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Julia Child's Apron

Learn a bit more about Julia Child, the famous television chef and author's apron!

The pandemic world sent many people who previously spent little time cooking into their kitchens where many learned that a good apron protects your clothing from stains and can also keep your kitchen tools (and your cellphone) close at hand. There are many styles of aprons but, if you want to follow the lead of Julia Child, the famous American chef, cooking teacher, author, and television personality, you should know that she preferred her aprons plain and sturdy. Pretty and frilly, she felt, is not useful. She once said of a pretty apron that was gifted to her, "Oh, Dearie, dainty doesn't do in the kitchen."

That quote comes from EllynAnne Geisel’s 2002 HuffPost interview with Julia Child on the eve of her ninetieth birthday. They discussed Child’s apron memory and Child told Geisel that she had not worn an apron at all until she met her husband Paul and that she then adopted the Cordon Bleu tradition of wearing a blue denim apron with a towel draped over the ties at the waist. It makes sense that the Cordon Bleu (and Child) wanted an apron that was simple and serviceable and that the towel is better for wiping hands on than the apron.

On Geisel’s blog post, she says that she recorded an hour-long interview with Child and that the recording is safely tucked away for safekeeping. Wouldn’t you like to hear that interview? 

In the 1970s, Child was a cooking icon and Saturday Night Live created a parody skit. According to the L.A. Times, Child was delighted and agreed that “cooking is often messy...” When faced with mess, Child continued on and was, I am sure, glad she had her apron on.


I went looking and could not find an apron exactly like the one that Julia Child wore. However, I found this interesting denim apron by Chef Works that should prove suitably durable and that has two pockets and a tie for tucking that all important towel into. Shown here is the full-length bistro apron that is available with or without a bib as well as in varying lengths. Find Chef Works' denim bistro apron on Amazon here.

Here's an apron, reminiscent of the one Julia Child wore. Denim, with pockets for kitchen tools and an all-important tie for tucking your towl into.


Julia Child fabric ornament by Silk Road Bazaar

Julia Child wooden peg doll by Peg and Plum.

In my search, I also found these two great gift ideas. That is, a Julia Child fabric ornament by Silk Road Bazaar and a Julia Child wooden peg doll by Peg and Plum both of which wear an apron, are from Etsy and would make unusual gifts for any fan of the television chef.


If you’re curious about the famous chef, you have probably already seen the movie Julie and Julia  starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. But did you know that in 2021, HBO picked up a new television drama series called Julia? It is currently in production with no release date available as of yet but I know some of us are waiting to watch the series.

See you
in the kitchen!

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  1. I am loving your apron series, Brenda. And fun to hear Julie Child's apron opinion. I recently began wearing a vendor's apron - half apron with big pockets across the front - when I participate in our weekly Farmer's Market as a crafting vendor. Very handy to have my money and my cell phone right at my fingertips for helping customers.

    1. Thanks, Elf. Interesting how often a pocket for the cellphone is mentioned!

  2. Brenda, your apron series is not only interesting and informative, but also delightful! I've been a huge fan of Julia Child's since the 1960s and loved seeing one of her kitchens, which she donated to the Smithsonian's Natural Museum of American History in 2001, three years before her death. I can well imagine the pragmatic and passionate chef responding to a gift of a frilly apron with "Oh, Dearie, dainty doesn't do in the kitchen," lol. I think she would have loved the apron you found, which does look quite similar to the one she wore. And that ornament is one I just might have to add to my tree! Thanks for another wonderful review.

  3. Thanks, Margaret for your visit and kind comments. I read about Julia Child's kitchen being in the Smithsonian's Natural Museum of American History and would love to see it one day! Someone was brilliant when they thought to preserve it.

  4. Thanks for a very interesting review. I often wear an apron when cooking for company, especially after I've already changed clothes and I'm putting the finishing touches on the meal. I've never thought of putting my cell phone in the pocket..but that does make sense.

    1. Definitely a good idea to put your apron on when you are dressed for company!

  5. I love the apron you found and featured Brenda, especially since it has pockets (a must in my opinion) I remember the Julia Child cooking show, but I admit I watched her more for entertainment than cooking advice. I tend to prefer the old-fashioned frilly aprons, but I certainly understand why Child did not.

    1. Yes, it seems unanimous that if you're going to be in the kitchen a lot more even than most of us do daily, you need a sturdy apron.

  6. I love the quote, "dainty doesn't do in the kitchen!" For anyone who followed Julia Child they would love to have that ornament I'm sure. Love all your apron reviews!

  7. Thanks, Olivia. That quote is definitely something we can picture coming from Julia Child.

  8. It is interesting to hear Julie Child's opinions on aprons.Fantastic quote "Oh, Dearie, dainty doesn't do in the kitchen." Have to admit I am more on the messy side of cooking so I do now wear an apron. I do like my apron which is practical being easy washable, but it is also pretty and I like that. Pockets are a must though! Thank you for your informative and fun apron reviews!

  9. What a terrific article! You've given me a great idea for a Christmas gift for a friend of mine - an apron and a Julie Child's ornament. Love it. Also, Julie and Julia is a fun movie.


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