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Photography Tips for Early Spring Walks


light purple crocus photo by mbgphoto
Crocus are a First Sign of Spring

I am thoroughly enjoying my early spring walks.  The weather is warming up and buds are on the trees.  The crocus are blooming so I know that spring is on it's way.  In reviewing information for this post I came across several poems about crocuses.  On this post I will review my tips for photographing early spring and also share a poem I discovered.

Crocus Poem

I found many different poems about crocuses online.  Some were older poems and many were new.  Here is one that spoke to me and it is old enough that it is now in the public domain.  It speaks to how I feel when I see my first crocuses of the year.

crocus poem

yellow crocus photo by mbgphoto

Camera for my early spring walks

This year I received a new iPhone for my birthday in February so I've been busy exploring the features that it has in the camera and editing features.  It is a iPhone 11pro, which has three cameras and some amazing editing features for a phone.

  1. 12MP regular camera | 26mm f/1.8 | Optical image stabilization
  2. 12MP ultra-wide camera | 13mm f/2.4 | 120-degree field of view
  3. 12MP telephoto / portrait lens | 52mm f/2.0 | Optical image stabilization

I have found that the camera takes some really great photos and decided to use it exclusively for this review.  The added benefit is that I can carry it in my pocket during my walk and easily pull it out to take a photo when I see something I want to shoot.

The link below shows the phone my husband bought me from Amazon.  We have always had really good luck buying their renewed products.

Early Spring Photography

ornamental grass photo by mbgphoto

While walking in our neighborhood park, I noticed the way the grasses looked so beautiful against the bright blue sky. I took out my phone and photographed them from several directions.  I wanted to capture the way they looked in the sunlight so I tried all angles to find the best look.  The next week when I walked in the same park I noticed that the grasses had been cut down to get ready for new growth.  I'm glad I photographed them when I did.

Don't Forget the Buds

pussy willow bud photo by mbgphoto

When you are photographing in late winter/early spring, don't forget to capture the new buds forming on trees and bushes.  They can make some great photos.  You will want to get in very close to capture all the details in the buds like the photo above of a pussy willow.

hyacinth photo by mbgphoto

Buds on spring flowers poking through the ground can also make great photos.  These hyacinth bulbs are just poking through the ground.  I will be back to photograph them when they are in full bloom.

A Trip to the River

Missouri River photo by mbgphoto

If you have water near you, they can also make some great early spring photos.  We had a hard freeze for several weeks in early February and when it finally got warmer the ice broke up on the river.  I took this photo down at the Missouri river where you can see the ice floating down stream.

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  1. Wow Mary Beth, your pictures really are gorgeous. I never thought of taking my phone with me on my walks. That is something I will definitely start to do. Our spring flowers are so very much behind yours. So thank you for the hope you give me! I'm ready now!

  2. We just had the last of the snow leave the ground yesterday, so it will be awhile before we see even the crocus peek it's early head. As for buds on the trees, still a couple weeks away this far north in Iowa. So meanwhile I shall enjoy your beautiful photos of the first signs of early Spring. Especially enjoyed the pussy willow - a reminder of the pussy willow tree in our yard when I was 6 and 7, one of my very favorite memories from childhood.

  3. Amazing photos! It is hard to believe a small iPhone camera(s)could capture such sharp images. I already know it has a lot to do with the photographer behind the lens. I think many of us have been craving the spring this year. I enjoy winter walks, but everything is so beautiful in the spring. A photographers paradise for sure!

  4. Spring is one of my fave times of year in part due to all the beautiful flowers. I love your gorgeous photos! It is such a good idea to take a camera with us on walks as you never know what you might find and nature is changing all the time! I agree with you about taking photos of new buds and grasses look beautiful especially against a blue sky.Crocus always make my heart fill with joy with their stunning colours and beauty.Thank you for sharing your photographs on your Spring walks :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


  6. Mary Beth, your photos are always a delight, and that lovely poem definitely touched a chord in me, too. I have always had a special place in my heart for pussy willow, and like Wednesday Elf, have fond childhood memories of them. The iPhone 11 Pro sounds like an amazing birthday gift, especially for a talented photographer! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, the wonderful poem, and the excellent tips.

  7. Always amazing pictures from you Mary Beth. It seems that your new iPhone takes some great pictures. Very sharp and clear, but I think the photographer had a lot do with such beautiful pictures. We still have snow on the ground here in Western New York so nothing is growing yet.

  8. Your photos are always beautiful, and filled with nature's beauty. I find your photos relaxing. In today's world, that's a wonderful gift to give to others - just with a photograph. I used to look so forward to the Crocuses in our yard. They don't come up anymore, but I remember when the kids were little, they were a sign of a new season on the horizon. Makes me miss those days a bit. Lovely poem.

  9. Many good ideas here. We've never thought to photograph the ice break up but that is a great idea.


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