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Reviewing The Gift of Pandora Jewelry

I thought I would review Pandora jewelry here and find out why giving the gift of Pandora is always going to be appreciated by those Pandora lovers that you know.

Pandora Jewelry Review - Pandora bracelets and Pandora beads are a great gift idea
Pandora Jewelry - Leather Bracelet & Silver Bracelet

I first became aware of Pandora in the early 2000s when they started to open their concept stores.  My sister-in-law & a couple of my nieces were really enamored with the customized Pandora bracelets and it made gift buying for them as easy as picking a bead you thought they'd like!

At my workplace, there were so many people sporting Pandora bracelets it, personally, put me off having one myself.   However, when my daughter was given a Pandora bead on a chain to wear as a necklace I started to change my mind.    

Silver Cat Pandora Charm
Cat Pandora Charms on Amazon

I have written about my journey into Pandora charms which began in 2011 before - read all about it on Wizzley.   My daughter got her first Pandora jewelry in 2011 and the charms are still being put on her Birthday/Christmas list, in fact as she's now a cat mom she got a beautiful cat charm from one of her friends for her birthday.

The introduction image is of my two Pandora bracelets - the original one I talk about in my Wizzley article, a leather bracelet and a beautiful silver one that my daughter brought me a few years ago.

I love the fact that you can totally customize your Pandora jewelry which is probably why it continues to be so popular.   

The Pandora bracelet continues to be one of the most popular pieces that people buy the charms for, but they do also offer rings and necklaces that are also amazing.

Buying Pandora Jewelry Online

The other thing that I have noticed over the years is how more and more you can purchase your Pandora jewelry online.   You can purchase them through Pandora themselves or through Amazon.

When purchasing online you'll notice that there are a number of other companies that sell charms which can fit on Pandora.   The majority of people I know do NOT appreciate getting other charms so if you are looking for a gift you might want to be careful.

Do you have any Pandora jewelry?   They are the third largest jewelry company in the world so as a gift idea I would say they deserve a big thumbs up.

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  1. Oh Pandora, the name fits this company so well, because once you open a Pandora box, you want more. I was given a Pandora bracelet for Christmas one year and I love it. Now my kids just need to fill it up with charms! I have a few, but would love more! I will look into the new company that is starting up here in Canada too! Thanks Louanne!

  2. I would love to have a Pandora bracelet and charms. I agree wirh you, thumbs up Pandora.

  3. Pandora sounds very popular with those in the know. The name is new to me, but then I'm not much into jewelry. I do remember my mother having a charm bracelet years ago and how special each charm was to her. So I understand the concept.

  4. The 3rd largest in the world really says a lot about Pandora. I didn't realize how big they are. What perfect gift ideas Lou. Thanks for the review!!

  5. Would you believe I don't own a Pandora bracelet or necklace? I have certainly given them as gifts, and I love the individuality of the pieces. It is neat to know that no one else has one exactly like yours. Your daughter's kitty charm is adorable!

  6. Lou, as a jewelry artist, I've known about Pandora for many years and can confirm the popularity of their bracelets and themed beads! They really are a brilliant gift idea, as your daughter's wish list attests. Having a bracelet in which each bead is selected especially for, or by, the wearer to express her specific interests, taste, and personality is a wonderful gift, whether to oneself or someone else. It's easy to see why they have become the updated spinoff of the traditional charm bracelet, another beloved way to express one's unique combination of interests and style, rather than just a passing fad.

  7. The name is sure familiar to me? Maybe I'm thinking of another company. I do love themed beads as a gift. My step-daughter gave me one a few years ago. I'm sure they'll do very well in Canada when they get here. Beaded items never go out of style and Pandora seems to have cornered the market.

  8. We enjoyed personalizing the bracelet as a gift. Brought back many lovely memories when choosing the charms!


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