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Phillips Frozen Crab Cakes Review and Recipe

 I recently made a meal that was both decadent and almost too easy to believe. Phillips Maryland Style Crab Cakes are delicious and were the star of show. Because they were from the local grocery freezer section, I was eating like a queen in 20 minutes with no work beyond popping the crab cakes into the oven and frying an over easy egg. That's all. 

look at that chunk of crab meat!

A Bit About Phillips Foods, Inc

Maryland is known for it's blue crabs. Fresh crabs and crab cakes are a favorite here. I am not a native Marylander so I did not begin to fully appreciate seafood until I moved here as an adult. However, even I immediately learned that a Phillips restaurant is an excellent place to grab a delicious crab cake. 

The Phillips Family seafood story began 100 years ago on the Chesapeake Bay. In the community of Hooper's Island where most families made a living on the water. Mr. Phillips owned a seafood packing plant (wild crabs, fish, and oysters in season) and they shipped their fresh seafood by steamship to Baltimore. In 1956, Bryce and Shirley Phillips opened a small carryout in Ocean City, Maryland.

Crab Cakes and Eggs Over Easy

One day recently, my son messaged me. He said that my young grandson wanted crab cakes with over easy eggs. What?! First of all, I was surprised that my grandson would list crab crakes as a meal request, let alone with an egg on top. After all, I was in my 30's by the time I had a good understanding of the deliciousness of crab cakes. But then again, their family had lived in both Florida and on the Gulf coast of Texas. Of course my grandchild would know about crab cakes.  But the over easy egg addition? Hmmm.

The more I thought about it, the more I craved crab cakes! And once I crave crabcakes, I must have them. I went straight to the grocery and bought a box of Phillips Crab Cakes from the freezer section.

This was the first time I've bought frozen crab cakes. Frankly, I thought they wouldn't be very good. But with all of the social distancing and such, I really wasn't up to picking up fresh crab cakes from one of the local restaurants.

The frozen Phillips Crab Cakes were easy and DELICIOUS! I was so pleasantly surprised. 

My son and family ended up making a fancy version of the crab cakes and eggs. It included beef in a surf and turf version. My version was ridiculous simple.

My grandson's recipe: filet mignon, crabcake, egg, and bacon
(photo courtesy of my son)

My Crab Cakes with Over easy Eggs and Guacamole


  • 2 Phillips Maryland Style Crab Cakes (frozen)
  • 2 large eggs
  • Premade Guacamole
  • Butter or cooking spray
  • salt and pepper to taste


Prepare the two crab cakes following the directions on the box (I baked mine in the oven using a small bit of butter in the pan and baking at 425F for 12 minutes, turning once and baking for 4 more minutes - until browned on each side)

After flipping the crab cakes, fry two eggs to over-easy; salt and pepper to taste (remembering that crab cakes contain salt and spices).

Plating: place the crab cakes on a plate. Gently place the eggs on top of the crab cakes. Top with Guacamole to taste (I used just over a tablespoon).


Imagine all of the variations on this meal - from super easy (crab cakes alone or on a simple bun) to more advanced as my son and grandson made (filet mignon, crab cake, egg, bacon, on a bed of spinach). 

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For more information about the Phillips family history or their foods (past and present) please visit their official website here

My son enjoys cooking and making interesting and beautiful meals. Once, I stated that I was going to have fish sticks for dinner. My son immediately sent a recipe for avocado cream sauce and suggested that I make fish tacos. I followed his advice and had an easy and quick dinner of Fish Tacos.

Fish tacos with avocado cream sauce

I am not the only Review This! contributor who uses frozen fish or seafood for an easy and delicious meal. Our Wednesday Elf has reviewed Sea Pak's Budweiser Beer Battered Cod and Gorton's Roasted Garlic and Butter Grilled Tilapa. She recommends both and I am especially interested in her comment "It's like having your kitchen become your new favorite pub". It has been far too long since I've had good pub fish and chips. I've been watching for the Budweiser Beer Battered Cod and will snatch some up as soon as I am in a grocery store that stocks them.

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  1. Your crab cakes recipe sounds delicious, Dawn Rae. You are in the perfect location to review a crab cakes dish what with Maryland being so well-known for their fabulous blue crabs. I do love seafood of all kinds and crab goes with any number of dishes as the main entree or as a filling or addition to a meal. Crab-stuffed mushrooms naturally come to mind. I checked out the Phillips link and would love to try some Phillips crab cakes. I like their slogan for shipping their products "From the Shore to your Door". Very clever.

    Thanks so much for mentioning my two frozen seafood reviews. I DO miss the coastal availability of fresh fish and seafood now that I am back living in the Midwest, so it's nice to be able to find seafood favorites in the frozen section of local groceries.

  2. Ah I love crabcakes and these sound delicious. I will look for them the next time I go to the grocery store. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Thanks for the review - always love to find frozen items that are yummy!

  4. How simply amazing this is, I'll be checking our local grocery store for these. We love crab cakes, although I've never had them with an over easy egg, but now I'll be trying it. Thanks Dawn for the recipe and telling us about these crab cakes. I sure hope our store has them.

  5. Dawn Rae, you have made me hungry for starters and I love crab cakes too! So this is a winner in my books. We observe Lenten fasts in our house and eat only fish on Fridays, so I think I will look for these crab cakes here and make this up for our dinner this week. Thanks!

  6. Although I don't eat fish or seafood, my mother-in-law is quite fond of crab cakes, so I'll definitely share this review with her. I know Maryland is renowned for its blue crabs, and being able to put a delicious meal of Maryland-style crab cakes on the table with so little effort should definitely appeal to her!

  7. We have several family member would would, no doubt, love your recipe and the easy to bake crab cakes. I'll be sure to share your recipe with both my son, my husband and my brother. When you say "crab", they all three come to mind!

  8. This does sound a quick and easy meal that I am sure many people will enjoy. Also looks great on the plate and a delicious meal. Thank you for a great review and recipe!

  9. I happen to love crab cakes and rarely get to treat myself to them. The egg on top is a new twist for me. Looking forward to trying that combo. Thanks for the recommendation and recipe.

  10. These look and sound so good. I could eat one right now. It's not a common food choice for us here, but when we go out, it's something that's ordered (pre-covid). Looks like we can make our own using this recipe.


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