Thursday, April 22, 2021

Spring in Full Bloom

spring flowering tree  photo by mbgphoto
Spring Trees and Bushes

Last month when spring was just beginning, I shared with you my tips for early spring walks.  Now that spring is in full bloom, I will review some of my favorite spring flowers and flowering trees and bushes.  I hope you enjoy my photographs and a bit of facts on each of the types of blooms.

Lilac Bushes

Lilac bushes are my very favorite spring bloom.  I love the beautiful purple flowers and the fragrant blooms.  Here is a photo from the lilac bush in the corner of my yard.  This bloom is just starting to open and I was able to capture it right after a rain shower while there was still drops of water on the leaves.

lilac bush photo by mbgphoto

Lilac bushes are very easy to grow and take little care other than good soil and sunshine.  They are a deciduous bush that blooms for about two weeks in late spring or early summer.  The most common color is a light lavender shade but they are also have bushes that are a darker purple, burgundy, white and shades of pink.

Red Bud Trees

I love the look of red bud trees in the spring.  In the midwest, where I live, you can see them dotting the wooded hillsides as you drive down the highways.  There are also a lot in our subdivision.  The photo below is one in my neighbors yard.

Redbud Tree photo by mbgphoto

Redbud trees boast beautiful clusters of lavender-pink flowers in the early spring.  These flowers last for several weeks and then are replaced with delightful heart shaped leaves.

Redbud trees are easy to grow and need well drained soil and full sun or light shade.  The grow well in USDA Zones 4-8, and should be planted in early spring.  There are several different varieties of redbuds so you will want to choose one that is best suited for your area.

Here are a few more photos from spring blooming trees.  They are shots I took at a park and I'm not sure of the type of trees, but I thought they were quite beautiful.

pink blossoms on tree photo by mbgphoto

crab apple blossom photo by mbgphoto


pink tulip photo by mbgphoto

I love tulips.  For me they are the perfect spring flower.  There are lots of tulips in my neighbors yards when I go on my daily works and they always bring a smile to my face.

orange tulip photo by mbgphoto

Here is a card I made from one of my tulip photos.

When I searched online about tulips, I found several interesting facts.  Tulips are part of the Lily family and the petals are edible.  Most tulips sprout a single flower but there are a few varieties that have up to four flowers on one stem.  There are actually 1000's of varieties of tulips.

Did you know that in the 1600's tulips were considered to be quite valuable in the Netherlands.  In fact some cost as much as houses.

The beautiful blooms from tulip bulbs last only about 7-10 days until they start to whither and die.

Spring Annuals

purple & yellow pansies photo by mbgphoto

One of my favorite spring annuals is the pansy.  This cheerful little flower is ideal for that time of year when you will still get cold mornings and possibly a little frost.  They bounce right back after a brief cold spell and florish until the really warm weather sets in.  I love having a pot of these flowers on my porch in early spring.  They are a favorite flower to photograph too.  I always think they look like cheerful little faces looking toward the sun.

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  1. Lilac bushes have always been favorites of mine. Growing up, we had one on either side of our back door - one lavender and one white. And the pansy flower is my very favorite. As a child I remember being entranced by seeing so many color variations and how the petals felt like velvet. I remember my mother telling my 10-year-old self we had to pinch off the dead flower to have the pansy flower again. Your beautiful photographs bring back some lovely memories.

  2. Wow your photos are simply gorgeous!You made a lovely card with your Tulip flower photo. I love our visit here to Spring in full bloom. Spring is such a magical time and embraces new life and so much beauty. I love so many Spring flowers and blossoming trees and there is always something new that decided to flower! Thank you for this beautiful article.

  3. As always Mary Beth your photos are outstanding. I love when everything starts to bloom in the spring. Here in Western NY we are having a bit of a setback. Yesterday and today the temperatures are in the 20's with snow. I really hope this weather doesn't damage the spring buds.

  4. Absolutely stunning photos Mary Beth. The bushes and flowers you have chosen to highlight are some of my favorites too. After a long cold winter, certain scents just make you long for those longer, brighter days. I can't think of anything better than spring in the garden!

  5. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous spring bloom photos. I love every one of them. I did not know the history of the tulip and found that quite fascinating. If I ever figure out time travel, I'll be sure to take my tulips with me to the 1600's. My red bud is not in full bloom yet, still just pretty little buds. Now I can hardly wait to see it's lovely flowers.

  6. Here in New England, spring hasn’t quite “sprung” yet, so I especially appreciate being able to share your beautiful, sunny spring walk vicariously. As always, your photos are fantastic, and I love seeing the vibrant colors. I can almost feel the velvety texture of the petals! Thanks so much for sharing this delightful, early spring excursion. ❤️

  7. Your photos are beautiful. I loved how you captured the photo of the Lilac. They are one of my favorite spring blooms - mom has a lilac tree and I look forward to it's blooming every year - It's been on her property since I grew up there. Has a special meaning.


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