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3 Inspirational Songs to Sing When Your Spirit Needs A Boost

Today's review is about finding peace in a busy and often chaotic world.

When my soul needs a boost, I sing. At night, I'll play various lyric videos and blast out every word as loud as I choose.

I've long since stopped being self-conscious about it. My boys hear me singing all the time. I actually love that they hear their mother singing; I like to think I'm teaching them to be brave. It's also a way for them to see me making time to feed the soul.

For two years now, I've actively taken steps to balance in my mind, body, and spirit

For the body, I've lost over 60 pounds on Keto

For the mind, I've written nine books in a year, and for my spirit, I sing and listen to this spiritual channel on YouTube

No, I'm not superwoman. I turned 60 in 2020 and made a decision that, before that monumental milestone birthday, I was going to tick off some boxes on my 'get-er-done beyatch' list. 

So I stopped the talk, and walked the walk.

Today I'd like to pass along some of my personal choice lyric videos. Sing along, or just enjoy the words and message.

1. Don't Give Up on Me by Andy Grammer

This is a bounce-in-your-chair song. There's a section of lyric I use as inspiration to continue writing my riddle books. At 60, I'm just getting started, so yah, don't give on me. If you're viewing via mobile, the lyric video is here.
"Cause I'm not givin' up,
I'm not givin' up, givin up, no, not yet,
Even when I'm down to my last breath
Even when they say there's nothing' left,
So don't give up on me"


2. You Say by Lauren Daigle

This is one of the most famous Christian songs to reach number one on the Hot Christian Songs chart. It stayed there for 113 weeks, and that alone was a record. It also charted on the Billboard Top 100, Contemporary Chart, and the Mainstream and Adult Top 40 charts.

This song is my anthem for handing over my issues to a higher power. It reminds me what's possible when I let go and simply believe in a greater purpose. Mostly, it humbles me. I'm sure you've heard it. If not, be sure to listen; it's a gorgeous song. If you're reading this via mobile, the video is here.
"You say I am loved when I can't feel a thing,
you say I am strong when I think I am weak,
And you say I am held, when I am falling short,
and when I don't belong, oh you say I am Yours,
And I believe, oh I believe
What you say to me, oh I believe,
Taking all I have and now I'm laying it at your feet,
you have every failure God, You have every victory" 

3. The Most Beautiful Things, by Tenille Townes

When you need a song that reminds you of how small yet significant we all are, this is the go-to spiritual fix. This song is my universal remote for traveling away from earthly problems. If you're reading this via mobile, the video is here.
" So why do we close our eyes,
when we pray, cry, kiss, dream,
Maybe the most beautiful things in this life
are felt, and never seen"

Spiritual Medicine

We're all struggling in one way or another. I fight darkness with light. 

In 2013, the year my father died, I decided to find my way through darkness, fear, and especially over-thinking by learning more about what lives on when we physically don't. As mentioned above, it's this YouTube channel that guided me out, and I believe, through.

One particular video struck me with how dark energy (whatever you want to call it) tries to feed on us around the clock. We need tools in our toolbox to fight back. Repeating Psalm23 was one suggestion. You can select anything spiritual to repeat.

As soon as my thoughts tailspin into a whirlpool of 'what-ifs", I repeat Psalm23 in my mind. In fact, I've written it on a card and placed it near my computer. When darkness creeps in, I read the card. Sometimes I'll simply repeat the first few lines over and over until the dark path my thoughts were heading to disappears.

There's a saying that "95% of what we worry about never happens". With that in mind, I work to turn that 95% into positive thought.

Here's a video written and created by me in January 2020 to celebrate light and love. If you're viewing via mobile, here's the video link.

Blessings to you and your family for this coming Easter weekend.

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  1. Oh Barbara what a beautiful review for this Palm Sunday! Our spirits truly need some solace and song/music is one balm that is readily available to anyone who wants it. I think the world would truly be a more wonderful place if lovely music like this were to take a central role in many people's lives. Thank you for this lovely heartfelt review. I love all your choices and there are so many more out there for anyone who wants to look for them.

  2. Beautifully expressed, Barbara. Music is the perfect balm to the soul and these inspirational songs you have chosen are perfect for this Palm Sunday.

  3. Music certainly does "soothe the soul". Thanks for sharing these beautiful songs.

  4. Barbara, your commitment over the past two years to in your life with more knowledge, faith, beauty, joy, meaning, and gratitude, and your determination to live with intention and to put in the work to achieve your goals, are incredibly inspiring. You are giving your sons the best gifts a parent can give: not only unconditional and freely expressed love, support, and guidance, but also a role model for pursuing one’s dreams, living each day with grace and intention, and being kind and generous to others and also to oneself. I love that Andy Grammer song, and even more the fact that you are using it as a reminder to have faith in, and not give up on, yourself and your dreams. You are one amazing, classy lady, my friend!

    1. Sorry, “to in your life” was intended to be “to infuse your life,” lol!

    2. Thank you so much for your support and generous thoughts and words. You live in a very special place in my heart. So glad we're friends. <3

  5. The songs are beautiful and your video is amazing. Barbara, you are a true inspiration to all of us and I'm honored to be your online friend.

  6. You are such a beautiful person, Barbara. I can always trust you to touch my heart either through your own words or through the music you share. I listened to each of these songs several times and find reassurance. I used to say I sing love songs to God and people looked at me like I had lost my mind at times. These are truly love songs to God. Perfect for us to hear on this Palm Sunday as we prepare our hearts, souls & minds for the remembrance of what Easter is all about. Thank you for the blessing and for being the vessel used to deliver this message.

    1. So glad I live when you live, appreciate your friendship so much Sylvestermouse. You work hard for all of us too, it never goes unnoticed. <3

  7. "95% of what we worry about never happens."

    Interesting statistic that sort of goes with the overused but true idea of not worrying and being happy.

  8. What a beautiful heartfelt review Barbara. I love your song choices and agree that music can help us to lift our spirits. I love how you set your goals to achieve what you wanted to do and you are a very inspirational person.


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