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Aootek 182 Solar Light Reviewed - A Favorite!

The Aootek 182 Solar Light is by far my favorite solar light that delivers as promised. Bright, easy to install, easy to use and an environmentally friendly solar solution.

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Old housing stock can be a challenge! Are the electrical sockets ever conveniently located? Ever located in a place you actually could use a socket? Unless your home or condo or apartment has been updated at quite the expense with new wiring - outdoor lighting can be a challenge.


It is very, very easy to install the Aootek Solar light. The hardware comes with the light, but I found a reviewer had a valuable suggestion for those who do not want to wield a screwdriver. The two holes which could be used for the screws can be used with cable ties to attach the light. As we were in the middle of a polar vortex the logistics of cold, snow, ice and installation was not practical.

I simply used two cable ties and attached the light to a fence in the same area of the hard wired light which did not make it through the winter. Perfect!

Three Convenient Brightness Settings

The light has three settings:

1. Security Option: Light turns on with motion automatically and then turns off automatically.

2. All Night Option: Light turns on at night automatically and stays on until sunrise.

3. Combination Motion and Dimmer: Bright light triggered with motion and when motion ceases the light stays on but will be dimmer until sunrise.

As two lights were included with the purchase I use Option 1 for the garage area and Option 3 for the deck. Option 3 works wonderfully if you have a dog as the light will be bright when the dog is being let out and then is dim for the porch area.

The light is very bright. This is not garden decorative lighting; if bright and secure is your desire then this light is a great option.

Aootek 182 Solar Light Review banner

Setting the Options

There is a toggle button on the back of the light to access the three settings. My one consideration with the light is the design of the button. The button is covered with a plastic plug which can be a challenge to remove then place back after the setting is chosen. I suggest tweezers or a comparable tool to help with this feature.


Because the light is solar, the light does need to be charged with sunlight before installation. I admit I was a bit skeptical with the lack of sunshine in the upper midwest in the winter. I have been disappointed before with solar lights as they just could not stay charged in the winter months or even become charged if installed in the "shade".

This light is a champ. On a rare(!) sunny day, I charged the light inside at a sunny window. The light was then installed in an area which receives very little sunshine anytime of the year. No problem! 

I highly recommend the Aootek Solar Lights. There is a reason this light has over 20,000 reviews and this light delivers as promised at an economical purchase price and then uses the sun to power the light flawlesly.

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  1. Well, just in time Tracey. We have a light out side that just quit working. I been thinking about changing it to a motion light. What great idea to use the cable ties I can see where that would be much easier. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. What an ideal light for outdoor lighting. A solar outdoor motion sensor light would be ideal over trying to mount and maintain a standard plug-in light. Great recommendation, Tracey.

  3. Having light around the exterior of your home is extremely important. You are certainly right about plugs/wiring not being where you often need them to be for critical lighting. This is an awesome solution! We have tried several solar products, most stay too dim even if they charge. It is so nice to know what will actually work! Thanks for the great recommendation

  4. Outdoor lighting can be such a tricky thing to accomplish if you have to wire it. Solar is the way to go and I'm so happy that you have found one that works so well. I'm thinking that my son's cottage might have some good use for these lights. Will forward this review on to him. Thanks Tracey for this great review.

  5. What a wonderful find, Tracey! I'm definitely going to share this with my husband. We currently have electricity-powered outdoor lighting, and I love the idea of a solar-powered option. Thanks for your review!

  6. This really does sound like a great outdoor lighting solution. Thanks for the recommend.

  7. I want one or two. I've been looking for something for our backyard, and I love these. You've saved me a lot of running around to find the right one - thank you!

  8. This solar light is a great idea! We do not have outside electrical wiring so for most outdoor lighting we need to rely on solar or battery lights. I love solar powered lights and it is useful to have several around the house and garden/garage areas. I like that it has a security and an all night option. It is great to know it is working so well. Thank you for sharing.


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