Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Can You Feel It? Summer Is On It's Way Out! A Fashion Product Review

In Mid-August we usually start thinking about the Canadian National Exhibition!  It seems that it also heralds the beginning of the AUTUMN SEASON!  Now this year there is no Exhibition, but I can tell you that I already feel the changes in the air!

autumn leaf

Most of the time the problem with this climate change is that it's hot through the day and it can be quite chilly at night.  If you are sleeping, that is no problem, but if you are still outdoors enjoying the last bits of summer, it can become quite uncomfortable in shorts and a T-shirt!

So what can you do to make that transition easier?  Well, I for one, have found that "HOODIES" seem to be the answer in many instances.  

Who would have thought that a Grandmother of 4 would be wearing a HOODIE?  

Well I'm here to let you know that they are (in my humble opinion) a Fashion Must Have!

Hoodies are usually fabricated out of materials similar to Sweatpants, or a Fleecy type fabric.  They are either pullover style or front zipped.  Pullover styles usually have one large pocket (commonly referred to as a Kangaroo Pocket) in the center front shared by both hands, where the zipped style usually has two individual pockets.  All "Hoodies" have the aforementioned hood too to keep your head warm!

When the evenings turn cool, a nice warm Hoodie is the answer to the changing seasons. 


Amazon has Hoodies Galore!  You can start by checking them out right here! I mean lots and lots of styles and sizes, so that everyone in the family can spend those extra hours outdoors without feeling the chill in the air.

There are many other places to get Hoodies too!  Hoodies can run from $10.00 to over $100.00!  What a price range that is!  Why?  Well many people, kids and adults like to make a statement with what they wear.  Hoodies with bright copyrighted logos are very popular among the "In Crowd". 

Shein  has hoodies for the whole family and prices are affordable or not!  The choice is yours!  Let's just say that if you want to make a fashion statement, it might cost you more than if you just want a Hoodie to keep you warm without the fuss of a distinct design.

What your "Hoodie" says about you is entirely up to you!  There are just so many choices and all of them are sure to keep you nice and warm when that weather changes.

You might even find that you love that "Kangaroo Pocket", it's a great place to keep your phone, keys and a couple of dollars too, just in case the Ice Cream Truck rolls by!


ice cream truck

                                                       Image by Susan McAleer from Pixabay

Here's hoping that you enjoy these last weeks of the summer and are ready for the changing of the seasons!  It will be happening sooner than you think!

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  1. Wow. It seems summer is almost over before it hardly began. Still not hoodie weather here, but I do love them when it gets cooler. Thanks for a fun review

  2. I'm sure we are all looking forward to those cooler temps even it they do require us to grab our hoodies. I sometimes laugh at fashion. I know this generation believes they "invented" the hoodie, but I have one from my high school days (the 70's). I love it and still occasionally wear it when I am cold. And yes, it has the kangaroo pocket too.

    1. Hoodies are great for this time of year! Like you I have some that are really old, and this year I have a new one! Glad you like them!

  3. I have a collection of hoodies. Mine tend to be collage logos oriented - first my own collage and then of my kid's collages. Also, sports teams emblems are popular in my family represented on hoodies. Clever topic for review. Olivia There are so many choices. :)

    1. Oh I'm sure there are some of those in your closet! Glad you enjoy the wearing of these Hoodies to show your support! Yes, there are so many choices it's hard to stop at one!

  4. Am I the only one who hasn’t yet worn a hoodie? Apparently I’ve been missing out! My internal “thermostat” seems to be broken, so I’m very often too hot or too cold, and I tend to get chills when I’m tired, even if the ambient temperature isn’t cool. I guess it’s time for me to start thinking about my first hoodie!

    1. Once you have one Margaret, you will wonder how you did without them! They really are a versatile fashion look for almost everyone. So many styles, colors and logos!

  5. Glad you liked it Mary Beth and I'm happy for you that you still get some warm weather. One day soon, you just might need that Hoodie, so get ready!

  6. I would say summer went by quick, but so much going on in our life that it's really dragged out for me lol - and hoodie-weather, YES! I'm ready for hoodies. It's been blistering hot here for the past several weeks, so that cooler late summer weather can't come soon enough.

  7. It is still really warm here day and night, but I am looking forward to those cooler evenings and have my hoodie at the ready when I need it. They are so useful to give that little extra warmth when you need it and means we can stay outside a bit longer in the evenings :)

  8. The zip up hoodies are my favorite, although I do have many pullovers. I do love the Kangaroo pockets in the front, they are perfect for my glasses. Thanks Olivia for the great selections.


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