generations to come. Thanks Pat for taking me back to those good ole days!

    1. It DOES bring back memories, doesn't it, Olivia. I remember the days of having pitchers of Kool-Aid because the kids wanted it all the time. Plus the summertime popsicles we always made.

  2. Loved Kool-Aid when I was a kid. This is an informative and fun review. Thanks Elf!

    1. Thanks for your visit, Mary Beth. Glad you enjoyed my fun article.

  3. Because Kool-Aid has been around my whole life, I consider it iconic and deserving of a national day of celebration. It is one of a very few drinks that everyone seems to like, and even have a favorite flavor. I remember well buying those "10 for $1" Kool-Aid packets. Because it is easy storage and an easy drink to quickly mix for a large pitcher of drink, it is the perfect flavored drink. It was always a lot less expensive then any carbonated soda, even after adding the cost of a cup of sugar. And, yes, I do remember the popsicles too. I had Tupperware popsicle molds just for that purpose.

    1. I also had those Tupperware popsicle molds, Mouse. Today they have all sorts of popsicle molds available. My kids loved those popsicles and ate them all summer long, always choosing the next flavor when we ran out.

  4. I really enjoyed reading about the history, fun facts, and creative ways to drink this enduringly popular drink mix, which I remember well from my childhood! Kraft Foods has been a consumer goods giant for many decades and developed marketing savvy early on. Declaring a mid-summer Friday to be National Kool-Aid Day is a perfect example!

    1. I love writing about those fun holidays. And yes, many are begun by major companies in honor of their products. Always interesting to research the background too.

  5. I loved Kool-Aid as a child. Especially frozen as popsicles. Or just dip your fingers in and lick the Kool-Aid off. I think my friends daughter used it to dye the ends of her hair too, lol.

    1. Now, dying the ends of your hair is a 'use' for Kool-Aid I hadn't found. Thanks for adding that idea, Barbara. A friend, whose favorite color is aqua, just had the ends of her hair dyed aqua. Not with Kool-Aid tho, as I don't think it comes in that color. LOL.

  6. I have never had any Kool-Aid, I don't think we have it here. Thank you for the history and fun facts.It sounds delicious! Frozen Popsicles would have been great in the heatwave we have had recently!:)

    1. Kool-Aid was always a popular and cooling summertime drink, Raintree Annie. American Fizz in the U.K. imports this drink packet, FYI. :)

  7. Thanks for the memories, Pat, and some very interesting facts about Kool-Aid that I didn't know. Amazing how popular Kool-Aid remains today.


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