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Mothers Day Cards from the Dog

Let's review some Mother's Day cards for a dogmom.   As a dogmum myself I have to say that I have never received a Mother's Day card from the dog, but apparently it is something that is increasing in popularity. 

Mothers Day Cards from the dog - image of a dog and his dog mum/dog mom

I guess it's quite understandable that the dog would send Mothers Day cards as we lavish a lot of attention on our fur babies.  A number of people I know have a family of furbabies instead of human children whether by choice or not - why shouldn't they be celebrated?

I came across the idea of Mother's Day cards while looking at Zazzle's selection of Mother's Day cards.  If you purchase your Mother's Day cards online through a print on  demand site such as Zazzle you will get a great quality card that usually has an option for you to personalize it.   There is often a larger selection of cards and you can find a number of original designs.   You are also helping a small designer to contribute to their family's income - trust me they do a happy dance every time they make a sale!

There were so many designs to choose from that it was really hard to decide on just a couple of feature so if you don't like the ones below check out the rest here - Selection of Mother's Day Cards from the Dog.

I love this Mother's Day card as it's a  very simple design that can be beautifully personalized by adding a photo of your own dog/dogs and even changing the text:

Another card that can be totally personalized (and a picture of the dog with their mom would be perfect) is this next one. This is one that I personally prefer over the other as I love the I Woof You sentiment!

These are only two of the thousands of cards that are available, so feel free to click on the link above these cards if neither of them grab you. 

The great thing about Zazzle (besides their amazing card quality and printing quality) is the comprehensive range available so you could even search for labrador Mother's Day cards, pug Mother's Day cards etc. 

What do you think of the idea of receiving a Mother's Day card from the dog? I love it and may just have to leave this article open on the computer for my husband to see!

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  1. Oh I know a few dog moms that would absolutely love these cards. What a cute idea! Thanks Louanne!

  2. It's a terrific idea, Lou. In fact, my brother and sister-in-law have a Boston Terrier (Abbi) who - for reasons we have never figured out - absolutely adores ME and has since we first met. They call me "Auntie Pat" to Abbi and she gets SO excited when she either hears my name or sees me. Over the years I have received a number of Christmas and Birthday cards from "ABBI". LOL. So having a Mother's Day card from the dog is perfect and makes sense to me. :)

  3. My furbabies have always given me Mother's Day cards (thanks to their dad). They even sign the cards with little paws. Those cards are very important to me. I have saved every one that I have received over the years. Of course, I make over the pup when I open the cards so they know the card elicited an exciting response. We love our dogs! Of course they should be a part of any and every celebration!

  4. When my sister sends me holiday or birthday cards, her dog is always included in the signature, which I love. I agree that, as beloved family members, they should be included in all family celebrations! These cards are a wonderful idea!

  5. These are so cute. If my mother-in-law, god rest her soul, were still here, she would absolutely love one of these cards for Mother's Day. She adored her pets. This is a lovely idea.

  6. How wonderful these cards are and what a great idea. I know several people that would absolutely adore these cards.

  7. This is a lovely idea! We don't have a dog right now but when we did we always got a card from him for special occasions, personally delivered with great pride and happiness. He loved to carry things- anything- and cards were proudly paraded around the room for a few minutes before eventually delivered lol!! Pets are a integral part of the family. I always loved cards from our gorgeous dogs.


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