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10 Ways To Be Happy Even When Life is a Bucket of Lemons


What? You Can Choose Happiness?

Can you force yourself to be happy? Is that even possible? 

We've seen it written all over the internet, "happiness is a choice."

Is Happiness a Choice?

I think it is a choice. Stress, problems, situations, difficulties ... let's face it; we will ALWAYS have those to deal with.

So, where does the choice come in? 

For me, it's deciding that no matter what living nightmare is going in my world, I'll find a way and moments to speak positively or to simply remember to speak with a smile on my face.

Just because I'm writing an article on "Ways to be Happy" does not mean my life is perfect. Far, far from it! I have issues coming at me daily, but I refuse to be sucked into the pits of  dark energy, or as some see it, "hell."

Ten Personal Ways to Be Happy:

1.  Wear Happiness and Hope

I'm speaking literally right now, wear a piece of clothing or jewelry that says "Happy" or "Hope" on it. You don't have to wear it every day, but on the days you feel you need a pick-me-up, dress up with happiness and hope. Check out what I'm wearing today. My Hope necklace was a gift from a friend. The word hope is my personal word. What's a personal word? It's your go-to repetitive word you call upon to clear your mind. To yourself, repeat your word over and over until you've forgotten what you wanted to forget!

Wearing "Happy" and "Hope"

2. Move Your Body

For those who have health issues, moving can be a serious problem. The good news is that you don't have to head to a gym to get moving! Do anything that involves movement! Housework, cooking, stretches, or, if you can, go for a walk or bike ride. Personally, I work and move at the same time using the Cubii, which I highly recommend. It's under my desk, and I can't say enough positive things about it. I do office work and get a workout at the same time. Pedaling while working is a wonderful stress reliever.

3. Help Other People

I know what you're thinking! Girl, how can I focus on other people when my life is all-consuming? Guess what, force yourself to do it. If talking, texting, or going out with a friend isn't possible, simply pray for them. No matter your belief system, there's nothing wrong with focusing your giving energy on the people in your life.

I do this all the time. I go on prayer bike rides (that's what I call them). I get physical and spiritual exercise all at the same time. I spend a good forty minutes praying for each person in my life. The prayers are specific to their needs. It clears my head, and although I'll never really know if I've helped them in any way, I begin to feel like a whole person again who holds onto love when all else fails.

4. Laugh

A lot of people do this. One of my sons is particularly hilarious, and he does a comedy skit for me almost every day, and he makes my day and changes my mental state every single time. I told him, "if I'm ever in a coma, come in the room and do these skits, and I'll absolutely wake up!" If you don't have a comedian in the family, watch comedians on YouTube. Here, go watch Sebastian Maniscalco; he's frigging hysterical. My funny son has his routines down!

5. Dance, Yah, Dance

Put on some music and dance, by yourself or with someone in the house! Be spontaneous and just do it. Especially if your head is filled with all kinds of non-productive trash. Physical activity helps the body to clear the mind. 

6. Remember About 85% of the Things People Worry About Never Happen

Don't believe me? Here's an article featured on NBC News that talks about how to manage our worry gene. Worrying about things that haven't happened is a particular waste of energy. At first, it's difficult to turn off the worry bug in your head; however, think about all the things you've worried about that never happened! Energy is energy, and worry energy is still energy. Change your vibration using any method you can to refocus your magnetic field on something constructive and positive.

8. Tackle a Personal Project

Taking on a creative project is an ideal way to redirect your energy. Write, knit, draw, paint, or start a DIY home or garden design. Consume your mind with something you are personally vested in. It doesn't have to be something extravagant. Just do it! 

9. Socially Support Your Friends Online

Most of us know of people working a small online businesses. When you're not sure what to do for yourself, that's a good time to start doing for other people. Go visit their web pages or product pages, and share their work and ideas. Take the focus off of yourself and just give of yourself for the benefit of others. It's difficult for many people right now, so I like to help my friends out - it takes me out of my own head, and yes, it makes me happy.

10. Dress for the Day

Working from home or not working at all can drag us into track-suit hell. Make an effort to clean your room every single day. Get dressed into something nice and clean yourself up. Start your day with intention!

Here's an Inspirational Video about Love and Light I Created - I Hope you enjoy it <3 - If Viewing Via Mobile, the Video is Here

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  1. Oh Barbara, you have hit the nail on the head! Happiness is a choice we make on a minute by minute basis sometimes. Other times it can last a lot longer. It is a choice and you have given us great ways to make that choice easier. Thank You!

    1. Olivia, thank you. It is a choice, and sometimes we just have to fake til we make it, as they say. It works doesn't it.

  2. Barbara, your commitment to living with intention in the light, and redoubling that commitment when dark energy threatens to suck the happiness and hope from your life is one of the things I love and admire most about you. Although I have made a lot of progress in this area, it’s something I still struggle with, so I am especially grateful for your post today, which serves as a beautifully worded and helpful reminder of things I know but too often forget in the midst of stress, sadness or fear. I just revisited your wonderful video poem and it was like a balm for the soul. Thank you, too, for introducing me to the comedy of Sebastian Maniscalco. He’s hilarious!

    1. Thank you Margaret, your light shines very bright, and inspires me as well. I have a list of friends on and off line who help me with my own struggles (seeing positively) and you are absolutely one of them. Sebastian Maniscalco is such a huge comedian now too! He fills stadiums! - watch his other skits ... so funny! He's not vulgar either which makes his comedy even better.

  3. Your beautiful words and compassionate view of life and living will bring hope and happiness to all who read this. You speak 'from the heart' in many ways, Barbara, not just in words, but in the way you live your life and the effect you have on the people around you. Thank you.

    1. Pat, thank you. I try and most of the time can beat the battles (mentally) - takes effort, just like exercising the body - thanks kindly for being so supportive to all us, and for all you do.

  4. I agree Barbara, happiness is a choice and sometimes we forget that. I appreciate your beautiful inspiration is has already made my day brighter. I loved you video!! Thanks for making my day :)

  5. As always, you are an inspiration! We all deal with difficult things. I agree with you that most often how we deal with them is key. I frequently tell family members (tongue in cheek) to please worry about it, because if you worry about it, it won't happen. Thank you for your excellent reminders and recommendations of ways to be happy always.

    1. LOL at what you tell your family! That's excellent!!

  6. others have said you are truly an inspiration. I agree with you happiness Is a choice and one we must make each day. Thank you for an inspiring review.

    1. Mary Beth, thank you so much, your support is always noticed, and appreciated <3

  7. I especially love what you shared about your prayer rides. What a beautiful way to actively bathe those you love in the light. Thank you for you.

  8. Love your interesting and creative ways to be happy. Sometimes being happy is a difficult challenge and stress and worry dominates. Someone once said to me or I read it, can't recall now that - Worry is imagination out of control. Positive and practical steps are healthier for us, if we can possibly do that. Thank you for your heartfelt and lovely ways for people to maintain or work towards a state of happiness.


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