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Sleep Headphones for Side Sleepers

 I'm reviewing my Musicozy Wireless Sports Headwear aka headband speakers which I use when I'm sleeping.

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Let's start with why I was looking for some headband speakers.   I have been on a bit of a health journey since the beginning of 2018.   This journey first focused on my nutrition (learn more here), then on the exercise component of good health as well as personal development.

I had always thought that personal development was a great idea for some people, but I didn't need it!  I really believe that some of the personal development practices I used helped keep me on track with my journey while enriching my life in so many ways.   If you're thinking about starting a personal development journey yourself I recommend working through The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.  

As life got in the way I started spending less time on my personal development, my morning journaling, affirmations, reading dwindled from 30 mins to 20 to 10 until I stopped doing any work at all.   Initially, I didn't really notice it, but gradually changes took place and I found myself in a really negative headspace. 

I was talking to my daughter about things and somehow the conversation shifted to sleeping and she told me she listens to affirmations and meditations as she's going to sleep.   The idea intrigued me as I thought that would be great, except I didn't think my husband would be impressed if he had to listen to them!

Not long after our conversation, my husband had to go away for work for a week so I decided to see if I could sleep listening to some of the offerings on YouTube.   Now a couple had voices that really annoyed my so it may take you a while to find the perfect fit for you, but I did find a channel that I liked.   I listened as I was going to sleep and after a couple of days, I was convinced that I needed to find a way to keep this practice up.

My daughter recommended I look for some headband speakers so I turned to Amazon.   I searched for headband speakers and then I saw that some mentioned side sleepers so I narrowed my search to these.   I ended up buying the Musicozy Wireless Sports Headwear (the official title on the box), they were actually listed on Amazon as Musicozy Sleep Headphones Headband.

Musicozy Wireless Sports Headwear - The Review

There were lots of headband speakers to choose from and I wish I could say that I did a lot of research to narrow down my choice but I basically looked for ones that said they were suitable for side sleepers, that connected to Bluetooth and weren't too expensive.   The reason I didn't want to spend too much is that I really wasn't sure I'd be able to sleep with them.

I had narrowed it down to two different ones and was trying to decide if I wanted black or the grey marl when I saw that Musicozy had an animal print design - decision made!

 So the company says (in italics):

  • Wireless headphones with excellent sound quality - the sound quality really is good, but they do say on Amazon that they are noise-canceling which they are not.  For my purposes, that's fine as I want to hear if there are any noises at night, but if you're looking at using them at the gym they may not be for you.
  • Built-in microphone, hands free talking - I haven't used the microphone as I have only used them for listening while I sleep and I can't see any reviewers talking about this feature
  • Effective wireless range up to 10 meters/33 feet - personally I have my phone on my bedside table so I haven't tested the range, but I have read a few reviewers who find they can walk around their house and remain connected.
  • Three buttons control all music/call functions - I love that there are only three buttons (I only use the middle one) as I will often wake up in the early hours and want to take it off so I can just press the middle button, without the need of my glasses or the light, to turn it off and put it on the side before going back to sleep. 
  • Built-in rechargeable li-polymer battery - on Amazon it says that the charging takes 1-2 hours and it will hold the charge for 10 hours.   I am sure mine holds the charge longer than 10 hours.  The first time I charged it I did find it a little fiddly to do, but not sure if that was just me!  It's very easy and I usually put it on charge in the morning as I'm doing things so I don't know how long it actually takes.

Note for side sleepers

I sleep on my side and although the speakers are thin I will admit that I still wasn't convinced that I should lie on my side so the first night I slept on my back which resulted in snoring which resulted in a grumpy husband and sore throat!

The next couple of nights I actually slept on my side but I rested my head on my arm so that I wasn't pressing down on the speakers.  This was quite comfortable, but I woke up during the night and took the headband off.   Finally, on the fourth or fifth night, I just rested my head on the pillow as usual and it was really good.   I did find that I could turn the volume down slightly when I wasn't on my back or rested on my arm so that was good.

I definitely found that I could sleep on my side with these speakers and recommend them to any fellow side sleepers out there.

Note for people sharing a bed

The big test for these speakers was whether or not they disturbed my husband's sleep.   Some nights he can be a light sleeper and when something wakes him up it will take him a long time to go back to sleep.   His response to my sleep headphones - "I couldn't hear a thing".

In summary, I am really happy with my purchase and hope that my review has helped anyone who would like to listen to meditations, affirmations or music while drifting off to sleep.

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  1. I didn't know there was such a thing as a headband with speakers. I have a small wireless Bluetooth speaker that I love for talking on the phone hands free, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they come in other versions. Glad the Musicozy headband speakers are working so well for you.

  2. What a wonderful recommendation! I probably wouldn't use the headband at night, but good to know you can comfortably sleep with them on. However, I would use them when cutting the grass or exercising. I often like to listen to music that others in the room with me would not enjoy. Seems like this would be a lightweight solution to that too instead of wearing my more bulky headphones.

  3. I've purchased these in the form of a winter touque for family members, and have seen them for sleeping. I appreciate this review because I go to bed every night listening to spiritual videos on youtube - I'm currently using earbuds - actually I use one earbud on the side that's not against the pillow. I always fall asleep to these videos and wake up in the middle of the night and remove them from my ears. I've been curious about these headband earphones. Oh, I also sleep with an eye mask, so I'm not exactly the picture of beauty when I go to bed - I should add these headphones to clinch the deal. Oh, and in the winter I sleep with a hoody with the hood up, and eyemask and earbuds LOL - Thanks for this - I'm seriously considering these

  4. I have been using AcousticSheep SleepPhones Effortless bluetooth headband speakers every night for many years to listen to audiobooks. (I call them my "bedtime stories," since they give me something other than worries to focus on and help me fall asleep.) My headband speakers are the first item I pack when I travel, since I am sure to have difficulty falling asleep without them! Like you, I am a side sleeper, and these Musicozy headband speakers seem similar to the ones I have, although mine have a narrower, lighter weight band and are not waterproof, since they are intended exclusively for sleeping. My headband speakers are the first item I pack when I travel, since I am sure to have difficulty falling asleep without them! I started with wired headband speakers, and I agree that bluetooth ones are definitely the way to go.

  5. Okay Louanne, I did not know there was such a thing as speakers for night time use. I have trouble sleeping most nights and we have used one of our bluetooth speakers to play soft music at night. My other half sleeps like a log so it doesn't bother him at all, but these sound like an even better option! Thank you for this review, I will have to look into them as well.

  6. Wow! I never knew such a thing even existed. Fran listens to music and books all the time while walking. I'm glad you found what you needed and it seems to work so well for you. Thanks Lou for the recommendation.

  7. I have not heard of these before. They sound like they work very well for you. I think they would be lovely for listening to music and for guided meditations. I am not sure I would sleep with them on but I would use them when resting and also when exercising. Thank you for the recommendation!


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